Muslims & Liberals Tag Team to Attack Americans


Muslims killed 14 people and injured 17 in San Bernardino, California on December 2nd, 2015.  The reason for their attack was because Muhammed ordered it in the koran.  People need to abandon the notion that there are moderate muslims.  Muslims are muslims and that’s it.  The koran gives the same evil message to all muslims.

Immediately following the onslaught the media began trying to spin it to their advantage to push liberal agendas, such as gun control and Islam being a religion of peace.  The shooters wore masks yet we had speculation that they were white men.  CNN reported that the shooting occurred near a Planned Parenthood location, obviously stoking the flames the media started with the Colorado shooting that ended in a Planned Parenthood butcher shop.  They tried to advance the premise that another right wing nut job was against selling the parts of murdered babies.

It wasn’t long before police scanners picked up word that one of the shooters was killed and turned out to be an Arabic woman.  Then we got the name of the other shooter, Sayed Farook.  All of the mainstream media other than Fox, tried steering the narrative away from this being a terrorist attack.  CNN is still claiming that this may be a case of workplace violence.  There was some confusion for a while as to how many shooters there were, how many were downed by police officers and which was which, but in the end we know that they were a muslim couple named Sayed Farook and his wife Tashfeen Malik.  Tashfeen is from Pakistan.

Over 24 hours later, ABC News reporter David Muir is asking the question, “were they radicalized?”  No David, they were muslim. Muslim = muslim.  I am so sick and tired of the term radical being used to describe normal muslim behavior, as demanded by the koran.  ABC is also giving advice on what to do if you are caught in a shooting event.  They recommend spraying a fire extinguisher for a smoke screen, running, and hiding.  Liberals are complete imbeciles.  No ABC… the correct response is to shoot back!

Most of our politicians had something to say about the shooting.  I’ll paraphrase what I heard a few of them say on various news networks throughout the day.  Barack Hussein Obama’s response showed absolutely zero concern for the victims of the attack or the reason behind the attack.  He dismissed the attack as a case of workplace violence and called for stricter gun control and unconstitutional background checks on people who are on the No Fly List.  The No Fly List is an unconstitutional way that a bureaucrat can revoke an American’s rights without due process.  Without being charged with a crime or being able to defend yourself in front of a jury, you are convicted.  Now Obama wants to use this conviction, that you probably don’t know you have, against you to revoke your 2nd Amendment right.

Donald Trump at least had a moment of silence in respect of the victims and acknowledged the problem is a muslim problem.  He questioned why Obama can’t ever bring himself to say the words radical islamic terrorism.  He said that there is something wrong with Obama that we don’t know about.  Ted Cruz said that this is more proof that we are at war.

Hillary Clinton, also incapable of uttering the words radical Islam, came out in defense of muslims, saying that they were just as upset about the shooting as we are.  Really Hillary?  Where are all of these upset muslims?  CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) came out with a press conference designed to shift the blame from muslims, but showed no remorse whatsoever.  CAIR is classified as a terrorist organization and should be shut down and all of their leadership arrested.  CAIR recently lost a federal case in which they were suing a gun shop owner in Florida who banned muslims from his store.

Whenever there is a mass shooting of any kind, the left is always ready to dance on the graves of the victims and take advantage of the situation to push their agenda.  Harry Reid took this opportunity to attach federal gun control legislation to a Republican bill in the Senate for repealing Obamacare.  Do we really think that Reid or any of the democrats would vote to repeal Obamacare if they got some form of gun control to go along with it?  That’s quite a noodle scratcher.  Obamacare is so destructive to our entire economy that it almost makes it worth a shot.  I said almost, so don’t attack me!  Any form of gun control is unconstitutional, whether it is at a federal or state level, so if it did happen, the best response from the American people would be to nullify it by ignoring it.  Most sheriffs in the country have already promised to do just that!

The fact of the matter is that California and San Bernardino have very strict gun control.  Every one of the victims of this muslim terrorist attack was disarmed, precisely as the left demanded.  Not a single one of them was capable of shooting back.  All of the stories from the survivors were about hiding.  All tales were of hiding behind walls, hiding behind cars, tucking their heads between their legs and kissing their behinds goodbye.  The victims applied the ABC News Terrorism Response Plan, by the book, just as the French did.

