Muslim Slashes Ohio State Students – Left Blames Guns!


A muslim ran a car into a crowd of people at Ohio State University then jumped out and started slashing people with a butcher knife.  A campus police officer shot Abdul Razak Ali Artan dead, ending his stabbing spree.  11 or 12 people were injured, depending on the report.  That’s it.  That’s what happened.  But Democrats and the liberal media aren’t happy with the simple truth being reported, so immediately started spinning the story to push their anti-gun agenda.

Without wasting a beat, Ohio State University reported the incident as an “active shooter” event.  This term is meant to sound more scary, because inactive shooters aren’t very scary. Ohio State President Michael Drake said, “We prepare for situations like this, but always hope never to have one.”  Well, apparently not.  The students who were plowed over by a car and hacked up with a butcher knife didn’t get the memo on the preparations. The only one who was prepared was the police officer who shot Abdul.  Luckily, Officer Harujko was nearby, because Ohio State is a “Gun Free Zone,” meaning the students were ill prepared to defend themselves.  The only thing Michael Drake was prepared for was to lie about an active shooter.

Senator, failed Democratic Vice Presidential nominee and former Virginia Governor, Timmy Kaine made a statement on Twitter.  He said, “Deeply saddened by the senseless act of gun violence at Ohio State this morning.  Praying for the injured and the entire Buckeye community.”  Really Timmy?  You’re so deeply saddened that you forgot to find out what happened or are you just lying?  The only gun violence was sensible gun violence.  A cop shot a violent muslim dead.  The world is is slightly better off now that there is one fewer muslim running around slashing people.

Click the tweet and leave Timmy a reply!

After reporting an active shooter, Ohio State’s emergency management tweeted, “Run Hide Fight.”  That’s the advice from such a prepared school when facing a shooter.  Well, in their defense, running, hiding, and fighting might work better against a fake shooter than a real one.

It is important to always remember that with every breaking story, somehow, some way, you are being lied to.  Wait for the facts to come out and be actively engaged in looking for them, because once the facts do come out, if they go against the liberal narrative, the media stops reporting and moves on to a different topic.  

Everyone should be thankful to Officer Alan Harujko for his bravery.  He is a hero for taking out the trash!

Islam is evil.  This wasn’t an act of radical islam.  This is plain old islam.  Jihad is the primary goal of islam and what the koran instructs of all muslims. Being peaceful is radical for muslims and is only part of a ruse to garner acceptance.  Never trust muslims. Always exercise your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, so you can defend yourself.  Whether you open carry or conceal your weapon, carry one.  Make target shooting and firearm training a part of your family tradition! Be safe!


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  1. Guns used defensively save at least two million lives annually. How many lives can islam claim it has saved?
    Strong measures, wartime measures, must be taken to protect this country from those muslims that wish to annihilate us and our way of life.

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  2. A perfect example of knee jerk liberal gun obsession. Now they don’t even need a gun before they launch into their anti-gun hysteria. Anybody who thought Tim Kaine was some kind of moderate will have to re-assess their opinion. He’s just another Anti 2A puppet.

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  3. A perfect example of knee jerk liberal gun control obsession. Now they don’t even need a gun. Anybody who thought Tim Kaine was a moderate will have to change their opinion. He’s just another anti-gun puppet. And to think he might have been our VP.

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