Open Letter to Andy Parker, father of Alison Parker.


Mr. Parker,

I sympathize with you and your family’s tragic loss, as I do for the family of Adam Ward.  Vicki Gardner is also in my prayers and I hope that she recovers quickly and well.

That said, I would kindly like to ask you to get off of my back!  Your new found crusade to attack me, other Virginians, and Americans who had nothing to do with the evil actions of Vester Flanagan, is uncalled for and driven by unchecked emotion and ignorance.  I am sick and tired of you leftists who hate liberty using every tragedy as a soap box to stand on to attack the freedoms that our founding fathers have secured for us and that our men and women in uniform have protected for over two centuries.  You liberals always want to take advantage of every shocking event to catch the public off guard in a moment of despair, so that we will willingly relinquish more of our freedom in the false hope that it will be replaced with more security.

I challenge you sir: how do you expect me to be safer if we pass any new gun control law?  Name one gun control law that will leave the liberty of all free Americans intact while somehow disarming the people who are willing to ignore law to commit murder?  If you can’t answer this question, then you have no business harassing Virginians or other Americans with your impotent agitation.  I have the RIGHT to keep and bear arms and that right shall not be infringed, by you or anyone else.

Why do you think that violating my 2nd, 4th, and 5th Amendment Rights will do anything to prevent a single crime?  We are already forced to undergo unconstitutional background checks.  Vester Flanagan passed one of your statist checks.  Obviously they don’t work.  They force us to incriminate ourselves against our 5th Amendment rights.  They allow an unwarranted search of our past, violating our 4th Amendment rights.  The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say, “Shall not be infringed UNLESS…”  There is absolutely nothing that can be searched for, which can be used to infringe on our right to keep and bear arms, so why do the check in the first place?  If there is something so horrible in our past that should prevent us from owning a gun, then it should also prevent us from getting out of prison in the first place.  You cannot convict me or anyone else for a crime we did not yet commit.  If you can’t keep a truly violent person behind bars after they have committed a crime, then there is a problem with the system.  Address that problem if you like, because it is a real issue.  Leave free Americans alone.

I don’t know what kind of new gun control laws you seek, but it doesn’t matter.  You statists will always take every step you can on your never ending march to push us to the left, but this time you won’t get to take that step.  You have been all over the media, primarily MSNBC, cackling about how it’s time for reasonable gun control.  Using adjectives like reasonable to advance a false premise no longer works.  We the People are sick and tired of reasonable violations of our rights and principles as Americans.  The talking heads on MSNBC are wringing their hands, giddy with excitement and glee over the fuel you are providing them to put freedom under a torch.  It’s a sick thing to see in America, especially in Virginia.  I am a Virginian, sir.  Virginia is where the Revolutionary War was won!  We are not going to bow down to your proposed boot of tyranny on our throats.

Virginia has a fantastic history of throwing gun control bills out while still in committee before they are even brought to a vote by the full Senate or House of Delegates.  Thankfully, your admittedly tragic situation will lose all of its shock value by the time the Virginia General Assembly begins the 2016 session.  You aren’t going to be able to ride a wave of emotion over the better judgement of the Virginian people to ambush our rights with a sneak attack.  Cooler heads by that time will prevail over your hot headed ranting.

Your daughter’s situation was absolutely horrible and there is little she could have done to protect herself under a surprise attack by a crazy person.  However, had Adam or Vicki been armed, they could have possibly done something before Vester’s attention turned to them.  It is indisputable that they would have had a better chance to mitigate at least some of the damage had they been armed.  We have now witnessed on live TV how easy it is for a bad guy with a gun to go unchallenged when firing upon a group of unarmed innocent people. Nothing that you propose would stop the bad guy from having a gun. You only make it harder for the good guys to defend themselves.

Year after year the FBI continues reporting increased gun sales and decreased crime, especially gun related crime.  In the U.S. in 2013 around 20 million guns were sold and murder fell by 6%.  Burglary fell by 14%.  Assault fell by 1.6%.  Over the course of a decade we’ve seen fantastic numbers like this reported by the FBI, yet you people on the left continue your drum beat against guns!  All statistics show the same results and even more so in Virginia.  If you, Mr. Parker, want to do something to actually bring about a positive change, then why don’t you direct your energy toward something that will actually do some good?  Why don’t you fight to make punishments fit the crime? Instead of letting the most violent criminals out of prison early, why don’t you fight to have them kept there.  There will be plenty of room for them in prison if we stop filling our prisons with people who commit victimless crimes.  Lock up the truly violent among us and throw away the key.  Those who are free, even the felons, would be able to enjoy all of the rights that the Constitution protects and the truly evil among us will be behind bars where they can do no more harm.

