Do #BlackLivesMatter?


The most deadly predator of black people is black women.  If not for the genocidal rampage that black women have been on for the last four decades, the black population in the United States would be around 18% of the total population rather than 12.6%.  Black women have caught up with Hitler in a holocaust of their own.  Hitler killed 6 million Jews with the might of a massive army behind him.  Without a single tank, canon, gun, or plane, American black women have successfully rid the planet of 6 million black people since 1973.  Black women must really hate black people.

How do black women kill so many?  Abortion.  1,876 black babies have their lives snuffed out each day in the U.S.  At only 12.6% of the population, blacks are responsible for 34% of the total abortions.  Per capita, blacks are by far the leading race when it comes to murdering babies.  Margarette Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, hated all babies.  She said that she believed no more babies should be born.  She was particularly hateful of blacks and in a letter about regarding her “Negro Project” she wrote, “We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”  She felt that blacks were stupid and superstitious and that the best way to talk them into aborting their babies was to get black doctors and ministers on her side to do the convincing.  It worked.  To this day, black women abort their babies at alarming rates.

Second only to black women when it comes to murdering black people, are black men.  They are in a distant second place, because it’s not easy to catch up when first place is 6 million.  According to FBI Murder Statistics, 2,491 blacks were murdered in 2013.  This is without counting the 684,740 aborted black babies.  Of the 2,491 blacks who were murdered, 2,245 were at the hands of blacks.  Roughly 2000 of the murderers were black men.  Whites, who are constantly being accused of being racist against blacks and who vastly outnumber them, killed a whopping 189.

The #BlackLivesMatter crowd isn’t concerned with black on black crime.  They seem to be perfectly okay with that.  They only become alarmed in the ultra rare instances when someone who is not black kills a black person.  What really gets them upset is if a police officer is somehow involved with the death of a black person.  The reason is never of any interest to them.  It also doesn’t matter that twice as many whites are killed by cops as blacks.

The #BlackLivesMatter movement started when George Zimmerman, during a neighborhood watch shift, shot and killed Trayvon Martin.  Zimmerman was on neighborhood watch duty when he caught sight of Martin in his neighborhood.  Thinking that he appeared suspicious, Zimmerman called 911.  Martin noticed Zimmerman following him and didn’t like that very much, so his first reaction was to attack Zimmerman and start pounding his head into the pavement.  Luckily Zimmerman was able to reach his concealed pistol and put a stop to Martin’s attack with a single shot.  Curiously the burglaries in the neighborhood ceased with the death of Trayvon Martin.  Some stolen goods were allegedly found in his book bag.  The #BlackLivesMatter movement was born, because facts don’t matter to racists like Al Sharpton, Eric Holder, and Barack Hussein Obama, who pounced on the chance to create a racial divide.  It’s always easiest to blame white people, so the media quickly labeled George Zimmerman as a White Hispanic.

In Ferguson, Missouri, Gentle Giant Mike Brown exited the liquor store where he just completed a successful strong arm robbery.  He wanted some cigars really bad, so he grabbed the owner and shook him until he got the message.  Loot in hand, Brown figured it would be wise to jaywalk in front of a police car.  He was a brilliant scholar after all, headed to college soon!  When Officer Wilson directed him to move out of the street, Brown rushed him in a fit of rage and started pounding the pulp out of Officer Wilson.  It was all Wilson could do to grab his gun as Brown tried taking it from him.  The guy with his finger on the trigger wins, so Brown came crashing down with six fresh holes in him.

Now the #BlackLivesMatter crowd were growing, so they wasted no time in burning down their town and looting everything but work boots from the stores.  Eric Holder and the Obama Administration again wasted no time in stoking that fire.  A slogan appeared and spread like wildfire, even though it was based on a lie.  Hands up, don’t shoot!  Millions of dollars were made in t-shirt sales!  The only problem was that Mike Brown never put his hands up and never said, “don’t shoot.”

The next black man to die at the hands of a cop and garner national attention was Eric Garner, in New York.  He was selling loosies, single cigarettes. The owner of the store property he was standing on was getting tired of him running his shady business there, so he called the cops.  Garner had a lengthy police record, but all were mostly minor crimes.  Selling loosies probably wouldn’t have been such a problem if he would have stayed off of the property he was on.  Generally, no one thinks that Eric Garner was really that bad of a guy.  When the police did arrive though, he allegedly resisted arrest, at least enough to require physical restraint.  During this restraint Garner was suffocated.  It was most certainly not intentional to kill him and his death has been attributed to either a preexisting medical condition or misapplied restraint techniques.  It could have been both.  It didn’t matter to the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.  To them it was cold blooded murder, so the #ICantBreathe hashtag was born.  They love their slogans.  Anything that doesn’t take a lot of wit to remember and can be chanted in groups is acceptable for the creation of slogans for leftist and racist groups.

