Climate Change Hoax – A Commie Plot


Happy Earth Day! Right?

 We’re told that there are fun, exciting ways to celebrate Earth Day, such as planting a tree, recycling, turning off lights, or riding a bike!  What we’re not told is what Earth Day is really all about.  It has nothing to do with the environment at all.  That’s a ruse to make you feel good about getting into lock step with those who want to control you while you pay them to control you.

The entire man made global warming hoax is all about gaining control over you, your property, and your wealth.  We’re told that there is a consensus in science that man made global warming is real and that we the people need to curtail our behavior and constrain our lives in order to make it all better.  We’re never given any honest reason to believe that global warming would even be a bad thing.  That is a premise we must accept, because it sounds dire and we’re shown pictures of polar bears floating on icebergs.  Polar bears on icebergs look marooned, so of course global warming must be bad.  We’re not supposed to look back through history to all the times when the globe was warmer and the entire Earth and human race thrived because of it.  I submit that global warming would be a fantastic thing and I will be the first to stake a gold mining claim in Antarctica when the ice melts!

There is plenty of information already out there about all of the proven benefits that global warming would have for mankind and the Earth in general.  Thomas Gale Moore, a Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution sums it up very well here: Why Global Warming Would be Good For you.

 In the 1970’s we were warned of global cooling and an impending ice age!  It sure sounded scary!  Unfortunately, facts got in the way of this myth, so those who wanted to scare us into submission had to change tactics.  By the 1990’s we were being warned about global warming, as if global cooling had never been mentioned.  Warming sounds scary too!  As with all propaganda, it was assumed we’d forget what we were told in the past and accept the current drum beat.  Now, increasing availability of information that refutes global warming alarmism, the name of the crisis has changed to an all-encompassing explanation that covers any looming climate catastrophe.  Instead of global cooling or warming, now we’re just warned of generic Climate Change.  Ooooh!  Very scary!  We’re told that 97% of scientists agree and that the science is settled.  No one can agree on whether the Earth is warming or cooling, but only 3% of scientists, who must be dolts, don’t agree that the science is settled.  Luckily there are people who question such preposterous claims, such as Andrew Montford, who completely debunks any notion of this 97% Consensus in his paper, “Fraud, Bias, and Public Relations – The 97% ‘Consensus’ and its Critics.”   It is also noteworthy that 31,000 scientists have signed a petition disagreeing with the so called climate change consensus.

So, why are we fed all this garbage?  If man made climate change is not real, why would so many people be so motivated to convince us that it is?  Short answer: Your money.  Long answer: Control over your life, your property, and your money.  People in government want more control.  They don’t have the power to take control unless they can convince you to relinquish your liberty to them willingly.  In small steps they want to ween you into a submissive state.  It begins with making you feel good about yourself if you volunteer to save a little energy or separate recyclable materials from your trash to cut green house gases and do your part to save the planet.  Because no one wants the planet to die!  The next steps are to begin mandating that you do your part.  Forced labor.  In the United States, a clear violation of the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  The masses look past this, because they have been dumbed down and don’t know their rights.  Those who have volunteered “to do their part” find it justifiable and fair to force you to do your part too.  If you don’t, you’ll end up paying fees, fines, and taxes.  They don’t even have to pass laws to create the fines.  Congress has no such power enumerated in the Constitution anyway.  So they let unconstitutional agencies such as the EPA do the legislation by creating regulations.  The EPA then acts as the judiciary by finding you guilty of violating these regulations and charging you fines.

Why don’t scientists who disagree give their evidence showing that the Climate Change models are wrong?  Well, they do, but fear sells better than being told “all’s well.”  Crisis makes headlines.  The governments who want control over you and your money are far more willing to approve grants for studies that support their agenda.  Let’s face it, a scientist whose studies constantly show no results is less likely to receive grant money than the scientist who can predict doom and gloom that the government can extort the public over.

It’s a vicious cycle.  Those in government want to gain and maintain power.  Power costs money.  Buying votes with entitlements costs money.  Paying for grants costs money.  The only grants worth paying for are those which suggest that there is something to fear.  Who better to get the money from than those they can’t buy votes from, the productive members of society?  With a combination of controlling the education system with the Department of Education and funding research that supports their propaganda, those in power can control what you know and how you react to it.  What they want you to know is that we’re doomed and how they want you to react to that is to fork over your money.  They call stealing your money with fines, fees, carbon taxes, and even international taxes, “investment.”  Wording is important.

The tentacles of control they are weaving into our lives are too numerous to count, but can be found in all of the leftist agendas.  From various taxes on your activities, to incentives for you to “go green.”  Incentives become mandates, as we see with the automobile and oil industries.  Tax credits were given for buying electric cars.  Limiting your movement is a major goal of those in power.  What government really wants is to get you onto public transportation where your movement is more controlled and confined.  Convincing you to buy vehicles that only have a 50 mile range is a big step in that direction.  Subsidies were given to corn farmers to produce expensive ethanol.  Neither electric cars nor ethanol save fuel.  Your electric car’s exhaust just comes out at the power plant instead of your tail pipe.  Ethanol uses more fuel to produce than it produces and now has gone from an option to a mandate.  David Pimentel, PhD, Professor Emeritus of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University concluded that the manufacture of ethanol uses 46% more fossil fuel than it produces.  Yes, you have to burn approximately a gallon and a half of gasoline to produce a gallon of equivalent ethanol.  No wonder the government has to subsidize it.  It would never sell on the open market.  No tree hugger wants to discuss how many toxins and pollutants they put into the environment with all of the discarded batteries.  Mandated use of mercury filled compact fluorescent light bulbs rather than incandescent bulbs causes a similar environmental disaster.  It’s never about a cleaner environment.  It’s always about control.

