Muslim Shoots Philly Cop! Media Confused..


While Obama continues to import more muslim terrorists into the United States, calling them peaceful widows and orphans, Islam continues to refute him by revealing itself for what it is.

Philadelphia police officer, Jesse Hartnett was on routine patrol in his squad car, when out of nowhere, Jihad reared its head in the form of a typical, angry muslim. The muslim, by the name of Edward Archer, ran up to the cop car shooting at the car with a 9mm Glock that was stolen from another police officer’s home in 2013. He reached into the driver’s side window and shot Officer Hartnett at point blank range. Three of the bullets went into Officer Hartnett’s arm. He was wearing a bullet proof vest, so wasn’t otherwise hurt.

Officer Hartnett, with a dangling left arm, immediately jumped out of the car and pursued Archer and returned fire, hitting him. Archer’s bullet wound is the reason he was caught. Considering Hartnett’s condition and being caught by surprise, his actions should bring him commendation as a hero.

Once in custody, the muslim, Edward Archer admitted to the shooting and said, “I follow Allah. I pledge my allegiance to the Islamic State, and that’s why I did what I did.” The Islamic State is ISIS, the Islamic terrorist organization that Obama claims has nothing to do with Islam. The liberal talking heads on various news outlets were claiming that Archer was not a member of any actual group. Yes, actually he is. The group is called Islam. Islam is Islam. Islam’s main goal is to convert everyone else to Islam or kill them. It’s a world wide caliphate. Jihad is the core principle of Islam for meeting this goal. All muslims participate in Jihad. It comes in three stages. 1: stealth, 2: defensive, and 3: offensive, depending on the muslim population in the area.

We recognize stealth Jihad as “Islam, the Religion of Peace.” These are the muslims who are friendly and tolerant. They have to be when they are greatly outnumbered. This is how the koran instructs them to gain acceptance by society. Defensive Jihad is when they start becoming offended by everything, such as the muslims in Switzerland who are now demanding the cross be removed from the Swiss flag. Next comes offensive Jihad. This is when muslims start killing everyone. Obama calls this “workplace violence” and blames America and guns.

In America, the muslim population is so low that they have been in Stealth jihad for the most part, but a weak Obama administration and a media who makes excuses for Islam has made it politically incorrect to insult Islam. Muslims don’t have to be as stealthy when we wear blinders, so offensive jihad crops up in random attacks, such as Archer shooting Officer Hartnett and the San Bernardino shooting. We are making stealth Jihad unnecessary with political correctness. They normally can’t start killing people when they are vastly outnumbered, because a smart society would quickly put them down. In our case, the more violent muslims become, the more America blames itself and invites in more muslims. Islam has never had it this easy.

If you have friends who are muslims, they are liars. They might be your friends, but you certainly aren’t theirs. They are conducting phase 1 Jihad. Their friendship and peaceful nature is a lie called Taqiyya and is instructed by the koran. Their job is to gain your acceptance, so you are open to accepting more muslims into your community.

So far, there have been statements made by at least two Philadelphia City officials. Police Commissioner Richard Ross called the attack an attempted assassination and said that Officer Hartnett’s survival was absolutely amazing and nothing short of miraculous.

Jim Kenney, the newly elected democrat Mayor of Philadelphia described Archer’s attack as abhorrent and terrible, saying that it had nothing to do with the teachings of Islam. “This is a criminal with a stolen gun who tried to kill one of our officers,” he said. “It has nothing to do with being a Muslim or following the Islamic faith.” What?

People of Philadelphia, one of your finest has just been attacked and shot by a savage muslim in an admitted act of Jihad and your mayor’s first reaction is to defend Islam! What does Jim Kenney know about the teachings of Islam? You need to recall this piece of garbage you elected as a mayor. What city should your mayor be loyal to, Philadelphia or Mecca? Shame on Mayor Jim Kenney and shame on Philadelphia if you don’t fire this meathead. Democrats can’t run to a microphone fast enough to make excuses for Islam, every single time a muslim commits violence.

The media is tripping over itself trying to explain away the Islamic connection from a muslim shooting a cop and admitting it’s jihad.  They are discussing topics like, “how muslim is he?”  They are claiming that he might have a head injury from high school football, so the voices in his head made him shoot the cop.  If he didn’t shoot Hartnett because he’s muslim, then that maybe he did it for Black Lives Matter, as they are running around killing cops too. No, Black Lives Matter wasn’t behind the shooting this time. The media is looking for any excuse, but the obvious. He’s a muslim! He did exactly as the koran instructs. That’s it! The muslim heathen said it himself!

Fellow Patriots, I urge you to arm yourself.  We are going to see a lot more Islamic violence before it ever gets better.  This is still the beginning.  You need to protect yourself and your family.  You may be in an unfortunate situation where you are the only hope for people you don’t even know.  Buy guns, learn to use them safely.  Take self defense courses and practice.  The upside is that it will be fun!

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. Obama, the progressive left, and the media have never understood: It doesn’t matter whether a terrorist has been instructed by ISIS or Al Quada, whether he has been trained by them, read their literature, frequented their websites, attended radical mosques or madrasses. It doesn’t matter if he’s “homegrown”, a refugee, a legal or illegal immigrant. It doesn’t matter if he’s been radicalized or self radicalized. This is ONE movement. They are ALL out to convert or kill us.

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