Unfortunately, locking up the truly violent criminals for good doesn’t fit your liberal agenda.  You on the left need those violent criminals out, so that they can commit more crimes that can be used as emotional catalysts to attack our freedoms again and again.  As the left likes to say, “never let a crisis go to waste.”

I completely understand that you are suffering a heartbreaking misfortune right now.  I know that it has your emotions running high. However, your feelings do not and will never trump my God given, constitutional rights!  Stop blaming innocent people and inanimate objects for the evil actions of an extremely finite number of monsters.  Stop looking to government to violate the constitution in order to appease your misplaced desires.  You are spitting in the face of those of us who would have been most willing to reach out and comfort you. Instead, you are joining the chorus of a bunch of leftists who couldn’t care less about you or your daughter, but merely exploit you as another convenient tool in their effort to take down freedom.  Vester Flanagan is the intended result of the rabid vitriol of the leftists you are siding with.  You need to step back and examine the facts without an emotional bias and get off my back!

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  2. I’m a cousin of Alison Parker, and I am personally going to make sure that my uncle doesn’t see your piece of shit blog post. It’s so great how I have the power to slide my phone across the kitchen table to him, I could make you feel validated by letting him see your words. Instead I’m going to think about my cousin. I’m going to think about her laugh, her accomplishments, her strength, her perseverance. I’m going to think about all the things that she will never experience, the life she never got to live. “Your liberty to swing your fist ends just where my nose begins”. You’d better believe that your fist just hit my family’s face and I will gladly stop at nothing to help my uncle fight these backwards policies. Thanks for further inspiring our efforts.
    Ps- why bother to say that you have sympathy for our family? You should try being more honest about what you truly care about, because it sure isn’t human life.

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    • Funny, you’re “uncle” is the one swinging fists. It’s my liberty and my nose that’s being targeted. I had nothing to do with Alison’s death. Go ahead and further your efforts, because as the past decade has proven, the gun control crowd has proven themselves to be crackpots and gun control laws have been thrown out right and left. The more the gun control nuts try to attack our constitutional rights, the crazier they make themselves look. They do my job for me of convincing others that they are nut jobs. Conservatives have been winning the 2nd Amendment fight hands down. I have no idea why you feel that target rich environments, full of people who can’t defend themselves are such a great thing. It’s purely asinine. So, you go personally do whatever it is you think you can, but I assure you, you won’t be disarming me or anything else in Virginia. As for my honesty, I stand by every word I ever write. I suggest that you take a moment to figure out where to target your anger. If you can’t figure out that the left wing has been carefully designing people like Vester on purpose, then you are lost. Where do you think all of this hate and vitriol from gays and blacks is coming from? Who do you think is stoking that fire and to what end? Well, you see what end now, but you refuse to acknowledge it, preferring willful ignorance, because it better aligns with your core principles, which are hate and control over others. The left wing created Vester and as a result they have created you as their puppet. Your strings are pulled precisely as intended. I don’t care if you show my letter to your uncle or not. Go have a nice day now.😄

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      • I have to agree with you on the fact that the left has been ginning up hatred from Blacks and Gays. It’s almost as if they are saying “The time has come to get some payback”…
        Who would have ever thought that it would be acceptable in society for ANY group to say “Let’s go kill some whites and cops” and not be demonized by EVERY news organization in America?
        They mainstream media is either ignoring it or minimizing their disgusting threats.
        As for this family, I grieve with them. I beg them not to politicize this tragedy.
        Now is not the time for finger pointing and blame. The blame for this tragedy lies squarely on the shoulders of this demented man and those that incited him.


    • Your uncle is an actor. And a very bad actor, at that. The only people he is fooling are the already dumbed down morons that fall for this kind of BS every single time. If he were really that “upset” he wouldn’t be on national TV spewing about gun control. He would be at home, grieving in private, like normal people so. He has an obvious and clear agenda. And that agenda includes taking guns away from law-abiding citizens eventually. He can go straight to Hell.