Man made climate change is nothing but a hoax, perpetrated by those in power, to stay in power and increase their power.  Their goal is nothing short of complete control over your lives.  It is no coincidence that Earth Day began on April 22, 1970, Vladimir Lenin’s 100th Birthday.  Lenin is a hero of those who want to control people under leftist regimes.  Of course, they deny this by claiming that Lenin was anti-environmentalist.  This is a lie of course.  The modern environmentalist movement didn’t start until the 1960’s, long after Lenin was dead.  Lenin knew nothing of the environmentalist movement.  Had he known how easily such a movement could be used to gain control over the masses, with their complete consent, Lenin would have embraced the hoax like modern communists do.  The environmentalist movement has nothing to do with the environment.  Environmentalists do more to destroy the environment than anyone else.  It’s about control.  That’s it.

If you kill an eagle or its egg, you’re a felon!  Windmills kill 10’s of millions of birds and bats every year.  Nothing is more dangerous to an eagle than a tree hugger and their wind farm.  No one even knows how many are actually killed, because the corpses can’t even all be found and laws prevent you from counting them all if you do find them.  If you actually care about the Earth and the environment then you will be horrified by the statistics on bird deaths here at Save the Eagles International

It’s time to stand up against the climate change commies.  If you feel like planting a tree, plant one.  If you don’t, don’t!  Maybe you like riding bikes.  Great!  Ride one.  But don’t fool yourself into thinking you’re saving the planet by doing so.  This Earth Day, celebrate by turning your air conditioner on full blast, so you can light up your fire place and sit by the cozy fire!  Turn on all your lights and take an extra long shower.  Fill your recycle bin with coffee grounds and dirty diapers!  You pay your city to pick up and sort the garbage.  They don’t pay you to sort it.  Enjoy your life today and every day!

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. If you want an eye-opening look at the science, you should read “The Global Warming Forest’ at .

    All climatologist have access to the information and data from the various ice core studies that have been performed. In particular, the Vostock core studies are very informative. Data representing a 500+million year history of the earth’s climate reveal that our climate history can be viewed as cycles imposed upon other cycles with sporadic random periods causing the data to be jagged – conceptually, think of a graph of the stock market with its various fluctuations. The largest cycle has a periodicity of 22 to 250 million years. Hypothetically, this could be the influence of the solar year (about 225 million years, the time that it takes our solar system to rotate around our galaxy). Imposed upon this cycle is a cycle of about 100,000 years. A Russian mathematician, Milun Milankovitch, described a 100,000 year cycle. The Milankovitch cycle probably represents the Jovian cycle, caused by Jupiter’s gravitation. The Jovian cycle explains why planets between Jupiter and our sun have similar cycles, as noted in Duane Sorensen’s comment. Comparison of Milankovitch cycles and Earth’s climate cycles show a high degree of concurrence.

    In contradistinction to Raymond’s comment, the cycles show that the Earth has not been constantly heating. In fact, over the last 12 million years, Earth has cooled by almost 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Looking at the last 500,000 years, the periodicity of climate warming and cooling, and the affect on Earth’s ocean levels, temperature fluctuations have been remarkably consistent. In fact, glacier scientists generally accept Milankovitch cycles as being the reason for Earth’s glaciation. Fortunately, we are at or near a peak so there is not going to be much progression of ocean rise.

    One very interesting observation involved CO2 concentrations. In all of the peaks, CO2 lagged behind temperature, temporally. And, even though there were increasing CO2 levels, temperature fell on the cycle. It’s hard to make a case that CO2 causes warming when it lags temperature rise and does not show a warming effect. If fact, climatologists have not been able to show any effect of carbon (CO2, methane and all other forms of carbon based molecules in the atmosphere) other than that CO2 appears to increase the evaporation of water at equivalent temperatures. The proponents of anthropogenic warming also fail to disclose that MORE than 90% of atmospheric carbon is from NATURAL sources. A large quantity (estimated at 100 times greater than automobile production) is from the Arctic tundra. Which makes sense – as the sun warms the Earth, the tundra warms and carbon is released. Less than 10% of atmospheric carbon is from anthropogenic sources. Estimates are that man contributes five to seven per cent of the atmosphere’s carbon burden. And what does that mean? If you reduce man’s CO2 production by 50% (basically returning to cavemen days), you’re only going to get a three percent reduction in the overall atmospheric burden. THAT truly means that to suggest anthropogenic production of atmospheric carbon as THE cause for global climate change is an unmitigated HOAX!


