Twitter Support Caught in Web of Deception!


Watch Twitter Support admit I’m censored (Shadowbanned) and have broken no rules!  Amazing e-mails from Twitter!  Twitter Support offers multiple explanations for why my tweets are not showing up to anyone, but not one of those reasons is that I have broken any rules.  They pretend to help and ignore me when I ask if I have broken any rules.

They tried to stall me, thinking they could treat me like an ignorant child who doesn’t know what is going on.  I gave them every opportunity to simply disengage the shadowban they put on me without having to admit that this is what they had done. Rather than save face, as I was allowing them to do, they tried to patronize me.  This only exposed their attempt to cover up their shadowbanning actions. They claimed that I might have problems with my settings or with Twitter addons or applications.  They don’t want to admit to shadowbanning people for political reasons, but they don’t want to lift the shadowban either, so this presents a dilemma when the shadowban is obvious.  This is especially true when they can’t point to a single rule someone has broken.  I have asked in several support tickets what I have done wrong.
On  September 19th when I realized I was shadowbanned, I began submitting two support tickets per day to Twitter asking them what was wrong with my account, because my tweets reached none of my followers.  I asked if there was anything I had done wrong or any rules I had broken, because I was in the dark and if I had to make corrective actions on my behavior, I needed to know what the poor behavior was.  I pleaded with them.  I explained that I wanted to work with them and follow all of their rules, but that I couldn’t determine what rule, if any, that I had broken.  I sent in perhaps a dozen support tickets. Not one was answered.

On October 2nd, I received an e-mail from Twitter informing me of upcoming changes to their TOS (Terms of Service) and to their Privacy Policy.  There was a link in the e-mail to the TOS.

Once I reached the TOS page, I actually read it.  Who does that?  I do. On the page is a note that says, “If you have any questions about these Terms, please contact us.”  Clicking the link on the word “us” brought up a completely different way for me to contact Twitter Support than through their normal Support Forms section.  It no longer does, they fixed that now.  However, I entered in a support ticket on the other site this took me too in the form provided.  I believe you can still get there by going to the normal Support Forms section and choosing to put in a support ticket regarding Privacy and choosing “I want to ask a question regarding privacy on Twitter.”

In the support form, I provided a brief description of my problem, that my tweets were invisible to my followers, etc.  I don’t have a copy of the exact text I entered into Twitter’s support form, because they don’t send you a copy of it and I never thought to keep it for posterity after a dozen other tickets went unanswered.  They finally answered this ticket and a short e-mail conversation back and forth ensued.

Twitter’s initial October 2nd Response was automated and actually gave me a case number. No other ticket I entered had done that. Case# 40680580: Privacy. I am leaving the case and reference number in the e-mails from Twitter for continuity, but cut out the rest of the header because it contains my Twitter login e-mail address.


Note: Their automated e-mail requires my reply.  I sent this reply.


On October 4th I received another e-mail from Twitter, which appeared to show interest in addressing my problem.  This is admission that I have a problem and am not being punished for breaking a rule.


Well, I know my account wasn’t compromised, but let’s play along.  Maybe this is Twitter’s way of releasing my shadowban without admitting it.  Get me to jump through a few unrelated hoops that someone who isn’t computer savvy might fall for, then let me out of jail, and wha-lah!  No one is the wiser!  So, I did as they told and responded immediately.


Twitter Support replied by trying to send me off to open a ticket like the other 12 I had already wasted my time submitting.


Since this was the only time I had the attention of anyone at Twitter, even if they were feeding me lines of bull with cookie cutter responses, I replied back.


Twitter responded with another idea to fix my problem.


I only have a couple third party applications that I use with Twitter, so I followed their instructions and disabled them.  Of course that didn’t help at all, so I replied.


Up to this point, the e-mail conversation had all taken place within a brief span of time on October 4th.  I didn’t receive a response for the rest of the day, so on October 5th, I resent this response with a few minor changes.


Twitter’s response:


On October 6th, I sent another appeal for help. I asked that my case be elevated to a supervisor or someone who could actually help.


Twitter gave me a resounding response.


So… What can we determine with certainty?  I am definitely shadowbanned.  I provide ironclad evidence here: Shadowbanned into Submission.  Twitter admits there is a problem and feigned help to solve the problem.  Twitter absolutely does not accuse me of breaking any rules.  They outright refuse to address that issue when I bring it up.  This is happening to millions of conservatives on Twitter and other social media outlets, such as Facebook.  This issue is getting no media attention at all.  Shadowbans are meant to go unnoticed.  The only issues that make headlines are outright account suspensions, because they are definitely noticeable.

Conservatives are being silenced during a Presidential campaign by liberals who run social media. This must be exposed by people with louder voices than I have.

Finally, you can now find me on Gab. Join me there.  Here are the details.

Twitter can’t shut people up! Get on #Gab!

