ABC Democrat Debate Synopsis by Anna Maria Perez!


The ABC Democratic Debate with Martin O’Malley, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton was moderated by David Muir and Martha Raddatz.

Opening statements began with Hillary Clinton. She said there is a huge difference between those of us on the stage tonight and our Republican counterparts.  We need to prevent the Republicans from rolling back the progress that we’ve made. Record unemployment, 20 trillion in debt, putting bakers out of business if they adhere to their Christian morals, and importing illegals and terrorists.  The would repeal the Affordable Care Act, not improve it.  They would give more tax breaks to the wealthy.  They would continue to let people on the no fly list buy guns. We have a right to bear arms and government has no authority to violate our rights without due process.

Martin O’Malley said that tonight is different because America has again been attacked.  So how is “again” different?  The first job of the President of the United States is the protect the people.  I visited with a number of our neighbors at a mosque in northern Virginia. As I looked out there at the eyes of our neighbors (were there any women there?) I also looked in the eyes of veterans.  I looked into the eyes of Boy Scouts.  I looked in the eyes of moms and dads who would do anything to protect our country’s values and our freedoms.  While your party imports terrorists.  We need a leader who will bring us together around the values that unite us.  Sharia has no values that can be united with constitutional values.  We must never surrender our values to terrorists, racists or the fascist pleas of billionaires with big mouths.  Is this debate in Colorado, because he’s smoking something?

Bernie Sanders said good evening, I am running for President of the United States, because it is too late for establishment politics and economics.  Working people are working longer hours for lower wages.  Tell that to the 100 million American adults who have no job.  All the new wealth being created is going to the top 1%.  Created? So you admit that wealth is created and not a static sized pie?  So not stolen then? Created?  I’m going to create an economy that works for working families, not just millionaires.  Who do you think hires working families, Bernie?  We have a campaign finance system which is corrupt.  Billionaires are spending 100’s of millions of dollars to buy candidates who represent their interest rather than the working class and working families.  So, wait…  I thought these billionaires were hoarding all their money, not dumping 100’s of millions into the economy.  We need to address the planetary crisis of climate change and take on the fossil fuel industry (making everything more expensive for the middle class, starting with fuel) and transform our energy system away from fossil fuel to energy efficiency and sustainable energy.  Bernie must have invented some new technology we don’t know about.  I want a new foreign foreign policy that destroys ISIS, but does not get us involved in perpetual warfare.  An army of leprechauns riding unicorns.  Waving his hands around he said that we need a coalition of wealthy nations supporting moozlim troops on the ground.

Bernie Sanders was first asked about stealing data from Hillary’s campaign.  He yammered on, then when asked to apologize, he told Clinton he was sorry and then apologized to his supporters too, saying that this is not the kind of campaign he runs.  Except that it is exactly the kind of campaign he runs or he wouldn’t be apologizing for doing it.  O’Malley interrupted to say that with more important issues like war and the kitchen table economy, those issues being so urgent to people as they tune in tonight, wondering how they can buy presents for their kids and instead we’re listening to the bickering back and forth.  We need to address security and economic issues.  If people want a more high minded politics and move our country forward, go to my web site!

Bernie said that he agrees and that we had this kind of incident before with Hillary’s e-mails.  Hillary was nodding and smiling.  Then he said that we are the only major country on earth not guaranteeing healthcare to old people.  Ignore all of our corruption and dirty tricks and just pay attention to all the free stuff we want to give you!

David Muir said that on Thanksgiving weekend Barack Obama told America that there was no credible threat of terrorism and then the San Bernardino attack happened.  Now Obama is saying again that there is no credible threat, so he asked Hillary how confident should Americans be that there aren’t others like that couple right now in the U.S. going undetected and what would she do as president to find them.  Hillary said the most important job of President is to keep America and families safe and she has a plan to go after ISIS.  It has three parts.  First, to go after them and deprive them of territory.  Secondly to go after and dismantle their global network of terrorism.  Thirdly to do more to keep us safe.  What kind of plan is that?  Go after them, go after them, and do more to keep us safe.  There are liberals who swallow this and think she actually said something.