    • People forget or just don’t know that the Earth was once a tropical planet, with no icebergs, glaciers or polar caps at all, only land and water. So they do not realize that even if the Earth does warm up, it will not be destroyed. I applaud you for being brave enough to bring these facts to light.

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    • I do agree that global warming is a hoax. But I do like battery electric cars as long as government does not force them upon us. I think it is good to have alternatives to gasoline in case of possible future oil shortages again. Solutions to energy problems need to be looked at from all angles. We should use coal, wind, water and natural gas (and possibly hydrogen) for our energy needs.

      The Tesla Model 3 battery electric car with a 44 KiloWatt hour battery will get around 111 to 130 miles on a single full charge. Not all battery electric cars are limited to 50 miles and less. I am likely going to own a battery electric and a gasoline car within the next several years.


  2. This is dead on with this article the fact that they use celebrities to help push through their agendas is very bad because these celebrities use light and gasoline more than what a stadium use.

    Get Outlook for Android

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  3. Whether man made or a natural occurrence two facts are real,
    1. The earth is heating up
    2. Once the process of melting ice caps starts there is no way to stop it.
    We are finding that the earth goes through cycles of change that we have absolutely no control over. As we humans like to think of ourselves as masters of the Universe we discover just how minute and insignificant we are.
    As the song by Kansas states,
    “All we are is dust in the wind”


    • 1. of course the planets heating up, it has been for over 4 billion years. if you take a marshmallow and hold away from the flame where it is just warm enough, rotate the marshmallow, eventually, it heats and cooks… duh… isn’t rocket science!

      I agree the global warming bullshit is just that, BULLSHIT! These gatherings of the countries to discuss what can be done to help the planet is actually Agenda 21, which in September of 2015 the 17th to be precise, Agenda 21 was approved and then renamed Agenda 2031. I have video footage of that very long 18 hour meeting. I even have a clip where obaMA admits that through gorged Healthcare on Americans, he was able to mobilize over 100billion in US funds towards this Agenda. The Agenda calls for the eradication of 2/3 of the population of the planet and after which follows is reducing birthrate to match the global deathrate. The video was leaked directly to my servers, from there I just distributed on all social media sites.

      As for us “humans” – when the time comes, we will be the planets 7th or 8th extinction. we? you all though that for 4 billion years, man’s been here? Or maybe you believe the story of the Dinosaur and how they became extinct. The planet will heal itself, it will cause the human race to become extinct. and in 50,000 years after that, and after all traces of human life has final come back to dust, will the planet allow all kinds of new species to walk on the surface, swim the seas and take to the skies. then another intelligent creature will dominate, only to cycle out after another 2k or 5k years to yet another healing process.

      Bottom line, your government is lying to you. The federal government doesn’t want you Sheeple to know the nasty truth of it all!

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    • You needed an account to read it? You shouldn’t have. If you did, that’s a problem I need to address. This is the first time I have heard this.


  4. Having earned a degree in Enviro Science, I found the “Students” to be followers that didn’t know why they did it. We have truly serious Environmental issues, it just sucks that the Clima-Hucksters have preemptively hijacked this arena. You’re spot on Anna. It’s all about obtaining “Control.”

    Couple things to consider; 1) Since we crept out of the last Glacial Maxima, we have already experienced temps 2 degrees Celsius higher than present. Just search Volstok chart and look at it closely. 2) Also note on that chart that before this Climate takes a nose dive, it must hit about 2 or 3 degrees higher Celsius. 3) Stretch the chart and you will find that CO2 follows Temps up and down, not the other way around. 4) The “Global Mean Temperature” that they work from was picked Arbitrarily 140 years ago. 5) How many lives have been saved by utilization of Organic compounds. Think Fertilizer, Heating and Cooling.

    As an addendum; Search “2000 years of Global Temperatures.” You will find a chart with an area called “Medieval Warm Period.” Then the “Little Ice Age.” It’s happened in the last 500 years and it will happen again.

    Boy was I popular at school!

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  5. I have never read an article on the subject where any ligit. scientific articles were cited drawing solid conclusions. I have read only speculation & theory. I have read where they have fudged data in order to obtain the results they wanted. Just like a jury, when you find a witness has lied then you ignore any thing else they have to say.
    I have always been for clean air & water but scams requiring spending $22 billion in taxes (meaning much, much more than that) with no published positive data being proven is a farce.

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  6. The Climate Change hoaxters have NEVER explained one fundamental conflict in their argument. We have historical proof that the earth underwent warming cycles long before the industrial revolution. Our carbon footprint was minuscule at the time, so how could we have had any significant effect on the climate? A few years back, during a particularly warm summer, some areas of Greenland melted down and exposed the terra fima. What they found confounded the climate scientists. There were whole areas of petrified tree stumps, meaning that at some point in unrecorded history the area was warm enough to grow mature trees. If modern society has such an effect on the climate, how do they explain that major change in climate long before recorded history?


  7. I very rarely use the term “tour de force”, but I’m using it here to describe this piece. So much debunking in so little space with so much clarity is a rare thing to behold. Keep up the good drudge work and we’ll all be better off; even the ones who refuse to admit it…

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