UPDATE 16 October 2016 :

Twitter Support did not answer my final response back to them above, so I sent a couple more replies.  I quit pretending that I didn’t know I was shadowbanned.  I only kept up this pretense of ignorance to allow Twitter to remove their shadowban without having to admit to it.  I was giving them the chance to save face.  They failed to take me up on that implied offer. My next reply was on October 9th.


On October 16th, I decided to see if one more shot would do the trick.


Within seconds I received an automated response from Twitter Support.


This is where I started screaming words that are inappropriate for children to hear.  Did my two replies to Twitter Support after receiving their cookie cutter responses give any indication that I was happy and my problem was solved? Does Twitter hire their Support Staff from the Houston, Texas 911 Dispatch Office?


Ok, here we go again. I opened a new support ticket.  Of course they don’t send you a copy, so this time I copied the text.  Here is what I wrote.

My account is shadowbanned. It’s been a month. I’ve explained everything in case number 40680580, which was closed without addressing my issue. Please release my account from blocking all my tweets from reaching followers. This is unfair. I have been accused of breaking no rules in all of my communications with Twitter. Please fix my problem & allow me to use Twitter unfettered.  I believe this to be caused by some automated algorithm, but requires manual override. Please fix. Thank you.

I immediately received this automated response, which gave me the feeling of de ja vu.


So, since they require a reply for some reason, I complied.


Now I sit and wait.  I expect no less than another complete blow off from Twitter Support.  We shall see.


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  1. My shadow ban may be introducing a new form of GASLIGHTING. Suddenly about five days ago, all of my follows (not followers) got deleted. Over the next couple of days I added new follows and watched them dissolve before my very eyes, again and again. I opened tickets seeking help. The first one, like yours, was completely ignored. The second earned a reply that demanded PERSONAL information, including my telephone number, to prove my identity before they “unlock” my account. My account was never locked, just molested. I told them HELL NO. I keep the means of retaliation for my views out of the hands of libtard children who play mean. No phone number! I ask them if it is a precondition that I provide a telephone number in order to participate on Twitter. Crickets. Now many of my followers are unfollowing me because they see that I unfollowed them. Twitter is run by a bunch of control-freak, snide little leftist bastards. I just joined Gab and as soon as I get familiarized there, I’ll be looking for all of you to FOLLOW! Meantime, I hope Twitter burns.

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    • Yup! I see this happening to about 100 of my followers per day. No kidding. No exaggeration. I see them pop up as having unfollowed me using StatusBrew and they are suddenly following zero people. I think Twitter is doing it to EVERY account to force people to give a phone number.


  2. Reblogged this on sassysassyred and commented:
    Twitter hates me too. I have chunks missing in my notifications and don’t see what is being sent to me. Sometimes the only reason I know ot is there is because someone else responded to it and I am still tagged in. Very aggravating. You can find me on I am @sassysassyred

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  3. It all sounds pretty hopeless, and I think it’s time to explore new territory. As Debbie said, neither Twitter nor FB will change unless there is a serious revolt that is picked up by a reputable media outlet. I don’t see any of that happening anytime soon. I’m already in line for Gap and willing to look at alternatives. I’ll leave Twitter and FB to folks with less controversial opinions.

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  4. Twitter never “admitted” anything as you claim. They acknowledged your having some difficulty with your account and gave you some steps to solve the problem. Likely such requests pour into Twitter daily. If you truly did wish to correct your account problem, that will not happen since whining about it publicly as some sort of conspiracy will not make anyone on their team anxious to assist you. This is quite possibly just a glitch, on their end or yours, maybe both. If your evidence is “iron clad” (as you claim) that you have been singled out and “shadow banned” by conspirators at Twitter you should have no problem bringing a successful lawsuit against them. Time to walk the walk, or cut the talk.


    • You can’t sue a private company for banning you from their services. Obviously you didn’t check the iron clad evidence I provided. Go use the link I gave you to do a search on me, other people who are shadowbanned, and your own account. Be amazed by what you discover.


    • There is something scary going on since Obama was unwisely elected to ‘destoy’ our freedom. Oppressive govrnments control the Media and then it’s all over.

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  5. Wow.

    The problem with all this is that in the end, you are left with a lot of liberals on twitter that have sarcastic, circular, inconsistent arguments and a lot of alt- righters who are being overly defensive and pushy with their posts.

    I left twitter in the end it got exhausting. It was good for the EU ref but even though I want a Trump Presidency, being in the UK I’m not as invested in it as I was in the referendum, and I don’t want to argue it everyday.

    Might follow the butthurt on twitter on election day… LMAO!… Might not!

    Under a free market of ideas system obviously the liberals would take such a beating on twitter that the alt right would take over and the platform would be tolerable. This is essentially what twitter wants to avoid.

    My posts were flagged when I posted some things on elections, and, clearly as some sort of warning, I was locked out of my account for security reasons until I did certain things. Exclusively posts on elections got this behaviour like talking about Trumps polling figures. Tweets were shadowbanned when I was hard enough on liberals. The post ‘When I was a child, I thought as a child, I reasoned as a child, I acted like a child… I became a liberal so I never grew up’. That one was shadowbanned. I had the hashtag open and it didn’t show.