Hillary said we also must work more closely with muslim American communities.  Just like Martin, I met with a group of muslims this past week to hear from them what they’re doing to stop radical islamization.  They are doing nothing, Hillary, a muslim is a muslim.  They will be our early warning system.  Exactly. Farook’s gun fire was the earliest warning system there was.

Muir said that 77% of Americans have little or no confidence in the government’s ability to prevent a lone wolf attack.  He asked Bernie how he would find would-be terrorists that are going undetected?  Bernie said that he is one of the 77%.  He said it’s a two prong issue.  First we have to go crush and destroy ISIS.  I voted against the war in Iraq, because I thought unilateral military action would not produce the results that were necessary.  49 countries in the coalition to take out Saddam Hussein was a far cry from unilateral, Bernie.  I believe in action where you put together a strong coalition of forces. Major powers and the moozlim nations.  Is 49 countries enough, Bernie? 

Martha Raddatz said that in the wake of the San Bernardino attack, they all emphasized gun control, but our latest poll shows that more Americans believe arming people, not stricter gun laws, is the best defense against terrorism.  She asked Hillary, are they wrong?

Hillary said that we have to look at the terrorism challenge we face abroad and home,  (Abroad has nothing to do with the question, Hillary), and the role that guns play in delivering the violence that stalks us.  Guns don’t deliver anything, Hillary.   I agree with Bernie, we have to build a coalition abroad, but we also have to build a coalition at home.  Hillary yammered on until Raddatz interrupted and asked Hillary if we could stick to gun control?  Hillary repeated that if you only think of the coalition at home, you’re missing the main point which is that we need a coalition here at home.  Guns will not make Americans safer.  We lose 33,000 people a year already to gun violence.  Arming more people, to do what? I think is not the appropriate response to terrorism.  You don’t have to arm me, Hillary, I can take care of that myself.  I think what is creating much deeper, closer relations and coalitions within our own country.  The first line of defense against radicalization, is in the muslim American community.  What on Earth is she talking about?  People who we should be welcoming and working with.  14 people used to work with Farook and aren’t working with anyone any longer.  I worry greatly that the rhetoric coming from the Republicans, particularly Donald Trump, is sending a message to muslims here in the United States and literally around the world, (that’s the point) that there is a clash of civilizations and some kind of western plot or even war against islam, which then fans the flames of radicalization.  So, guns have to be looked at as its own problem.  Does anything she said make any sense to anyone?

Raddatz took the question to Bernie saying that we’ve seen those lone lines of people buying guns in record numbers after the Paris attack.  Would you discourage people from buying guns?  Bernie said that buying guns is the right of people, but this is what I do believe.  I believe that when we have some 300 million guns in this country, I believe that when we have seen these horrific mass killings, (which have gone down as gun ownership goes up) we have got to bring together the vast majority of people who do believe in fact in sensible gun safety regulations.  For example, talking about polls.  A poll recently came out (hands waving frantically) an overwhelming majority of the American people say we should strengthen the instant background check. That’s a blatant lie.  The background check violates the 2nd, 4th, & 5th Amendments, has never stopped a crime, can’t stop a crime, and there is nothing to check for if our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.  If you can’t infringe, what are you checking for?  Who denies that it is crazy to allow people to own guns who are criminals or mentally unstable?  I do, Bernie.  Who gave you the right to revoke rights from people and create a second class citizen?  We’ve got to eliminate the gun show loophole.  I wish there actually was a gun show loophole.  No such thing.  Your rights are violated at gun shows too, with unconstitutional background checks.  This lie is old and tired. Weapons designed by the military to kill people cannot be in the hands of civilians.   I think there is a consensus.  Yes, there is a consensus, Bernie.  The consensus is that you can keep your grubby hands off of our guns.  I think there is a consensus on sensible gun safety regulations that I coming from a state with virtually no gun control (or gun crimes, Bernie) will do my best to bring together.