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    • Why can’t you understand that gun control never removes guns from the bad guy’s hands??? It fails to remove the bad guy’s guns but it DOES succeed in removing any healthy respect the government should have of the citizens! Without guns the Government, history shows, will quickly regard us as subjects rather than the bosses our founding fathers intended us to be.

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    • While I can not know what the author was thinking, I do know that her thoughts are in line with mine and thousands (or millions) of other responsible people that care about the lives lost to criminal violence. We care about the victims and want them to be able to defend themselves. We want violent criminals “locked up” as long as it takes for them not to be a threat.
      The question that should have been asked of these parents is what did they do to train and provide the tools necessary for self defense for their daughter.

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  3. The vast majority of gun owners are very responsible, law biding citizens. Where I dont agree is arming teachers. I would gladly pay an increase in taxes to have armed security in every school….but im not sure that Mrs. Smith, the 63 year old Biology teacher needs to be packing heat. Most gun owners have taken safety courses or have been, or are hunters with years of experience firing their particular weapon, leave security to the professionals among us….a gun in the wrong hands is the deadliest gun.


    • Arming teachers? So you want to disarm teachers then? You want to deprive teachers of their rights, in order to make a great target rich environment for mass shooters? It seems odd to be selective in who can have their rights. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t say, “Shall not be infringed unless you teach.” If you are afraid of a teacher going rogue, I have news for you… They can already do that. Do you think that someone bent on mass murder cares if the law allows them to carry? Leave security to the professionals you say. Benjamin Franklin would disagree. “He who sacrifices freedom for security deserves neither.”

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      • First off….im not for disarming anyone….odd that you got that from my statement. My point was this…..dont drag a box full of guns into a school, have all the teachers stand in line and choose their weapon. See the difference? First off, a good number of teachers are just as dangerous to our children with their leftist leanings and liberal agenda…..that being said, most, if not all would feel completely out of place even carrying a firearm, let alone firing one. And to the other responder….im not saying go get Barney Fife or Paul Blart, mall cop with a baton and pepper spray….im talking about trained professionals….police, private security companies or even former serviceman who have come home from active duty and need to be reintroduced to the work force. I grew up around guns….Ive shot them recreationally since I was ten (im 42 now) I wouldnt consider my self to be “trained” especially in an active shooter scenario and if I were a teacher, im not sure I would want to have the safety of hundreds of children placed squarely on my shoulders….and I think you might agree that a moment of reluctance in a situation like that would be extremely detrimental.


        • Drag a box full of guns into a school? Name one school where that has been done. If teachers are “just as dangerous” as you claim, what stops them from shooting up a school today? The no guns allowed sign on the door? I have personally had many teachers who carried firearms in class. I’m still here. If a teacher feels out of place carrying a gun, no one is forcing them to. Sorry, it’s just not up to you who has 2nd Amendment rights and when. SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED doesn’t mean, “Ok, infringe on some people, depending on their job.”

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          • You again are doing a hatchet job on my post to try and prove a point. I said teachers are increasingly liberal in there teaching styles….they are molding young minds and instead of teaching them unbiased, truthful and factual accounts of our history, they are spewing their leftist twist on things. When I said im not for arming teachers, you then asked if I was for disarming them….to which I said no, but to be honest….I have never once seen a teacher have a gun in a school….not in my time there, or my kids time in school… Im assuming you thought I meant going to their homes and taking them away, which was never my thought and never would be. I could butcher your replies by inferring that you envision an “old west” society where everyone is walking the streets with a trusty six shooter and disputes are settled with a duel from 15 paces when the clock strikes noon, but im not in your head, or the business of making assumptions based on little or no factual evidence. Im gonna try this again….real slow like.

            I dont want to take ANYONE’S GUN or infringe upon their second amendment rights.

            Im for trained, armed security in and around schools while school is in session.

            Im NOT for leaving the protection of my children or anyone elses for that matter, to a hand full of teachers who had a 3 week course in gun safety over someone TRAINED in an active shooter scenario.

            In summary….Im not saying a teacher, or anyone else shouldnt own a gun….im actually advocating trained, ARMED men and women be hired to protect our children while at school.

            If I havent made this crystal clear….then you just wanna engage in a pissing match and quite frankly, im not interested.


