Blame Right Wingers! Blame Guns!


In a nation of 320,000,000 people we occasionally have horrible, tragic shootings.  The first thing we hear from the left is that a right wing nut job committed the deed.  Before any facts come out and sometimes before we even know the identity of the shooter, all that matters to the left is that they take control of the narrative immediately and blame right wingers.  In almost every case they are wrong, but they don’t care about that.  The facts which prove them wrong won’t come out until the story is buried and other more current events are in the headlines.  Their goal is not the truth, it is to capitalize on shock value to push their agenda.

Their agenda is to disarm Americans by any means necessary, but they know they don’t have the manpower or firepower to do it by force, so they use propaganda, scare tactics and “the children” to try to sway public opinion, as was done in Australia, where the people voluntarily handed in their guns to their masters who have guns.

Time after time, a shooting will occur and while the people on the right mourn the tragedy, and send money to charities for the victims and their families, the left does nothing but blame the right wing and the value we hold over our constitutional rights, especially the 2nd Amendment.  As public opinion moves swiftly away from favoring gun control and more people value freedom and the right to bear arms, the left has become quicker and more openly rabid in their attacks on the right wing when a tragedy occurs.  They know they are losing, so it’s driving them insane, which is only working against them.  Their reactions are as predictable as the sun coming up in the morning.

We can look at the last few shootings that occurred and see how the left reacts every time.  Dylann Roof shot up a church in Charleston, South Carolina, killing 9 people including Pastor Clementa C. Pinckney.  In mere minutes the left was all over social media accusing Dylann Roof of being a right wing nut job who could never have done such a thing if we had more gun control and universal background checks.  They accused the right of wanting to give guns to everyone!  The left immediate dug up a picture of Roof holding a Dixie Flag.  Of course the flag got blamed as well and became their evidence that Roof was a right wing nut job.  Well, first of all, we don’t want to give guns to everyone, we want everyone to have the right to go buy their own.  If you buy your own gun, you won’t have to worry so much when a crazy person gets theirs.  No law will stop the crazy person from getting their gun.  Second, even though all background checks are unconstitutional, we have them and Dylann Roof had undergone them several times and passed, destroying any premise that a background check prevents tragedies.  Lastly, more pictures were found of Dylann Roof and in some he was burning an American Flag.  Conservatives never burn American Flags.  To accuse Dylann Roof of being a Conservative when he doesn’t even suggest it himself is asinine and purely an agenda driven lie on the part of the left.  Well, it didn’t work.  We still have our guns and gun control laws continue to be repealed.

The case with Dylann Roof was particularly beneficial to the left, because they were able to use it to stoke racial division.  They attacked the Dixie Flag and even had it removed from the Capitol grounds, because they claimed it was motivation for Roof’s murder spree.  The media buried the fact that Pastor Clementa C. Pinckney was also a South Carolina state legislator who voted to fly that flag on Capitol grounds.  He also voted for the law which made it possible for him to disarm his parishioners, so that they had no prayer of fighting back against Roof’s attack.  Everything about the left’s accusations was a lie, intent on attacking the right, our 2nd Amendment rights, and liberty.  The inconvenient truth though was that Pinckney supported the Dixie Flag as many southern blacks do, but didn’t support his own right to self defense.  RIP Pastor Pinckney.

Before the smoke cleared in the Umpqua Community College shooting in Oregon, the left was blaming guns and right wing nut jobs.   The shooter’s identity, Christopher Harper-Mercer, came out right away, so immediately his almost empty MySpace page was found.  The left immediately jumped on the fact that he was supposedly a self proclaimed conservative, ignoring the fact that his only friends were tied to Islamic terrorism and his pictures were all in support of IRA terrorism.  The left swallowed his claim to be a conservative without a second thought, even though Mercer claimed to be a zombie killer and eater of brains on the same page.  The left wing media ignored Mercer’s public admiration for Vester Flanagan, the Black Lives Matter, homosexual deviant, who killed Alison Parker and Adam Ward, two Virginia journalists.  Vester Flanagan was as left wing as they come.  Christopher Harper-Mercer also passed an unconstitutional background check, as did Vestor Flanagan, aka Bryce Willams.

Mercer questioned his victims on their religious faith, so he could pick out the Christians to kill.  Which side hates Christianity, the left or the right?  What enabled Mercer to kill so many was Umpqua Community College’s disregard for Oregon State Law with their Gun Free Zone School Policy.  While the law allowed students to ignore this policy, as does the 2nd Amendment, the students were too stupid to know that and most likely embraced the gun free policy themselves until it was too late.  Again gun free zones failed and every fact was ignored while the left blamed the shooter for being a right wing nut job.  Nothing could have been further from the truth.

The most recent shooting was done by Robert Dear in the Colorado Planned Parenthood facility.  At least that is the location his shooting spree ended.  We don’t know the details.  All it took was for Planned Parenthood to be named as the location of the shooting for the left to accuse right wing nut jobs.  Never mind the fact that we hardly have any facts on this case, even a week later.  The left claimed that the nut job said, “no more baby parts!”  Ok, let’s say that he did.  When nut jobs go shooting people are we supposed to take them at their word now?  Are we seriously supposed to believe that left wingers don’t create false flags to give credit for their actions to the right wing?  President Barack Hussein Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder got caught creating a huge false flag for precisely the same reason, to give guns and gun owners a bad name, in Operation Fast and Furious.  The left is always creating false flags by committing atrocities and blaming the right.  For the sake of argument, let’s just say that Dear did say, “no more baby parts” and meant it.  Would that make him a conservative?  To answer that, let’s look at the rest of the facts that have come out so far.