Martin chimed in and said that he is the only one on the stage to have banned combat weapons.  Sanders voted against the Brady Bill.  Sanders voted to give immunity to gun dealers.  Senator sanders voted against research dollars to look into this public health issue.  Guns are a public health issue now?  Clinton changes her position on this every election year.  What we need on this issue is not more polls.  We need more principle.  When ISIL does training videos that say the easiest way to get a combat assault weapon in the United States is at a gun show then we should all be waking up.  I bought mine from a guy named Bubba on the street.  I’m not going to be background checked and have my serial number in a government database.  We need comprehensive gun safety legislation!  Whenever politicians use the word “comprehensive,” it means run for the tall grass.

Martha Raddatz said, even if you were able to ban the purchase of assault weapons tomorrow, Americans already own an estimated 7-10 million semi automatic rifles.  Would you make it illegal to own those weapons, force people to turn them in and if not, how would banning the sales really make a difference?

Martin said, because it would prevent people like the guy that just got charged yesterday from being able to buy combat assault weapons.  Raddatz reminded him that she is not talking about buying, but would he have them confiscated?  He said, no Martha I would not and that’s not what we did in Maryland.  We overcame the NRA’s objections, we overcame all the crowds that were coming down there, we did our own rallies.  At least if we enact these laws in a prospective way, we can address a major vulnerability in our country.  ISIL videos! ISIL training videos are telling lone wolves (not so lone if they are taking direction from ISIS) the easiest way to buy a combat assault weapon in America is at a gun show.  And it’s because of the flip flopping political approach of Washington that both of my two colleagues on this stage have represented for the last 40 years.

Bernie started saying, woah, woah, woah, woah, let’s calm down a little bit Martin!  Hillary said, “Let’s tell the truth, Martin!”  Bernie went on saying, let’s have some rules here, commentators.  Hillary gave out an ear piercing cackle, unmatched outside of the Wizard of Oz movie.

They argued back and forth over who hated guns the most.  Bernie got irate at Martin for pointing out that he had not been anti-gun his whole political career.  Hillary applauded Martin’s anti 2nd Amendment history and said she wished he wouldn’t misrepresent her record.  She said she had been for the Brady Bill, against assault weapons, voted not to give gun makers and sellers immunity.  In other words, if you buy a gun and murder someone with it, the left considers not charging the gun makers and sellers for the murder is immunity.  They want to hold manufacturers and retailers responsible for what you do with their product.  She then said that she was glad that Sanders has moved.

Muir asked Hillary of the millions of people who agree with Donald Trump are wrong.  She said that she understands people have fear and anxiety about what they’re seeing in Paris and San Bernardino.  Mr. Trump has a great capacity to use bluster and bigotry to inflame people.  We need to be united against the threats that we face.  She says this as she demands we import 65,000 more muslim threats.  We need people watching what happens if it’s suspicious.  Reporting what happens.  Reporting what you hear. So, if you see something, say something?  Even if Loretta Lynch will prosecute us for saying it?  Making sure that muslim Americans don’t feel left out or marginalized at the very moment when we need their help.  What help?  When have they helped?  We need to make sure the really discriminatory message that Trump is sending around the world, don’t fall on receptive ears?  Silence the opposition.

Muir said to Bernie that the neighbors of the San Bernardino terrorists didn’t report suspicious activity, because they were afraid to profile.  What would Bernie say to Americans who are afraid to profile?  Is it ever acceptable?  Bernie said that if you see suspicious activity, report it, that’s kind of a no brainer.  If someone is loading guns and ammunition into a house, it’s a good idea to call 911!  I load guns and ammunition into my house all the time, Bernie, and anyone who called 911 about it is going to have a police dispatcher laughing at them and telling them to mind their own business.  Hillary is right that people are anxious about terror, but you know what else they’re anxious about?  Working incredibly long hours.  I know a lot of people who wish they had any hours to work.  Then someone like Trump comes along and says he has all the answers!  Hate the Mexicans!  Hate all the muslims!  He said muslims, not moozlims, this time.  Who knows which version comes natural to him and which he forces?  Meanwhile, the rich get richer!  Bernie is a crackpot!  