Finally, when Freddie Gray, yet another repeat offender, was arrested in Baltimore, Maryland, he was thrown in the back of the paddy wagon.  People have been thrown in the back of motorized paddy wagons for a hundred years.  This time was different though.  This time the passenger wouldn’t live to tell the tale.  A week after his ride, while still in custody, he died from spinal injury allegedly sustained during transportation in the paddy wagon.  A fellow passenger who was separated from Gray by a partition, claimed he could hear Gray pounding his head into the door.  He later recanted when the #BlackLivesMatter crowd made it clear that his life didn’t matter if he didn’t shut up.  The autopsy confirmed that Gray had sustained injuries consistent with banging his head into the door handle.  Now 6 police, some black themselves, are charged with the murder of Freddy Gray, because thug #BlackLivesMatter more than the truth matters.

With the blessing of Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the blacks in Baltimore burned down their neighborhood and looted all of the stores of everything but work boots.  Baltimore has had 185 murders in 2015, 42 in the month of May following the Freddy Gray incident and 45 in July.  None of those #BlackLivesMatter, apparently.

So, do #BlackLivesMatter?  Well, I think they do.  I think all lives matter.  Saying that really makes the #BlackLivesMatter crowd angry though.  To them #OnlyBlackLivesMatter, but not all black lives.  Only the very few black lives that are taken by non-blacks or cops matter.  If they really believed that #BlackLivesMatter, they would be address the issues that cause the most deaths of blacks.  They won’t.  Bill Cosby did, but the media silenced him for good.  For these racists, #BlackLivesDontMatter.  #RaceBaitingMatters.


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  1. I wish someone would remind black lives matter that most of the welfare, housing, food stamp benefits they receive are from white taxpayers.


  2. Great article but some of the facts are not true. I researched almost every detail of this article and I found a lot of false information.


    • Thanks and yes, all of the facts are true. That’s why they’re facts. 😄 I think most people are going to need a little more credible evidence than, “It’s all wrong! I did research! Rawr!” It’s actually all very accurate. Every number and every statistic. I even provided a link to the FBI in case you wanted to confirm it.


      • Nothing I said is false. Why should I use a “source” if I don’t need one? What makes the “source” more believable? I find it hysterical that adding a link to something automatically legitimized it in people’s minds. The left loves how that psychology works. That’s why they love peer reviewing everything. Just saying it’s peer reviewed makes anything they want appear as a fact. Global warming is peer reviewed… by all the right peers to say what they want it to say. I write about what I know. I give credit where it is deserved, but usually don’t need any assistance. If I need to research something, then I shouldn’t be the one writing about it.


    • Flat Out Lies should be the name of this web site. You can always tell when White Trash are writing articles because they display their hatred for Blacks. But behind closed doors they are sleeping with Blacks every chance they get. Speaking of Black females, they would have a chance if the white trash wasn’t trying to screw every new rich Black Athlete (football, baseball, etc.) The population of Blacks would be more if it wasn’t for the hatred and killing of Black Males by Law Enforcement and the illegal now Court System. The writer left out the statistics of how many Black (male & female) are killed by corrupt Law Enforcement-KKK.


  3. BLM has given a new lease on life to the grievance industry. It’s become both a business and a weapon of the left. It’s unfortunate that the black community seems incapable of breaking out of this violent stereotype you mentioned. They need a new charismatic leader who has their best interests at heart. Time to retire race baiters like Rev Al and Rev Jesse.

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  4. Can you put together statistics of murder and abortion by metro area? We live in “non Chicago and collar county” Illinois and Chicago uses statistical “sleight of hand” to obviscousate inner city murder and other violent crime statistics. We often (minus Chicago) what Illinois true crime rates are. Might be enough to “spin off” Chicagoland into its own entity (like D.C.) and return sanity to Illinois.


  5. George Soros (among others)is behind the Black Lives Matter movement. I bet some of the people outside the inner circle don’t realize the guy behind the screen is an old white crummudgeon hell bent on the destruction of the United States.He’s also behind and probably a zillion other satellite groups. Look up good old George.There’s plenty of info on this really creepy guy.

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    • If anyone alive today represents the perennial hated, bile, and EVIL of the WW II NAZI PARTY, It’s George! He or someone like him “killed” Anne Frank! He should be stripped of his wealth, tried for war crimes, and executed. Crimes aren’t alleged, he freely admits. thing is 14 yes old is not an excuse. In those days that was a man (a young man to be sure) but a man. No guilt or remorse against harming his own Jewish people should tell those “Goium” amongst his supporters “your next”!


  6. Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake gave the thugs ‘space to destroy.’ How’s that for ‘leadership?’

    Most incredible to me is the mass level of ignorance across the board. The way the world is calling good evil and evil good.

    But thank God for informed and educated people like you, Anna, who speaks the truth on current events and the many constitutional threats we face today.


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