Twitter Suspends @A_M_Perez For Revealing Their Censorship!


Twitter permanently suspended my account, @A_M_Perez, for calling them out on censorship.  At first I couldn’t figure out why Twitter suspended my account.  They had no reason.  I had broken no Twitter rules.  I had not even been on Twitter much for a week.  I had been in no debates nor even spoken to any snowflake liberals.  Debating liberals and making them sad is the reason my account was shadowbanned so harshly that most of my 122,000 followers couldn’t see my tweets.

I finally figured out why Twitter suspended me after I tried appealing the suspension.  Apparently Jack Dorsey and the other children who work at Twitter, don’t like being called out on their censorship practices.  They constantly censor tweets and entire accounts with throttling, shadowbans and other techniques designed to keep others from seeing your tweets.  Their primary targets for censorship are conservatives.  Twitter’s answer to having their censorship practices exposed is to censor you more.

When Twitter suspends your account, you can still log onto it and see your own tweets and what other people are tweeting.  You just can’t respond.  Your followers are all gone, as well.  After my repeated attempts to appeal my account suspension, I figured out why Twitter suspended me, because they tipped their hand.  They are too cowardly to actually tell me why they suspended me, but after appealing my suspension, the idiots who work at Twitter deleted the tweets that made them so sad, which confirmed for me the reason they suspended me.  How stupid is that?  Even though my account is suspended and no one can see these offensive tweets, Twitter deleted them anyway.  Maybe they didn’t want me to screen grab them and post them in a blog post?  Too late Twitter.

A hashtag was trending called #AdviceForPeopleJoiningTwitter and I simply linked two of my articles about Twitter censoring my account to that hashtag.  Here is what the tweets looked like and a link to the articles, Shadowbanned into Submission and Twitter can’t Shut People Up! Get on #Gab!

Tweet 1


Why did Twitter delete these tweets?  Why did Twitter suspend me over these tweets?  According to Twitter, they suspended my account due to multiple or repeat violations of the Twitter rules.  Twitter Support Children must be too stupid to figure out whether it was multiple or repeat violations, because they were incapable of telling me.  They were also incapable of telling me which rule or rules I broke.  I have repeatedly asked Twitter Support multiple times what rules I was breaking, so that I could correct my abominable behavior.  I’ve asked them 100s of times.  They won’t tell me.  They can’t tell me. I haven’t broken any Twitter rules.  Twitter Support Children lie.

When I discovered that my account was suspended I submitted an appeal.  Every time you submit an appeal for an account suspension, you get the following reply.


I replied with the following:


Their response came two days later.


I submitted a new appeal.  Twitter does not send you a copy of your appeal ticket or anything you write to them, because they don’t like you having a record of it, so I cut and pasted my text to them before sending it.

4/29/17 To Twitter:
Hello. Can you please unsuspend my account. You told me that I had multiple or repeat violations of Twitter rules. I have no idea which rules. I have pleaded with your support literally hundreds of times, begging them to tell me what rules I must be breaking in order to have my account censored so much all the time.  I have never received an answer.  I can’t correct my behavior if I have no idea which rules I broke.  I don’t even know if it was multiple or repeated violations. You just said it was either multiple or repeat violations. Is there a rule I broke? Can you please, please please tell me, so I can do whatever it takes not to ever do it again?  And please unsuspend my account.  If I just know what I am doing wrong, I will never do it again.  Thank you very much!

Again, Twitter sent a request for a response by e-mail, so I responded.  I have been nothing but polite with Twitter Support Children, so far.


Three days later on May 2nd, 2017 the Twitter Support Children sent the same cookie cutter response.  Under no circumstance will they ever actually acknowledge you as a human being by being helpful or responsive in a personal manner.


The following day, I made another attempt to appeal my suspension.

5/4/2017 To Twitter:
Hello.  Can you please unsuspend my account now?  I received two messages from you saying that I either broke multiple Twitter rules or I broke one rule repeatedly. I don’t know which it is. I don’t think any rule was broken.  Rather than give me the same prefabricated response, can you please give me link to my tweet that broke a Twitter rule and explain which rule I broke?  I honestly want to correct things, but don’t know how.  If I knew what I did wrong, I would be able to avoid anything of the sort in the future.  Thank you.

Out came the cookie cutter, 3 days later.


My next appeal was much shorter.  Twitter’s response grew longer… by one word.

5/9/2017 To Twitter:
Can you please unsuspend my account now?


There is absolutely nothing you can do about Twitter suspending your account.  They have all the power and they are not afraid to wield it dishonestly and vindictively.  Jack Dorsey must abhor profit, because he is driving Twitter’s stock price into the ground.  I had the Tweet influence to generate millions of Tweet impressions every day, but I am conservative and support the Constitution.  I am also a Christian, which makes me even more intolerable to Twitter.  They will tell you that they have no problem with conservatives or Christians.  That’s true.  If they stay silent.  Debate in favor of your beliefs and Twitter will shut you up.  Being polite with the Children who work for Twitter Support got me nothing but a permanent suspension, so my next appeal was no longer polite.

5/11/2017 To Twitter:
Hello. You at Twitter Support are liars. I am calling you liars and you have no defense.  First you tell me that my account is suspended due to multiple OR repeat violations of your rules.  Apparently you have no idea which, because you can’t provide a single example of me breaking your rules. It seems very immature and unprofessional of Twitter Support.  Now you tell me that my account is suspended PERMANENTLY.  This is because you don’t like being called out on censorship, isn’t it? This has nothing to do with breaking a single rule. I have asked multiple and repeated times for you to give me an example, yet you can’t.  Shame on you. Shame on your lies about free expression. Shame on your cowardice to explain yourselves. Please restore my account now.