We know that Robert Dear is registered to vote as an independent and as a woman.  We know Dear has been married and divorced at least 3 times and is a known wife beater.  We have police reports as evidence.  We know that he is religious, but believes that he doesn’t have to follow the Bible and can do anything he wants, because Jesus will forgive him.   We know he has a history of violence and openly cheating on his wives.  We know from his web browser history that he frequented marijuana web sites.  We know he moved to Colorado because they legalized marijuana.

Does being a religious, pot head make Robert Dear a right winger or Constitutional Conservative who devoutly cherishes our rights, our freedoms, and our nation?  Surely no left winger is going to be so bold as to make the claim that democrats or left wingers can’t be Christian.  Maybe most left wing Christians don’t act like it, but are they really going to make the claim that there are none?  So far, being Christian is the only thing we really know about this Robert Dear’s affiliations or beliefs.  He’s a self described Christian who doesn’t think he has to follow the Bible.  We really don’t know much else about his political opinions or if he has any.  Conservatives certainly aren’t accusing him of being a left winger, because we really don’t know.  My personal opinion is that it takes intelligence and effort to be a conservative.  You have to really be grounded, know what you stand for and why.  So if you can’t be definitively classified as a right winger who believes in traditional American Values, then you’re a left winger.  I don’t believe in moderates.  If you aren’t a right winger you are at the very least, a tool of the left.

Regardless, we on the right want innocent people to be able to protect themselves.  We don’t have knee jerk reactions to blame the leftist ideology of the shooter before the facts come out.  We want to learn the facts and serve justice to the guilty.  Liberals on the other hand, don’t need information, they have an agenda.  They don’t even want the facts.  They want to control the narrative before the facts have a chance to surface.  Blame the right wing.  Blame guns.  Every shooting is an opportunity for liberals; a means to an end for statist control over our lives.

I am tired of the lies, the propaganda, the spinning of stories and the fear mongering from the left.  Conservatives don’t run around shooting innocent people.  It takes a certain kind of mindset to be conservative, one which values individual freedom.  You leftists are going to have to do far more than continue lying if you want our guns.  You’re going to have to send guys with guns to take our guns or be brave enough to try it yourselves.

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. The knee jerk left is clearly losing on this issue. We can tell because their appeal for stronger “gun control’ has quietly morphed into “common sense gun safety”. I guess when the plan doesn’t work, don’t change the plan – change the name!!!

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  2. Nut jobs are nut jobs, plain and simple. They may attach themselves to any mainstream group or claim any ideology in an attempt to be accepted into a sane society. Real conservatives and real Christians respect the rights of others, including and especially their right to life, and would not go on a shooting spree. The gun is not responsible for the killing. The person behind the gun is. If a crazy person who wants to kill people cannot get a gun, he will use a bomb or some other means. Liberals won’t let facts get in the way as they spin every tragedy to promote their own agenda for increasing government control over our lives. Keep up the good fight, Anna!

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  3. I understand your position about background checks being unconstitutional. What is your position about felons owning guns? If we don’t do background checks, how do we know if a felon is purchasing a weapon?

    Good article, btw.



    • Why should we care if a felon owns a gun? If he’s intent on evil, he’ll have a gun anyway. Violating my rights and running a background check on me in a gun store won’t stop that. Are felons 2nd Class citizens? Should we take all their rights? Maybe their right to a jury trial? Maybe their right to property? Once the unconstitutional Gun Control Act of 1968 outlawed guns for felons, the ONLY result is that they have found 1000s of new ways to make us felons.


  4. the problem with your story, Anna, and it is just that, a story. Nobody wants to take your guns. What the left wants is for you to acknowledge a few basic facts. They are all outlined in this New York Times story. A) Robert Dear was a conservative, we know this because he passed out anti Obama pamphlets to his neighbors in Colorado. B) Robert Dear was a Christian, we know this because TWO of his ex-wives said so AND we have a web trail of comments he posted online such as On Oct. 7, 2005, he wrote, “Every knee shall bow an every tongue will confess that JESUS IS LORD.”


    • Nobody wants to take our guns? Are you willfully hiding yourself from the constant attempts to do just that? Did you miss the “assault weapons” gun bans? Did you miss the mandatory gun registration and turn in passed in Connecticut? How many people have their RIGHT to bear arms in New Jersey? The left is on a constant mission to take our guns as they always have throughout history. Hillary was anti-Obama. Does that make her a conservative? I guess you didn’t read my article, because I already said that Dear was a self proclaimed Christian. Does that make him a conservative? Don’t be a rube and fall for what you’re being force fed. You pretty much prove my point behind my entire “story.”


      • Ha, Hilary doesn’t hate Obama! She may be jealous of him and have minor policy disagreements from time to time, but nobody who passes out anti Obama pamphlets is a Democrat. You have to hate Obama, A LOT, to pass out pamphlets. That means if you do that, you are a conservative. Democrats are usually pro choice and would never dream of shooting up a planned parenthood. What you assert, that the PP shooter is a Democrat, makes absolutely no sense. Democrats don’t have tons of guns and ammo, you guys do. Democrats don’t do crazy evangelical Christian and write things like “every knee shall bow an every tongue will confess that JESUS IS LORD,” right wing conservatives do.


        • No, passing out flyers doesn’t make you a conservative. Knowing and valuing the U.S. Constitution and cherishing individual freedom above all is what makes one a conservative. You are obviously extremely clueless. To think that democrats can’t be evangelical is about as asinine a statement as you could ever make. I guess you’ve never heard of the Southern Baptist or the Catholic Church, perhaps? You are a blithering fool with no clue what conservative even means. Grow up and learn to think for yourself instead of spewing your left wing talking points.


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