Republican Primary Poll – Scott Walker Out


Top tier candidates only.  Scott Walker removed after he dropped out of the race.  If the Primary was today, who would you vote for?


  1. Scott Walker announced his decision to bow out of the 2016 Republican presidential race at a September 21, 2015 news conference in Madison, Wisconsin, exactly ten weeks after throwing his hat in the ring. The Wisconsin governor entered the primary among the front-runners and quickly lost support following poor showings in the first two Republican primary debates.


  2. More unfavorable information on Cruz every day. Most of his supporters don’t understand he opposes #TRUMP2016 in deportation of the illegals present in our country now. He has raised more money than anyone but Bush with Six SuperPACs but his campaign sent an email indicating they were in a disastrous financial position. He is using the money raised by the email to brag about how devoted his supporters are. We need to stay cognizant of what each candidate really stands for….no one is perfect but I especially dislike devious people.

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  3. Trump, President
    Cruz, VP
    Carson, Surgeon General
    Growdy, Adjutant General
    Fiona, Secretary of Defense or State
    That’s a great team.


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