America needs to wake up!  We aren’t in a war on terror.  We aren’t in a war on workplace violence.  We’re in a war on Islam.  It does us no good to avoid admitting that, because all of Islam knows it.  They are certainly at war with us.  We can spare no effort at putting a stop to Obama’s plan to import hundreds of thousands more muslim refugees.  Rather than debating on the number of refugees we should allow into the U.S. and how we can vet them, we need to turn the narrative to a debate on how many we can deport.  We need to deport the muslims who are in our country now.

Islam is evil.  Every muslim participates in the core principle of Islam, which is Jihad.  Jihad has three stages.  The first stage is when they infiltrate by lying about being peaceful.  This is their doctrine, not an opinion.  The second stage occurs when they have large enough numbers to start acting violent and stirring unrest.  The third stage is when they gain a majority and completely wipe out the opposition and take over.  They have done this to every middle eastern country but Israel to varying degrees and they are well into the 2nd stage of Jihad in most of Europe.
We need to nip this in the bud right now and get rid of them.  Millions of non-American muslims are in our country right now and have no right to be here.  We have every right to protect ourselves and our sovereignty.  The evil that is Islam, must be neutered in America.  Would I support shutting down mosques?  You bet I would!  Even if we fool ourselves into believing that Islam is a religion and not a political system or cult, the 1st Amendment never has protected religion from State governments, only from Congress.

As individuals you can make demands of your congressman, governors, and state legislators to deport these animals.  As Americans, I don’t care where you are or what your local laws say, you have the Right to Bear Arms and I highly encourage you to do so!  Protect yourself from this evil and protect your loved ones.  No time is better than the present to sign your family up for a basic, small arms self defense class.  They’re fun and educational.  As any Boy Scout can tell you, be prepared!  Don’t be the next victim.

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. I have always seen islam as a murder/ pedophile cult rather than a religion.
    They have been a thorn in the side of civilized nations since jimah cotter refused to help the shah of Iran stay in power. Iran was completely different under the shahs rule.

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  2. We need to get the MSM to recognize the threat, stop promoting the leftist agenda, and protecting Muslims. As long as they are the propaganda arm of the admin, we are fighting an uphill battle. The FBI says “see something, say something”, but if you do, you risk being called a bigot. Until all this changes, we’d BETTER be armed.

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  3. This guy was a city “Environmental Hygienist.” At the end of the day Obamma’s/UN ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems, Green Agenda/Jobs program funded this thing.
    Another interesting point? They let the reporters into the perpetrator’s house for a gigantic photo shoot. Why? My thought is ‘it shows how “Normal” they were in their own homes.’ This feeds the “See Something; Say Something” agenda. Considering the low threshold under the unconstitutional “Patriot Act” to get a warrant, you can bet this serves to go into many homes to check us out, on “Hear-Say” evidence. This makes Anna’s point perfectly about the mission creep of unconstitutionality. You ARE going to be witness to Hitler’s Germany, right in your own back yard…..

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  4. It should be noted that the Muslem community in America, isn’t turning in any of there own that they know are radicallized. This issue should be addressed by our laws. That are on the books already. Hold their Mosques lieable. Bankrupt them as we did the KKK. Seize their Property and sell it to Christians. I could go on and on. Its WAR.


  5. Great response to such an attact of a act of war on Americans, on American soil. I thank all who have commented . I thank you personally.
    God Bless you.
    @Person of Interest


  6. Blasphemy is punishable by death for a moslum.its in thir koran. That’s why Obama and Clinton can’t say Islam extremist. Maybe Kerry?


  7. Also another disturbing pattern is this –

    After every Terror Attack no one seems to be bothered about Victims or injured ones

    But they all start shouting how peaceful Islam is and that even before any investigation they issue certificate that criminals got nothing to do with Islam and on the top of that They start milking people’s emotions by crying loudly over the Fake “Backlash” !!!

    I mean these guys are the deadliest column of Terror Army.

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  8. Who are all those Liberal Morons who believe that a criminal would need your “Licensed Gun” !!
    By snatching away Gun from the ordinary civilian you are throwing him/ her to the pack of wolves with all those illegal/smuggled Arms.

    Indians till date paying heavy price after Brits Govt disarmed ordinary people.

    Remember Criminals will anyways have all sorts of Arms they, if they are so low abiding as to buy Legal Licensed Arms, would they be doing what hey are doing?

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  9. Good points, Anna. You don’t own AK 74 unless you plan jihad.

    Here’s one example of the liberal narrative I read on Twitter today:

    “I don’t pretend to be some sort of genius or anything, but I have noticed all these mass shootings with guns do have one thing in common.”

    And the one thing they have in common is…

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