Raddatz moved on and asked Hillary if she would force technology companies to give law enforcement keys to encrypted technology by making it law.  Never mind that the Constitution doesn’t grant the federal government any such power to force any such thing.  Hillary said that she would not want to go to that point.  She said she would want a Manhattan like project to bring technology companies together to be partners.

Martin O’Malley said that we should never give up our privacy or freedoms (after he already went on a tirade against the 2nd Amendment) in exchange for a promise of security.  We need to figure this out together.  We need new leadership.  These people creating these products have an obligation to get together with government to figure these things out.  Really?  Where is that obligation in the Constitution?  He wants to talk the privacy and freedom talk while figuring out a way to go around it.

Muir explained to Hillary that over half of Americans are against bringing in more refugees and asked if the New Hampshire Governor is wrong in wanting to halt Syrian refugees until we have a vetting process that works.  Hillary said she doesn’t think a halt is necessary.  Remember, in the last debate these three argued over which of them wanted to bring the most refugees to America the fastest!  We have to have an increased vetting and screening, but we have to let the process go forward in the mean time.

Martin said that he was the first of the three of them to call to accept 65,000 refugees.  And we should accept more.

The candidates were asked about fighting ISIS and Bernie just ranted about not sending troops and that moozlims should fight moozlims because this is a battle for the soul of islam.  Hillary said that ISIS wants American soldiers on the ground fighting them, giving them many more targets.  Really?  Our soldiers are just targets?  They would be sitting ducks for ISIS to just plink off?  Hillary has little faith in our soldiers.  She said this would also give ISIS a great recruiting opportunity.Then reversing the logic that our soldiers would be ISIS targets, wouldn’t more recruited ISIS soldiers be more targets for us?

Hillary was asked by Raddatz if she would be willing to increase the forces in the Middle East if that is what it takes to defeat ISIS or would she give up her goals if it required a larger force.  Hillary said that we need to lead an air coalition, build back up the Iraqi army (which we did before, which only ended up arming ISIS), if we get back talking to the tribal sheiks in Anbar to rebuild those relationships, which were very successful in going after Al Qaeda in Iraq, (I thought the left has been telling us that Al Qaeda was never in Iraq), if we get the Turks to pay more attention to ISIS, if we put together a coalition with the specific tasks that I am outlining (remember those tasks from the beginning of this debate: go after them, go after them, do more to keep us safe), I think we can be successful in destroying ISIS.

The candidates argued long and hard over whether we should fight ISIS first, Assad first, or at the same time.  They clearly had no idea what they were talking about and it’s best to spare you the boredom of their jibber jabber.

They took a break after the first hour and then moved on to the economy.  Hillary must have been having a problem with her girdle, because they had to start without her.

Muir asked Bernie how he would get the average household a raise right away?  Bernie said that the middle class for the last 40 years has been disappearing.  Are we better off than we were when Bush left office?  Absolutely!  Millions of Americans are working longer hours for lower wages, deeply worried about their kids.  So what do we do?  We tell the billionaire class they can’t have it all!  They’re going to start paying their fair share of taxes!  Can the bottom 50% start paying their fair share of taxes Bernie?  Second of all, you raise the minimum wage to a living wage, 15 bucks an hour!  Right, so we instantly increase unemployment dramatically and inflation skyrockets.  Robots can make Big Macs.  Next we pay equity to women workers!  Women should not be making 79 cents on the dollar compared to men.  Next, real unemployment is 10%, youth unemployment off the charts!  What?  I thought people were working longer hours.  I thought we were better off now than when Bush left office.  I’m confused! We rebuild our crumbling infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our rail system.  I thought Obama did that.  Shovel ready jobs.  We create 13 million jobs with a trillion dollar investment.  Investment?  Who pays this trillion dollars?  Furthermore, I’m going to have a tax on Wall Street speculation to make certain that public colleges and universities in America are tuition free.  Free stuff for everyone!  Everything is free, free, free!  

