France Ignored Every Warning and was Predictably Attacked!

Amp249Paris, France came under attack by muslim terrorists on the night of 13 November, 2015.  This isn’t about what happened.  You can find out what happened on various news sites if you don’t already know.  I am going to tell you WHY it happened.  The talking heads in media will wonder why it happened for days, but I am going to tell you why.  I am not hiding behind a shroud of political correctness.  In a nutshell, it happened, because the Koran tells muslims to kill infidels, so that’s what muslims do.

When Charlie Hebdo was attacked in France on January 7th, 2015, we hoped that it would be a wake-up call for France, the rest of Europe, and everyone else. Apparently not. We warned France that this would happen again and it would get worse if they didn’t allow their citizens the right to protect themselves and if they didn’t stop treating Islam with politically correct kid gloves. It’s one thing if France wants to keep their people unarmed, so they are defenseless sheep. The people of France seem to prefer being defenseless anyway. However, if France wants a flock of sheep for a nation, they should probably stop importing wolves.

Twelve died and eleven were wounded when muslims attacked Charlie Hebdo cartoonists with machine guns. The French and the rest of Europe were quick to try to appease islam. All over Europe they are allowing Sharia Law to take root. Muslims are pouring into Europe by the 100’s of thousands, labeled as refugees and not vetted at all. The vast majority of them are young, military aged men. If they were actually refugees and left all of their women and children behind, I’d call them cowards, but they aren’t refugees. They are wave after wave of muslim invaders. For 1400 years muslims have been trying to invade Europe and slaughter infidels with over 270,000,000 killed in the name of Allah so far. When are the rest of the world going to come to their senses and stop treating Islam like a religion of peace?

Now, in a coordinated attack, muslim savages have attacked and murdered innocent people all over Paris, France. The death count keeps rising. 153 have been counted as dead while I write this. The Press marvels at how coordinated this was and how well planned. The talking heads are baffled. When the fish are in a barrel, shooting them doesn’t take much planning. All it took was a group of muslims saying, “Ok, Ahmed, Muhammed, Sayid, Habib, and Abdul… at 8 O’Clock, start shooting everywhere.” The media will wonder for days how such elaborate planning can have been done under the noses of law enforcement and how no one ever saw this coming. We did see this coming. Those of us on the right have been sounding the alarm bells for years. Islam is evil and can’t be appeased.

I am tired of the Islamic sympathizers on the left enabling muslims to continue their killing sprees! After Charlie Hebdo, we sympathized with the French people whose government disarmed them, leaving them vulnerable, while at the same time continued to allow more muslims to immigrate into France. We called out for France to lift their ridiculous gun control laws and allow the people their God given right to defend themselves. We have repeatedly warned them of the danger they were putting themselves into by allowing an invasion of muslim savages. They didn’t listen.

Our wakeup call didn’t just go unheaded, it was castigated! We were accused of being insensitive for advocating that the French people be allowed to defend themselves. We were called racists for denouncing murderous muslims for their evil acts. We were attacked by the left for being intolerant and told that it was too soon to bring politics into the conversation while 12 people lay dead. Well, those 12 people aren’t waking up and neither is France. It’s the left wing politics that enabled this savagery. Which is more compassionate, crying over dead bodies or wanting to prevent more dead bodies? The faux compassion of those who want to silence us hasn’t solved anything.

The French Government has gone out of their way to ignore the lessons of Charlie Hebdo and by their actions have practically endorsed the attacks at the Bataclan Concert Hall, the soccer stadium the President of France was at, restaurants, and several other places all over Paris. They haven’t verbally endorsed the attacks, of course, but they have done far more to enable them than to prevent them. If one didn’t know better, just from appearance, it would be hard not to conclude that the French Government is allied with ISIS.

Just as was the case after Charlie Hebdo, it took just one tweet on Twitter to cause an avalanche of liberal, muslim sympathizing, cry babies to fling insults back at me. I was called names, cussed at and accused of being extremely distasteful by dozens of brainwashed, liberal simpletons. I think it is far more distasteful for the French Government to continue allowing murdering savages into their defenseless country. I think it’s more distasteful for French citizens to have to clean up the carnage in the aftermath of a bloodbath. I think it’s more distasteful to cover up for and absolve the evil cult of islam every time the koran is followed to the letter and more innocent people die.

What is it going to take to wake people up? Norway deported 70,000 muslims and crime dropped 31%. Switzerland mandates gun ownership and they aren’t having terrorist attacks. There may yet be hope for Germany, Denmark, Holland, Sweden, England and other European countries if they learn from this incident instead of following the example of France. France has done what France does best. France surrendered.

To learn more about Islam, read my previous post – Islam: The Religion of Peace.

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. Today (11-18) the ex-deputy Director of the FBI was touting phone tapping, 330+ home entries, and 130+ arrests just before the lady blew herself up and gunfire erupted. Point is, they are going to embed the disease into all our neighborhoods until we scream for government protection in the form of lost liberty. Progressives/Parasites always infect population hosts as thoroughly as possible do degrade their ability to resist…..

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    • Yup, the French President declared that France will remain a country of the free, as he enacts martial law on French citizens and says he will import 30,000 more muslim “refugees.” The French just won’t learn.


  2. Europe has been dependent on Us for far too long. They tend to look down their noses at us for reacting too quickly to threats, and moving too aggressively to deal with them. This commentary is a refreshing non PC statement of what should be obvious. Europe is a sitting duck. I love the line: If France wants to be a nation of sheep, it should stop importing wolves. I think your hope for Britain, Germany, etc might be a little optimistic I hope I’m wrong..

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    • Acting muslim “president” barack hussein soetoro wants to move Syrian “refugees” (read young Islamic males) into the US before the American sheeple wake up and demand he stop importing terrorists.

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        • Like, AMP (button doesn’t work)
          Very suspicious that major Muslim countries that do not border Syria (with the exception of Algeria and Egypt) refuse to take in large numbers of refugees. Saudi Arabia has 100,000 air-conditioned tents sitting empty, that could house up to 3 million “refugees”. Obviously they know better, too bad the sheeple in the US don’t have a clue.


  3. So refreshing to read your blog this morning. After such terrible news last night it’s spreading the word of truth that reminds me to always carry. It’s important that shooting a person or persons that it’s paramount not to run out of ammunition. Shoot responsibily, shoot stright, and shoot to kill. Save bullits, but not at anyones perril but the peeps.


      • What I can’t believe is that such a coordinated attack could have gone undetected by every intelligence agency in the world. NO communication goes on that the NSA is not monitoring, not to even mention the myriad of other countries involved in the “spy” network. For the attacks to take place at the same exact time in six different locations would require communication chatter that absolutely could not have been ignored. SOMEONE, or more likely MANY entities besides islamic jihadists, had to have had foreknowledge that was deliberately withheld.

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