Gays Arm Up! Rightfully So!


This is an open letter to the entire gay community from someone with whom you don’t see eye to eye on with everything.  I am as conservative as someone can get.  As a devout Christian myself, we will probably never see eye to eye on everything, but I am setting that aside for something far more important: your safety and your lives.  Never let our disagreement on a single issue be confused with hatred, because I certainly don’t hate people over their sexual preference.

In light of the tragic event at the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida where 49 Americans were viciously murdered in an act of Muslim Jihad, a reality presented itself to the gay community.  Muslims hate you!  This isn’t a radical Islamic idea, this is written in the Koran.  In muslim countries, gays are executed by hanging and being thrown from the rooftops of tall buildings.  This is normal islam, not radical.

The left has tried to turn this tragedy into another one of their grave dancing, propaganda campaigns against guns.  However, the gay community, who normally associate with the left, came to the intelligent conclusion that no one is going to protect them, so they must protect themselves.  Self reliance is wonderful, but you have to discover you need it on your own.  The homosexual community just made this discovery on its own!  Gun sales spiked, as normally happens after a mass shooting or terrorist attack, but the difference this time, according to news reports and gun shop owners, is that the LGBT community is buying up all the guns!

I want to take this opportunity to welcome the gay community into the fold of freedom loving patriots, who deserve the right to keep and bear arms like anyone else.  We on the right actually care about your lives and safety and aren’t using this opportunity to advance a political agenda.  Your rights aren’t a political agenda.  Your safety is not a political agenda.  These are your birthright, but come with the responsibility for you to protect them.  The leftist political agenda aims to revoke these rights at the risk of your lives.  While they blame guns, they import more muslim terrorists from Syria by the 100’s of thousands.  The gun control lobbyists spend millions trying to disarm Americans, because a defenseless citizen isn’t a citizen at all, he or she is a subject.  Straight, bi, gay, whatever, we are all Americans and our lives are valuable.  Not one person from the gun control lobby will ever be there to save your life from a nut job with murder on his mind.  Not one gun control law they propose will ever keep nut jobs from getting guns.  These laws only prevent you from protecting yourself, because only law abiding citizens follow the law.

Many in the homosexual community may have never taken the time to learn about your right to bear arms, because other issues were more important to you at the time.  I am here to tell you that this is a topic that you will find millions of conservatives who are willing and eager to help you with.  Please begin by reading my Article on the 2nd Amendment.  From there, join discussions online where patriots defend our rights.  On Twitter, if you visit the hashtag #GunSense you will be welcomed with open arms by thousands of patriotic conservatives you have been conditioned into believing hate you.  You will soon discover that this has been a lie.  Your interest in your right to bear arms and protect yourself has introduced you to the most welcoming group of people you can ever meet. 

American Patriots care about your freedom, your liberty, and your life.  We are always willing to offer advice.  Maybe you want to learn more about your rights.  This isn’t a subject taught very well in schools any longer, so we are forced to do our own research.  Perhaps you want advice on the type of gun to buy for different reasons.  There are as many types and styles of guns are there are people who want one and yes, they do come in pink!

Make buying a gun and learning to use it your number one priority!  Do not be afraid that you will look stupid if you ask questions at a gun store!  I have owned a gun my entire life and still ask questions every time I buy a new gun or different ammunition.  You can never ask too many questions.  People who work in gun stores are thrilled to answer them.  Giving advice on firearms is what they love to do!  You do not want to walk out of a gun store with a new firearm without knowing everything you can about it.  Safety always comes first!  It’s much safer to know everything about your gun.  Getting advice will also help you choose the gun that is best for you!  You will never look stupid for asking questions.  You’ll look stupid if you don’t.

Practice!  When you buy a gun, find out where you can go shoot it.  Visit a range and practice!  Try to bring a friend who knows guns well or ask the people working at the range for assistance if you are new to shooting.  They are there to help!  It’s better to ask for help than to hurt yourself!  Once you learn, you will want to pass on your knowledge to others.  There are many courses available that are both fun and educational.  Some are offered through the NRA and some from other organizations or from private instructors.  Whether you want to learn to be a better marksman or how to confidently and safely use your gun in self defense, there is a course for you and your family!  

There are many gun clubs you can join as well including one that has opened dozens of new chapters since the Orlando shooting, called The Pink Pistols, a gay and lesbian gun club.

Don’t allow the left wing to use you as pawns any longer!  They pander to a single issue that you care about in order to get your vote.  The right may disagree with gays on a single issue, but will always defend your rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  So to all of the homosexual community, even if you are just dipping your toe into the water of the Pool of Liberty, the water is warm and you are welcome to jump into the deep end at any time!  We have lifeguards!  We support you where it really counts!

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. Supporting the LGBT movement at the time that the Pulse shooting happened is not only the flat out wrong thing to do, but rather, it is like taking sides in a gang war instead of condemning both sides of the gang war. Yes, I know that the LGBT and Muslim individuals are people, but the reality is that BOTH sides are, ironically enough, more alike than they are different, that is they view everyone else as inferior and themselves as superior to everyone else and that it is all nothing but a bunch of egos that are clashing while people like myself get caught in the middle of their drama. Furthermore, even Muslims and the LGBT community fight among themselves, as well as everyone else, and with each other, so why should I have sympathy for evildoers that are completely unwilling to repent of their wickedness in their lives? Both groups of people are going the way of the Ourobouros in the end.


    • Let’s stick to the truth, shall we? I never supported the LGBT movement. I support the right to bear arms: for EVERYONE. That said, don’t you DARE compare peaceful gay people at a bar with Islam. Gay people aren’t responsible for 300,000,000 deaths in the name of Allah.


  2. Keep in mind, this useful idiot cased out Disney as well. These Radical Jihadists are at war with all of us, as is the Lion’s share of our Elected Officials……

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  3. This open letter was sincere and way overdue. The revelation of the gay community that self defense is an individual responsibility us also well overdue. Whether gays can break out of the liberal bubble they have been in for ever is another issue, but first and foremost, they must protect themselves. We know what Islam thinks of them and their lifestyle, but old habits are hard to break. For their own sake, I hope they give your letter a read and try to put away the stereotypes.

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