It isn’t difficult to be a Twitter Support employee.  It’s a fairly brain-dead job.  Thinking isn’t a requirement.  Cutting and pasting is all they do.  It’s all they are capable of doing.  Twitter hires from the bottom of the retard barrel to fill Twitter Support positions.  Oh no! I said “retard!” That can get you suspended on Twitter now. The retards at Twitter sent me the same response.


I made one final appeal to Twitter at the time I wrote this blog post.  The purpose wasn’t to appeal my suspension, so much as it was to send a message to the Twitter Support Children.

5/14/2017 To Twitter:
You have suspended my account for pointing out your censorship practices.  This is not against your rules.  You have lied by saying I broke your rules, which is why you can’t tell me which rule I broke. You deleted my tweets that you suspended me over, but not before I had screen shots of them, which I am making public. You revealed the truth about why you suspended me. Because you are so intolerant of speech you don’t like that you will censor it and your censorship gets heavier when anyone dares to reveal it.  I would have no reason to complain about your censorship practices if you weren’t guilty of censorship.  Your intolerance and bigotry will be your undoing.  I ask you again, please unsuspend my account.  All the way.  No more censorship.  If you don’t censor me, I won’t have anything negative to report about Twitter.  Do you see how that works?  I doubt you do. Your intolerance and bigotry blinds you.  Your actions are shameful.

I encourage everyone to share this with everyone you can.  The only way to stop the rampant censorship in social media is to expose them.  Please share on Twitter, Facebook, Gab, and anywhere else you can!

Thank you!



    • Do you even know what phobic means? I am not afraid of homos. I just know they are filthy, vile, sick sinners and I hope they someday see the error of their ways and find God. I want homos to get to Heaven. Why don’t you? Why do you hate homos?


  1. Sorry that you have been treated this way Anna Marie. Jack Dorsey and the juveniles at Twitter are doing the same thing the Antifa do, try to shut down all opposing points of view. They are all communists with a liberal mindset of self-importance. If Twitter stock keeps dropping in price, Jack will be gone like yesterday’s garbage (a perfect description of Jack). Keep on doing what you are doing! You are an important voice for conservatives everywhere!

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    • Thank you so much! Yeah, I don’t think there is any difference in mindset between those who run Twitter and the Antifa fascists. A fascist is a fascist.


  2. Ms. Perez, I feel you’re one of the most intelligent and well spoken people I know. I was so upset when I found you got suspended, especially since you’re not abusive that I recall. I had gotten your kindle download when it first came out, recently bought the paperback. I agree with other responses, you’re too valuable to not be heard. I’d try to open a new account, maybe use a vpn. I’m also on Gab, though it seems like you’re preaching to the masses. Whatever works for you, remember you have many many followers that don’t forget who you are and what you do.

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  3. Absolutely disgusted with the true fascists censoring free thought. In their world the first amendment and free speech only extend to speech they agree with. I’m sure you’ll make a big impact wherever you present yourself. Keep fighting the good fight my sister!

    Fondest regards,


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  4. Absolutely disgusted with the true fascists censoring free thought. In their world the first amendment and free speech only extend to speech they agree with. I’m sure you’ll make a big impact wherever you present yourself. Keep fighting the good fight my sister!

    Fondest regards,


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  5. Absolutely disgusted with the true fascists censoring feeds thought. In their world the first amendment and free speech only extend to speech they agree with. I’m sure you’ll make a big impact wherever you present yourself. Keep fighting the good fight my sister!

    Fondest regards,


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  6. Sorry but gab is no different. I was suspended for no reason I could think of. Never even got a notification from gab. I emailed them three times asking why and received no response. Several of my friends were also suspended and they were pro. Paid $ and rec’d no explanation and no refund. So gab, which proclaims to be free of censorship, is no different from twitter.

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  7. This is shameful, but by all means open up another account. The Twitter Nazis are not that smart. A friend of mine was suspended last October – she opened up another account in January and it’s been doing fine ever since, although it took her followers awhile to catch up to her. Anna you’re voice is just too valuable to lose, and at least for now, GAB doesn’t have a big enough megaphone. Please just think about it.

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    • I just started an account called @AnnaCensored. Please follow and I’ll follow back. I doubt the account will last. I have only made one tweet. It’s one I want to go viral.

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    • No worries Anna Marie we are still following you. This will all come in the wash on the field of battle before long and there will be long sorrowful regrets.

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      • Thanks! It came at a time when I was very short on spare time anyway. Strange, really. I wasn’t on Twitter much at all for a week when I was suddenly suspended. I figured out that it was because I tweeted about their censorship. So they censored me more.

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  8. You’ve done all you can do, A_M, with people who have a coward’s agenda. I’ll be watching for you in other venues. If only honest people populated Silicon Valley…


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    • Thank you so much! Yes, we have nothing but a bunch of beta-retards in Silicon Valley. They have no idea how to actually act human. They have been raised to think they can throw a fit and everyone else has to shut up.

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  9. Anna,

    I am saddened by your experience with Twitter. I have enjoyed your tweets. I have learned much, laughed a lot and have found myself clapping.

    Will you attempt to get another Twitter account?

    I feel as if an old friend has gone away. Who are your friends on Twitter? I want to follow them and discuss what happened to you.

    Do you know of others who have had the same experience? Twitter allows disgusting porn and threatening liberal hate speech. You are a threat. “They” don’t want you to expose and educate. I will miss your humorous blocks! You are an amazing lady!

    Always a fan!



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    • Thank you very much! I am not sure if I will create another Twitter account, because Twitter will most likely just suspend it. I am on Gab, though.
      One of my oldest friends on Twitter is @_CFJ_. There are so many others that it would take all day to start listing them and I wouldn’t want to leave any out! hehe

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