Ferguson Riots 2.0!


We can no longer play games with savages.  It’s time to start retaliating.  There are several ways to retaliate that are perfectly legal and effective in stopping this kind of insanity.  Simply allowing the riots to go on in Ferguson, as Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake did, can no longer be tolerated.  Both police officers and regular law abiding citizens have it within their power and rights to make an effective stand against the looting, arson, vandalism, and physical attacks being perpetrated by the animals of Ferguson and other similar locations.

Officer Darren Wilson was acquitted by grand jury of any criminal charges in the death of Mike Brown.  It’s been proven that the claim that Mike Brown had his hands up and said, “don’t shoot,” is a complete fabrication.  Brown’s several autopsy reports have repeatedly shown that he was the aggressor and was shot dead while attacking Wilson.  It’s time for the heathens of Ferguson to get over it.  They hurt their racist Black Lives Matter crusade by protesting the death of a thug by becoming thugs themselves.  At this point, anything negative that happens to these raving lunatics is brought upon themselves.

In this 2015 reenactment of the violent Ferguson, Missouri protests, they are chanting, “This is what democracy looks like” and “Black Lives Matter.” What they fail to realize is that they are only showing examples of anarchy and crime and what they are doing just helps convince the country not to care much about black lives.  Stereotypes are never free, they are earned and the Ferguson crowd is bending over backwards to ensure a perpetual negative stereotyping of blacks.  The many black across our country who have done no wrong and who live productive and positive lives are incapable of countering the bolstering of negative stereotypes from these unlawful throngs of hoodlums.  Negative traits always outshine the positive ones in peoples’ perceptions.

The time for political correctness and trying to grant respect to these people has come and gone.  The law needs to make examples out of each and every one of them.  There are several types of non-lethal force that police can use to subdue most of them, so that they can be arrested and removed from the equation, saving lives and property.  In some cases lethal force may need to be used, such as in the case of Tyrone Harris Junior who pulled out a gun and started firing at police officers.  The officers fired back hitting Harris and now he is lying in critical condition in the hospital.  Too bad, so sad.  He is no martyr.  He’s a thug and his fate is entirely his own fault.  He doesn’t deserve a single tear shed for him.  This isn’t a case of people utilizing their 2nd Amendment rights to protect themselves from tyranny.  These are animals who are violating the rights of others.  Stopping people like this is why we have law enforcement.  So far 57 of these so called protestors have been arrested.  We can only hope that they face the maximum jail time for each of their crimes.  Among the prominent instigators who were arrested were Cornel West, Johnetta Elzie, and DeRay McKesson.

The media is full of stories now about four Oath Keepers who are walking the streets of Ferguson bearing arms.  They’re making it very clear that they are white men.  They are being called inflammatory and extremely anti-government.  In fact, they are not anti-government, they are only against tyranny and lawless government that violates the Constitution.  They have all sworn an oath to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic and it is the government itself which swore them to this oath.  They are exercising their 2nd Amendment rights and carrying arms, just as Missouri confirmed they could last year.  They are not throwing Molotov Cocktails through windows or shooting cops.  They are not trying to force themselves against police barricades into the federal courthouse like barbarians.  They may be the four most peaceful people in Ferguson right now and if there were more of them, perhaps the town wouldn’t be overrun with thugs.  The key thing to note about these Oath Keepers is that they have not been arrested.  They have done nothing wrong.  For the media to be attacking them in the midst of the horrors that actually are going on, is disingenuous and a dereliction of their profession.

Anyone who owns shops and businesses in Ferguson that are targets of vandalism, arson, and looting should be standing their ground on their properties, in unison and well armed.  This hooliganism, does not have to be tolerated.  No one is required to allow their property to be destroyed and their lives threatened without being able to fight back.  The best way to avoid the need to fight back in the first place is to make a strong presence visible for all to see.  Even savage animals will refrain from attacking when the odds are clearly against them.  It is high time we stop tolerating these degenerates.  Protesting is one thing, but doing it violently or disruptively is unacceptable.  These professional protestors who run around stirring up the hatred and violence, usually through race baiting, should go away for a long time.


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  1. I’m convinced that if the PD were to not only arrest, but lock up these thugs, a lot of the mayhem could be nipped in the bud. Too often, the perps are brought in, printed and released which only increased their street cred. City and county jails are notoriously grisly, and 10 days on a slab eating baloney sandwiches would go a long way in discouraging repeat offenders. At the very least they are guilty of disorderly conduct, and probably a lot worse.


  2. I agree with everything you have said. However, if one of these both keepers is forced to defend himself they will be left out in the cold by the system.


  3. Great article but there’s one big oversight. These perps by and large aren’t from Ferguson but are Soros funded scumbags paid to stir up shit. The St Louis County police have confirmed this with all the arrests made. Sure, there’s some from Ferguson that are exploiting this situation but the majority are paid agitators, funded by far LW organizations supported by George Soros.


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