Martin said, in my state we raised the minimum wage, we passed a living wage.  We raised the highest goals in the nation for minority and women participation goals.  Raised goals?  Raising goals doesn’t mean any goals are ever met.  He then said that he wants universal national service to cut unemployment for youth in America.  Wait, universal national service?  What is this?  Everyone must be drafted into the military or does this mean that everyone gets a government job?  Who would pay for that?  Only the private sector creates wealth.  If everyone is a government employee, where does the money come from?  This guy is off his rocker!

Hillary, back from the toilet, said that she thinks it’s great standing up there with the Senator and the Governor talking about these issues, because you’re not going to hear anything like this from any of the Republican candidates.  Of course we have to raise the minimum wage.  I still can’t find “the power to set a minimum wage” in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution where all legislative powers are enumerated.  I keep looking folks, I’ll tell you when I find it.  Then she called for mandated profit sharing where all of the employees share in the profits of a company.  You create a company, you build it, you hire someone, then they automatically become your partner and own what you built.  Fair?

They argued for a bit over corporate America, Hillary claiming that corporations love her, Bernie saying that they will hate him and that he wants a modern day Glass-Steagall (an unconstitutional 1933 law that split up investment banking from commercial banking), so we can split up the big banks.  Bernie and Martin pointed fingers at Hillary, saying that she was supportive of the big banks and they weren’t.  Hillary started cackling and asked to respond.  She said there are two hedge fund billionaires running ads against her.  She said that she has more donations from students and teachers than she does from people associated with Wall Street.  Then she said that Martin had no trouble going to Wall Street for money to run campaigns for Democratic governors.  She said she has a plan to take on Wall Street that is tough and comprehensive.  There’s that word “comprehensive” again.

On to health care, Martha Raddatz said that 17 million people who didn’t have insurance now have it because of Obamacare, but for Americans who already had insurance the cost has gone up 27% and deductibles are up 67%, healthcare costs are rising faster.  What’s broken in Obamacare?  She failed to mention how many people who had insurance lost it.  The New York Post reported an estimated 30 million people lost their employer provided healthcare coverage.

Hillary said that more people have access to healthcare and we have ended the problem for people with preexisting conditions.  But, out of pocket costs and prescription drug costs have gone up too much.  She proposes a $5,000 tax credit to people who have very large out of pocket costs.  A tax credit isn’t a tax refund.  This doesn’t mean that people get handed $5,000.  It means they report $5,000 less of income on their taxes, so don’t pay the taxes on that $5,000.  For the bottom 50% who pay no taxes, this means absolutely nothing.  They don’t see a dime, but saying “$5,000 tax credit,” sounds good to sheep who have no clue what she is talking about.  You can bet they think they will see a $5,000 check.  Just like the woman who thought Obama was going to buy her a new Kitchen.

Hillary called the 27% increase in insurance costs a glitch.  Bernie Sanders called for single payer health care.  Free!  Free!  Free!  Everything is free!  The United States of America is the only major country on Earth that does not guarantee healthcare to all people as a right.  Why is it that we spend 3 times per capita as to what they spend in the UK?  50% more than what they pay in France.  Because we have far better health care and you get what you pay for, Bernie.  Bernie said that with a single payer system, because we won’t be paying private insurance middle class families will be saving thousands of dollars per year.  What about the millions of middle class families who work for insurance companies who would then be unemployed, Bernie?

They were given a question from Neil Levesque, the Executive Director of New Hampshire Institute of Politics.  He asked how to really lower the cost of education?  He said to Sanders, you said you want free tuition, so how does that really lower the cost other than shifting the cost to tax payers?  Bernie said that we have to work on a two pronged approach.  He rambled on about how much money colleges waste on football stadiums and how many people can’t go to college, because they can’t afford it.  He said we need to put a speculation tax on Wall Street and make public colleges tuition free.  I guess his two prongs are, tax Wall Street and give free, free, free college.

Levesque asked Martin how he would lower costs.  He gave the same answer he always does, that he has already done this.  Also, just as he does every time, he says that they went 4 years without a penny of increase to college tuition.  Keeping the price the same isn’t lowering costs, Martin.  HE said that higher education should be a right for every kid.  The left uses higher education to indoctrinate, so of course they want everyone in college.  They are also the ones behind making it the money making scam that it is.

