Republican Primary Poll! Post Fox Debate – Jan 2016

Amp276These are Top Tier Fox News Debate candidates only.

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AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. Not one vote has been cast. Yet we are picking winners and losers. And to some of the neocons taking Rand lightly remember this, 4 million GOP voters sat out the past election.You may not be concerned about Rand but you had better be concerned about his supporters who will either vote 3rd party or sit out if Rand is treated unfairly, The GOP and Fox manipulated the polls to screw Rand. It is an irony you cannot deny.


  2. Where the fuck is rand paul!!!!!!!!!! How stupid you people will look after the Caucasus!!!…… you’re all simply pathetic


  3. Just as Murdock stated he used Fox news to influence people to except the war in Iraq…

    He is trying to direct the election by controlling who he presents as a presidential candidate….

    Rand 2016 !


  4. My candidate has been unfairly left out. We vote Rand Paul, not the GOP losers you list! Get it right and list all candidates still running!


    • Blame Fox. My polls are only of the top tier candidates in the debates and I don’t assign those. Perhaps I can make another poll for all candidates later when I have a bit of time.


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