image Twitter went down!

At roughly 4:45 AM Eastern time on 19 November 2015, Twitter went down.  It’s not just you getting a blank screen, it’s everyone.

Update: Twitter came back up about 30 minutes later.  The scuttlebutt so far is that it was unknown hackers who brought it down.  This is not confirmed.

It was suggested to me that ISIS is responsible for bringing Twitter down.  I doubt those cavemen have the talent required.  Besides, I doubt they can counter the Anonymous cyber attack they have fallen under, so quickly.  The latest reports say that Anonymous has brought down over 10,000 ISIS Twitter accounts.

Click here for more on Anonymous taking it to ISIS: Anonymous Declares War on ISIS!

I just wish Twitter was more concerned about banning the accounts of terrorists than they are with banning the accounts of conservatives who hurt the feelings of whiny, freedom hating, liberals.

The only word from Twitter:


No Twitter, it was down for everyone, not just some users. I confirmed it on several sites that check up and down status of sites like Twitter.

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