Levesque asked Hillary the same question.  She blamed states for investing in prisons and highways instead of higher education.  She said that her plan is for the federal government to match all money states put into higher education.  Someone please show me this enumerated federal power in the Constitution.

On raising taxes on the middle class, Hillary said that she is making a promise that she will not raise taxes on the middle class and it’s the same promise that Obama made.  Really? How did that work out?  Obama has raised taxes left and right.

Bernie said that over the last 30 years there has been a transfer of trillions of dollars from the middle class to the top 1/10th of 1%.  Really?  Trillions?  How many trillion?  This kind of money doesn’t exist.  When the middle class spends money and rich people make that money, it doesn’t disappear from the economy.  Rich people spend money too.  They also hire people, so they can make more money.  Total wealth grows and grows.  Bernie then said that the United States is the only major country on Earth that doesn’t provide paid family and medical leave.  I don’t think Bernie understands the role of the federal government at all.  The three argued over who wants to give free, paid family and medical leave the most.

Muir asked Hillary how she would bridge the divide between police and Black Lives Matter, something that is absolutely not a topic in Article 2 of the Constitution, which lays out presidential powers.  Presidents have zero authority over police and race relations isn’t their job.

Hillary said the most important problem facing our country is systemic racism.  She said we have to reform our criminal justice system (again, not the job of the President or federal government at all) and we have to find ways to try to bring law enforcement together again with the communities that they are sworn to protect.  Find ways to try… Great plan!

O’Malley said that there is no issue in American public policy that he has worked on more, day in and day out.  Remember, this guy was governor of Maryland and mayor of Baltimore.  How did he work out for Baltimore?  He said he brought people together over some very deep racial divides.  Really?  Like whether to loot CVS Pharmacy or Foot Locker first?  He said he put Baltimore on the path for the biggest crime reduction of any city in the next ten years.  Ok, I don’t have to explain how big of a liar this guy is now, do I?

Bernie said that we have more people in jail than any country on Earth.  2.2 million people.  The only thing I agree with Bernie on.  However, my reasons aren’t Bernie’s.  Yes, we have too many unconstitutional laws that people are guilty of breaking.  There is big money in private prison systems and anti-gun liberals create as many felonies as they can to create felons out of as many people as possible since unconstitutionally making it illegal for felons to own guns.  Bernie goes on with his reason.  Racism.  Locking up African Americans and Hispanics.  We need to come together as a country and end institutional racism.  Police officers should not be shooting unarmed people, predominately African Americans.  Wrong Bernie.  More whites are shot by cops than any other race.  He says we have to rethink the war on drugs, which is why I have taken marijuana out of the Controlled Substance Act.  Ok, well, Bernie is onto something, but not for the reason he thinks.  The Controlled Substance Act is unconstitutional, because Congress has no authority to control substances.  That’s why we needed the 18th Amendment to outlaw booze.  Congress couldn’t do it.  Congress can’t even raise the drinking age, which is why they bribe states to do it.  He said we need to make police departments look like the communities they serve in terms of diversity.  So should we not be allowed to hire a black cop in Vermont, Bernie?

On to another question from someone named Dan Tuohy, regarding heroin as a drug epidemic.  Again, the war on drugs is unconstitutional, I don’t even know why heroin is even a topic of conversation in the Presidential debates.  I’ll spare you the details of this inane topic.  Bernie just screamed about drug companies getting opiates out there, which makes people eventually go to heroine.  Hillary just talked about meeting grandmothers who were raising children who lost parents to an overdose, so she thinks the federal government should spend 10 billion dollars to come up with a plan.  So, she has no plan, but wants us to buy her a plan.  Martin had a dear friend he played music with for years whose daughter is no longer with us because of an overdose.  He asked, what would we do if this was Ebola?  Ebola isn’t a choice, Martin.

