Trump Trumped Obama!


Left wing media said this couldn’t happen.  Obama made it easy.  Trump is keeping his word.  Liberals are throwing tantrums in their safe spaces.  They don’t matter.  President Trump has been in the Oval Office for less than a week and I’m already very pleasantly surprised with his service so far!  More than that, I’m impressed.

I made it very clear during the Republican Primaries and the General Election that I never endorsed Donald Trump.  I made no endorsement in the Primary and I voted against Hillary in the General Election, so obviously my only choice was voting for Trump.  Anyone was better than that treasonous crone.  There were only two viable candidates in the General Election, so of course I didn’t waste my vote on one of the third party nobodies.  Hillary Clinton knew that it took a Ross Perot to get a Clinton into the White House and she was counting on the Perot effect this time.  Debating the Perot effect among others on the right or in the Republican Party is over for this quadrennial event.

As Trump campaigned, I pointed out areas where he lacked Constitutional knowledge and I found it very hard to ignore some of his past.  I was fair though, and also defended him when he was right.  The way he throttled the media, starting with countering Megyn Kelly’s attack in the debate, was thrilling!  As the campaign neared Election Day, he was doing better and better and I wondered if he had some people advising him on Constitutional matters.  I hoped so.  I realized that if so, he was putting real effort into learning to be more conservative.

I was seeing a man whose heart seemed to be in the right place, but probably had spent a lot more time running a large business his entire life than he had trying to figure out what drives conservatism.  Over time, I think liberal policies kept beating on him until they were undeniable and he finally got ticked off at the sheer pressure they were putting on him, his business, and America.  I believe Trump to be a true American Patriot and never doubted that.

Trump hit the campaign running.  He made campaign promises that seemed outrageous to the left and unreachable to the right.  We’ve heard all this before;  building a wall, deporting illegals, stopping terrorists from entering our country, cutting back big government, cutting federal spending, and draining the swamp!  The media constantly told us that these were impossible goals, racist ideas, and Congress wouldn’t go along with it.  The leftist media constantly attacked Trump with everything they had, but their attacks bounced off like BBs hitting a battleship.  The left thought it was working, but nothing they threw at him would stick.  When they tried to embarrass him over something he said, a liberal tactic to destroy the opposition, he would double down, which just neutralized their attacks and made the media look petulant.

Now in only three working days as President, Trump has done more than even his most stalwart supporters thought he could accomplish this fast.  It has taken 3 days to do what anyone else would have taken 30 days, if had the spine to try.  His first 10 days will likely match the pace of Obama’s first 100 days. Unlike Obama, he has not been attacking America to fundamentally change her founding principles.  Establishment Republicans are well known for campaigning on conservatism, then getting into office and merely slowing our steady march to the left.  Trump slammed on the brakes and reversed our course. We are on a definitive march back toward the right, toward a Constitutional grounding.  For the first time since Ronald Reagan, the left wing is in our rear view mirror!

President Trump has already issued several Executive Orders and without violating the Constitution by doing so, as Obama did by legislating and bypassing laws.  The President of the United States is the Chief Executive.  His Constitutional role is to execute law, not legislate it or ignore it.  Many people compare the numbers of Executive Orders given by past Presidents to justify the Executive Orders they like.  It’s not the number that matters, it’s the content.  An Executive Order can only direct the chain of command in the Executive Branch.  Trump’s Executive Orders have started off by hitting a giant Delete Button on Obama’s illegal ones.

Immediately our plan to enter the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal was struck down.  The Senate never consented to it the first time, but now they won’t have another chance.  It’s off the negotiating table.  Next Trump cut off funding to international groups that perform abortions.  He put life and the American taxpayer ahead of liberal infanticide policies.  Then he revived the Keystone and Dakota pipelines, not by mandating they get built, but by making them possible again by undoing Obama’s order to stop them.  To really rub salt into liberal wounds, he required the pipes to be made in America with American steel!  I couldn’t stop laughing while watching liberal journalists report this.

Trump put a hiring freeze on non-national-defense related federal workers, something within the power of the President, since Congress put most federal agencies, unconstitutional as they are, under the authority of the Executive Branch.  After that, he did what everyone said he couldn’t and signed an Executive Order to fulfill his largest campaign promise, to build the wall!  Trump didn’t need Congress.  Congress passed the Secure Fence Act in 2006, signed by President George W. Bush.  Obama and the Democrat Party in Congress have been ignoring and defunding that law ever since. President Trump just Trumped Obama by following the law.  The media didn’t realize it could be so easy.  They never actually saw this coming.  Trump estimated that planning will start immediately and building the wall will begin as soon as a month from now!

Now the left says that Trump can’t get Mexico to pay for the wall.  They keep telling Trump what he can’t do and he just keeps doing it anyway.  What will they say if Trump puts up toll booths at the border?

I’ve never had so much fun watching liberal heads explode!  This has been an incredible week!  Say anything you like about Trump, but unlike any other politicians he is keeping his promises and without wasting any time!  “Make America Great Again” isn’t just a slogan this week!  America has boarded the Trump Train and is on an unstoppable course correction as it plows through one liberal road block after another!  Next collision: Muslim “Refugees!”


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  2. Everything you said is true, but he is getting a bigger, more organized blowback on his immigration pause than he has on anything else up till now. I’m looking at international anarchy, and I wonder where we’re heading. I do think Trump is bullet proof and no protest, no matter how wide spread or violent, is going to divert him from his stated goals. At least I hope not. He is our last, best, chance to change the destructive direction this country is headed in.

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  3. I too supported Cruz thinking the same as you regarding his (Trump) understanding of constitutional principles. But now it is clear that DJT was serious about everything he said he would do . His bravado and patriotism are turning out to be welcome hallmarks of his administration. But my favorite aspect to witness thru week 1 has been the constant correction of the media, calling out each transgression and defending their own record during press conferences. This is something Bush II rarely, if ever, did and I consider it his administrations’ worst error in judgement. Trump and Spicer will have me recording these events for their pure entertainment value. For this alone, I say”Bravo, and well done”.

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  4. I didn’t support Trump either, but voted for him in the general election to keep Hillary from winning. I think he has been surrounding himself with some great people and will get better as time goes on. It is becoming apparent that, whatever his shortcomings, he wants what is best for our nation and knows how to get the job done.

    I fully expect the attacks from the left to continue throughout his term, but as long as he continues doing what he is doing, they are as irrelevant as two-year-olds throwing temper tantrums. I am looking forward to a great four—hopefully eight—years!

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  5. As a former Cruz supporter (still am, to be honest) I agree completely with your well-crafted comments here. I didn’t support Trump at all, and I’m also pleasantly surprised at the first 10 days. Not particularly because it annoys the Democrats (they’re fairly irrelevant at this time), but mostly because it shows Republicans that some things that they thought were third-rail items not to be touched, CAN not only be touched but obliterated… Plus, I’m hoping it also emboldens new Republican electees to “do what’s right” even if it means having Democrats be mean to them and not invite them to cocktail parties. This article is professional grade political writing, and I’m hoping to see more of it in the future.

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    • Thank you very much! I agree with you whole heartedly, as well! I sure hope Republicans learn from this. They don’t have to be democrat lite. There is no reason to get along. Compromising only goes one way: Left of the Constitution.

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