          • I’ve had many teachers who were armed in school. Many are today. Missouri just legalized it, which truthfully it should have never been illegal, since that is an infringement on their rights. Yes, I know teachers are mostly liberal. That’s by design. Oh, by the way, do you know that there were only 5 “old west” style duals in the old west? Yup. 5. The old west was rather peaceful, but movies have given us a false impression of the times. Modern Chicago is more dangerous than anywhere in the wild west. As for armed guards, I personally don’t see any reason to pay for them. In schools that allow teachers to be armed, they don’t have mass shootings. And it doesn’t cost me or other tax payers a dime to just follow the Constitution. And no, you have made yourself clear. You want paid for, hired, government guards. I want liberty. Not trying to get in an argument over it. Just telling you where I stand.

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          • Okay….we might be getting somewhere here. Our government misappropriates our tax dollars in a million different ways…..paying a tax for school security in my mind, would be money well spent in comparison. Im all for Liberty, and even given our flawed state of government, I love this country….the crux of the debate between us is a matter of priorities. You are obviously a gun owner, where is I am not, which explains your outrage at Mr. Parkers comments. I am a parent (im not sure if you are or not, so im not making an assumption either way) so my priorities and outrage lie more in other infringments made on my Liberty. Im not saying who is right and who is wrong…im just excersising my right to my opinion on the matter. So what are the answers? Im not sure. I think a good start is doing our homework and trying to elect officials who will best uphold our constitutional rights. One of the many great things about our country is that two people can have the same desire for Liberty, while having differing views on how best to achieve it, based upon their different circumstances and things they are passionate about. Regardless of the issue….keep fighting the good fight….evil prevails when good men and women choose to do nothing.


          • Thanks. I suppose my only real definition of liberty is to live and let live. No one tells the other what to do. With the exception of course of harming others or their property and laws enforcing those things are best kept at the state or local levels.

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        • You have a point that “having a gun” is not a complete solution, but training and practice is also necessary. Second, the hardest part of being an armed citizen is having the correct mindset that if you actually have no choice but to use deadly force that you will indeed use deadly force without hesitation. I also recommend less than lethal force and first aid options (along with training).along with your handgun.
          All of the schools that have armed teachers also have a “qualification” requirement and certainly not all teachers are required to be armed. So far the schools that have armed staff, the success rate has been really great.


    • Why resort to the absurd? Are you assuming the entire country is run by brain numbed LW’ers? Common sense would prevail and the little old lady would not be forced to pack heat. Only those who wanted the responsibility (lots would, I’d bet) would take the required CCW and armed shooter training (a common sense suggestion that everyone would agree with). I think teachers are able to be two things at the same time. Teacher/Coach. Teacher/Spouse. Teacher/Mother. Teacher/Scout Leader. Teacher/National Guardsman.Teacher/Designated Armed School First Responder. Every self supporting adult should be able to do more than one thing very well if given the proper training.

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  4. That read suspiciously similar to my world famous rant the second this tragedy came on the news. Of course, only the dogs and my father heard it, but very similar content all the same….Good article Anna!

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  5. Enough of this nonsense.

    Gunowners should get together in large and small groups across the country and swap firearms.

    F$@k government lists, registries… all of it. We need to stop talking about our rights and simply start exercising them through civil disobedience and make the government’s nanny state BS irrelevant in one fell swoop.

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      • As the parents of a loving Son, who was robbed, SHOT in head for bank bag and a vehicle, by a thug that should have been in jail- We DONT blame the GUN, we blame a failed system! Courts are too lax on criminals, they are arrested 20-30 times.. Criminals/ pedophiles /race baiters are terrorizing and running this Country..and yes I support protecting yourself, and family. The system will not, I defend the 2nd Amend, and our Son would as well, he loved life, and loved being an outdoor sportsman, etc- Separate the two concepts, a gun is not good or evil, PEOPLE are they decide, not an object! Next attack would be knives, then rocks, bats, fist, sticks-

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  6. This situation reminds me of sandy hook, and Mr. Parker is more concerned about making gun control stricter, he does not seem to have the concern about his daughter as he does making political statements! Just seems fishy, the camera being right behind the gun! I do not remember the father of Kate Steinle who’s daughter was shot by and illegal of his complaining about going after the freedom to have guns or him not wanting to make stricter gun laws! I did not even hear him say anything about the illegals either?

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    • K. Steinle’s father is bringing the city of S.F., the CA AG K. Harris and Govener Brown to Federal court
      for the death of his daughter. The sanctuary policies by the city, the states Attorney General and Jerry Brown have led to not only Kates death but countless others throughout California and the nation!


