Don’t let Republican Primaries Divide us!

Republican Candidates

If there is anything that liberals are better at than conservatives it’s uniting.  They are community organizers after all.  Liberals are group thinkers, whereas conservatives are individual thinkers.  Liberals are used to taking marching orders and doing as they’re told without even taking the time to wonder why.  The reason doesn’t necessarily matter to them, as long as they can be part of the group.  Belonging is very important to liberals.

Democrats have 5 candidates running in their 2016 presidential primary, but really only have two who stand out, criminal Hillary Clinton who can’t even name a single one of her own accomplishments when asked, and admitted socialist Bernie Sanders.  Both candidates are obvious hazards to our nation, yet liberals will rally behind whichever one wins the Democratic nomination without a second thought about their previous allegiance to the other candidate during the primary.  It helps that many of them are bribed with unconstitutional welfare and food stamps and are bused from poll to poll to vote more than once.  This is why they are so dead set against voter ID of any kind.

Forcing ethical standards in elections is detrimental to all liberal causes, because the majority simply does not agree with them and dead voters can’t show their IDs.

Republicans have 16 candidates in the race at last count, but who can keep up.  Republican candidates range from the most constitutionally grounded with Conservative Review Freedom Scores of (96%-A) for Ted Cruz and (93%-A) for Rand Paul, to the bottom of the pile, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham, and Jeb Bush whose scores aren’t given, probably because they are such low Fs.  We also have Donald Trump, who has a lot of flaws, has supported gun control and other liberal ideas and has contributed to democrats.  Unlike the rest of the pack though, Trump is saying all the right things right now, telling it like we’ve all wanted to hear it for a long time.  When the media tries its regular tactics to silence Trump or force him to apologize for something he said, he doubles down and his poll numbers go up.  This would work for every candidate if they just had the spine Trump has.

For various reasons, us right wingers support different candidates in the Republican Primary, whether it is because we want the most constitutionally conservative candidate or the one who has the spine to ignore political correctness and speak his mind, exposing the truth on immigration issues.  Some people choose a candidate because they are from their home state.  I have personally not chosen to back a particular candidate at this time, because I want to see all of them fully vetted, so that my decision can be better informed.  Certainly there are some I like much better than others and some I’d like to see drop out of the race right now, but I’ll wait a little longer before I make my final decision on who to support publicly and financially.

What I have been noticing a lot among right wingers in social media is that many have already made the decision on which candidate they are supporting in the primaries and they have done so to almost a rabid degree.  It is a blind, uncompromising level of sycophancy I normally only see from liberals for Obama or Hillary Clinton.  Right wingers and conservatives who otherwise agree with one another on almost every issue are arguing in social media over primary candidates and blocking one another out of rage.  I have seen none of this happening among liberals.  Hillary and Bernie supporters get along great with one another and they will all join forces seamlessly to back whichever one of their candidates gets the nomination.

We have got to stop the squabbling.  We are going to need to unite for the general election.  We can’t sit out the election and allow another 4 or 8 years of this destruction to go on at the hands of Hillary or Bernie.  Even if it means, God forbid, holding our nose and voting for a liberal light like Bush or Christie, we are going to have to do it.  Let’s just pray that it doesn’t come to that and work as hard as we can to nominate a conservative.  We can’t allow the media to control the nomination process.

If the media tells us that one candidate or another isn’t “electable” it’s because they are leftists and they are afraid of that candidate.  Remember, we nominated McCain and Romney, because the media told us they were electable.  We can see where that got us. By all means, continue to debate with one another.  Discuss the candidates, both their strengths and their flaws.  They all have flaws.  Do not be a sycophant.  Your candidate of choice does have flaws.  There isn’t a single candidate in the race who is perfect.  Discussing them in a positive way with one another is a good thing.  We all stand to learn something new every day.  Just don’t allow the discussions to become hateful and drive us apart.  Don’t be easily offended by other conservatives when they say something negative about the candidate you favor.  If you’re getting angry, table the conversation for a later time.  Cooler heads can prevail.

While I am not fond of this cliche, this is a time where agreeing to disagree is a better option than blocking friends over something so temporary as a presidential primary.  There are many issues and many more elections to come, where we will do better if we are united than if we divide over a single issue or election. Those of us on the right all agree in the general direction we want to take this country and that it’s far to the right of where we have been taken by Obama.  We all agree that we need to move to the right, even if we disagree on how far right.  We can disagree on the details without allowing it to divide us.  Remain friends and let’s keep our eye on the bigger ball, the general election.


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  1. I couldn’t agree more. I’ve been saying since the beginning that we should fight like hell for our guy in the primary – but get on board for the general. It seems like a logical suggestion to me, but I took a lot of heat from the true believers for it.

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    • Yup. A lot of people who we will all want to be in the same corner later, keep blocking each other on Twitter, FB, etc. over petty primary squabbles. They aren’t seeing the big picture. They need to save that vigor for a few months until we’re going up against the real villains.


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