Martha Raddatz asked Hillary how much responsibility she bears for the chaos following elections in Lybia after she advocated the 2011 intervention and called it smart power at its best.  It’s telling that Hillary isn’t asked directly about Benghazi.  Hillary said that we have to remember why we became part of a coalition to stop Khadafy from committing massacres against his people.  The United States was asked to help and we did a lot of due diligence about whether we should or not.  She said their full free election after killing Khadafy elected moderates.  It was an indication of their need and desire to get on the right path.  Moderates?  It’s an ISIS stronghold now.  Hillary rambled on and on about how the place is in turmoil because of the after math of Arab Spring and propagandizing from ISIS and other terrorist groups.  She said, you know, this is not easy work!  We did a lot to help.  It’s a cesspool now.  I hope Hillary never does a lot to help me. She never answered the question. 

Martha Raddatz asked Hillary again, how much responsibility she bears for the chaos that followed the elections in Lybia?  Hillary said that we offered a lot more than they were willing to take.  She wouldn’t answer the actual question.

The topics turned to things like whether Bill Clinton would choose flower arrangements in the White House.  Who cares?

Closing statements began with Bernie Sanders.  He told about his father who came from Poland as an immigrant.  He grew up in a rent controlled apartment in Brooklyn, NY.  Meaning that the owner couldn’t charge the rent the property was worth.  The government forced them to charge the Sander’s family less.  His mother’s dream was to get out of that apartment and own a home of her own.  She never lived to see that.  But Bernies parents were able to send both of their sons to college.  Easy when you basically don’t pay rent.  Bernie says that’s why he’s pledged to bring a political revolution.  Waving his hands like John Kasich, he said that millions of people will say enough is enough!  This government belongs to all of us, not just a handful of billionaires.  Thank you very much.

Martin O’Malley said that his wife Katie and he have four kids and he wants to give them a future that’s safer and healthier.  He wants them to have more opportunity than his parents and grandparents gave to him.  He was a mayor and a governor.  It seems like he had plenty of opportunity.  He said that in the Republican debate you heard a lot of anger and fear.  They can have their anger and fear, but anger and fear never built America.  I guess Martin never read about how angry our Founding Fathers were.  Martin said America was built by adopting wage and labor policies including comprehensive (there’s that word again) immigration reform with a pathway of citizenship for all.  He said the other big challenge we have is climate change.

Hillary Clinton said that on January 20th, 2017 the next President of the United States will walk into the White House.  If heaven forbid, that next President is a Republican, I think it’s pretty clear, we know what will happen.  What?  Will they steal the silverware?  A lot of the rights that have been won over the years, from women’s rights to voter rights, to gay rights, to worker rights, will be at risk.  These aren’t rights, Hillary.  Perhaps you need to look up what a right is.  Social Security, which Republicans call a Ponzi Scheme, may face privatization.  I could only wish.  Our vets may see the VA Hospital, which needs to be improved, turned over to privatization.  Planned Parenthood will be defunded.  Thank God!  I’m a grandma, so as President I will think of all the grand children of America!  Because I want to make sure every single child has a chance to live up to his and her God given potential.  Except for the ones we murder at Planned Parenthood, of course.  Thank you, Goodnight, and may the force be with you!

Well, that’s it folks!  The ABC Democratic debate over who can give out the most free stuff!  Writing this took me a miserable 12 hours, so please do me the favor of sharing it.  If you scroll down a bit you’ll see easy ways to share it on Facebook and many other places!  These morons can not have a chance to move into the White House.

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. You seem like a really hateful, angry person…Do you really think that your hate will make the world a better place? You have a right to your voice, but why not try something positive with it?


    • Oh no, an insult. Typical of a lefty who accuses me of being the hateful one. You know what? I have every right to hate attacks on my rights and my Constitution, but those are two things you know nothing about.


    • Is it hate to point out the constitutional violations proposed by the Statist Party candidates? Apparently you think opposing the left and their policies is hate, a cheap rhetorical tool aimed to silence opposition.


  2. I love your new format. Slipping the needle to them in italics relieves the boredom of having to recap all the drivel they spewed out during the debate. Speaking of which, their babble sounds even worse in print than it does live.


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