  7. I agree with your ideas and many points here, but having gone through Columbine on a very personal level (my nephew was trapped in there while we waited on the phone with his Mom & watching on TV to see if his was one of the bodies on the ground) I would respectfully say that this is way too soon to send an open letter to a victim’s father.

    He is going through the worst possible grief a parent can experience and was likely watching his daughter as she reported (as I know my own Dad would have done each morning if I ever had a job like Alison did) and killed by this sick piece of trash. How he is dealing with it is his own business. Of course he is being manipulated by people that want to use his grief for their agenda and it is sickening. I feel deep compassion as a Christian and choose not to use this Father’s grief in any way. This is a “too soon” situation in my opinion, but I continue to agree with you on 2nd Amendment rights. I just don’t agree with this particular opinion. God Bless!


    • Too bad your nephew’s teacher wasn’t armed. I’m sorry, but just because you or someone else has to go through a harrowing experience where you are unarmed, it doesn’t mean I have to give up my rights. Too soon? Should I wait a few weeks until this is no longer in the news and my voice isn’t heard? I am tired of it being “too soon.” It certainly wasn’t too soon for Andy Parker and the media to attack me and my rights when I have nothing to do with his unfortunate circumstances. No, I think I will take the opportunity to pounce while the iron is hot. But thanks.

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      • I understand your point, I sure wish SOMEONE had been armed in that school besides those disgusting “bullied” (not true, that is a complete lie) punk kids. I am glad they took themselves out because this state no longer has the guts to sentence the death penalty in even the most heinous cases.

        As far as the teacher having a gun, that would have been tough without completely breaking the law in 1999. Concealed to carry wasn’t passed in CO until 2003. My family carry quite happily and legally.

        I understand needing to pounce, there is no attention span left these days because if the news cycle and of course social media putting us in hyper-drive. U have the Father the benefit of a doubt because I have been with those that lost a child, and it is beyond words to explain what they were trying to cope with. I did not know that this particular man was rounding certain news channels calling for more gun-control.

        We had a similar situation here after school shootings. Tom Mauser, whose poor son Daniel was killed at Columbine, pushed very hard at the state and federal level to get stricter gun laws. He is still working at it, but nothing has changed here. We still can obtain guns and still get Concealed to Carry permits.

        Keep doing what you are doing, it’s great. Just get used to not everyone agreeing with everything and let them feel like they can come back.


        • No law trumps the 2nd Amendment. Article 6 makes it so. All 21000 gun control laws are ignorable. You just have to be ready to fight the power. Hehe I have learned more about the father. He’s a democrat who has held local office and has run for the Virginia House of Delegates and lost.

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    • How he is dealing with it is his own business.

      It’s not his own business when his way of dealing with it is to push legislation to infringe on others’ rights.

      He’s also ready to kneejerk attack the NRA when they’re about the only voice offering a solution that might help prevent lunatics with guns, which is to improve reporting into NICS. Instead, Parker just wants MORE background checks which are repeatedly proven to be ineffective, apparently thinking that more uselessness is better.

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      • Background checks rarely work when handguns are purchased legally. Ignoring the real problem isn’t going to make it go away. When those people whose only calling in life is to stir the pot with people whose pot does not need to be stirred go away, part of this problem will be taken care of. This world was not created for any 1 specific person, therefore, we cannot/do not cater to 1 person’s whims and fancies.

        Instead of pounding on an empty box about a subject (stricter gun laws) that will not solve the problem, why not teach people responsibility? Start with those that think casual sex with no responsibility which creates unwanted children with very little responsible parenting and teach them that they are responsible and hold them to it. I recently had a technician come to my house that told me his “father” has 25 children. I seriously doubt that there was much responsibility shown by that father, only his stupidity and callousness…Nothing of any value learned there.

        My heart goes out to Mr Parker for his daughter as well as Adam Ward’s family, but coming up with new and probably not so improved gun laws will not bring them back. nor will it stop more of this. Making those that commit crimes responsible for their lazy,stupid choices won’t hurt.

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    • Leslie, This father set the timing of the discussion, not the response to his “misguided” statements. Also, as reported he is already making deals with gun control money people (ie Bloomberg and Giffords) seems to undermine your belief of it being “too soon”


  8. I saw this dude on TV the VERY DAY his daughter was murdered, and thought at the time – he’s got an agenda!!! I’m glad you called him out.

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  9. A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

    I see nothing that mentions individuals having a right to bear arms.


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