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    • Yeah, it’s deliberate on Twitter’s part. I have been silenced. They think it’s stealthy and no one can notice. Twitter is run by a bunch of children who are clueless idiots.


  6. I was fine till the bugs showed up and that grossed me out lol. What an analogy to use. Okay I feel your pain as I too am shadowed banned and I I did was say something against SJW and BLM. Last time I checked were allowed to voice our thoughts but just like on Facebook which also has blocked not only my posts and responding comments but all sites that are threading like the NY Post, and so many others my comments do not reach the masses. I can view them but no one else can and at the same time I posted a comment I watched as it was removed in a flash as was the other person I was speaking with had her comment removed. So Twitter and Facebook are blocking and not responding when told they are caught.

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  7. The apparent lack of basic reading comprehension and problem solving skills of so many people providing “support” always amazes me.

    I saw a mention about Twitter shadowbanning conservatives somewhere online during the past few days but forgot where, so I searched. Breitbart seems to be the only site that has a first-hand report.

    Also, if Gab shouldn’t work out, I found a couple of other Twitter alternatives to try.

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      • How does one keep posting when we are posting to ourselves literally? We can take screen shots of everything we post but again what good does it do? We need to pack up and cut our losses and move to a new site and hope the SJW, BLM, Feminazi stay the hell out of it. Twitter is not the only site doing this, Facebook and get this YouTube are also banning and even closing accounts if you say anything against any of the above hate groups. So post and chance closed accounts and or shadow banned or up and take your followers with you and hit them where it hurts..their faces!


    • Debbie I don’t think they are lacking in the necessary skills to perform their job I believe they are “trained” to handle said issues in this manner. For instance ever since Twitter brought in the biggest scam artist in the “gaming” business and reporting side “Anita Sarkeesian” the biggest SJW this world has ever had the displeasure of seeing, Twitter has fallen into the pit of SJW despair. Then when the masses found out Twitter hired her they tried to cover it up and say nope shes not a part of Twitter yet she is as a “Consultant”. So that turned the tables on everything Twitter once stood for. Its true this is affecting the upcoming election and it will end in one month but as I tell those that think the shadow bans will stop, It wont because there will be yet another issue that crosses the goals of SJW and BLM so there will always be shadow banning in Twitter and Facebook. Until more people exit Twitter and Facebook this will not change and “Freedom of Speech” will stay dead. Sorry for my rant but it is so damn frustrating to see the SJW/BLM and I know your feelings that “Liberals” are behind this when the truth be told they are also in our shoes if they do not tow the SJW/BLM lines so no one is safe. Now you can curse me for saying this but the biggest SJW threat we have now is Hillary and because she has a “Vagina” (Yes debatable I know) all Feminazi, SJW, BLM will vote her in and then we are royally fracked.

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      • Hey Lucy, thanks for the rant. Now here’s mine.

        I have seen an awful lot of incompetence in tech support in general, which has nothing to do with the customer’s political views. Instead of admitting that they don’t know the answer and referring you to someone who does, they will keep feeding you the same non-solutions, apparently hoping to wear you down to the point that you will just go away. I agree that there is more to this Twitter thing than bad training though, but they may be trying to use the same tactics to keep from acknowledging and dealing with the real issue, since people are accustomed to receiving that kind of poor service.

        I first observed the erosion of our freedoms a number of years ago. I have described it as a subtle change in the interpretation of the first amendment of our Constitution. While our freedoms OF religion, speech, the press, and assembly used to be protected, we now are understood to have freedom FROM the same. Instead of you being able to practice your religion in whatever way you wish, if I don’t subscribe to the same religion, I should be free from having to see or hear any reminders of it. Instead of you being able to speak or write whatever you wish, I should be free from having to hear or read what you have to say, if I don’t like it or agree with it. You can get together a group of people for a rally or protest, as long as you don’t gather where I can see or hear you, if I don’t happen to agree with you. I feel like the original intent of the Constitution has been turned on its head, and too few people have noticed or cared.

        Personally, I would happily leave both Twitter and Facebook behind. As for any mass exodus large enough for either of them to notice, that will be more difficult to accomplish. Too many people are either unaware of what is going on or too comfortable staying where they are. I honestly don’t know what it would take to get them upset and angry enough to move to a different platform. I hate to sound negative, but I am afraid that until something drastic happens that a large number of people will not tolerate, we can all leave, but the majority will continue using Twitter and Facebook, likely not knowing how much their thoughts are being shaped by the censoring.

        I agree with you about Hillary. Just as a certain segment of the population voted for Obama so we could have the first black president, they will most likely vote for Hillary, hoping to make history by electing the first woman president. I don’t know whatever happened to the idea of choosing the person best qualified for the job. I only hope the election is fair and honest and people use their heads when casting their ballots.

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