Vote for the 1st Trump/Clinton Debate Winner!



  1. Trump is not perfect obviously (when has there ever been a ‘prefect’ candidate?!), but he is a Cyrus for such a time as this. He will NOT bring the New World Order through the doors of America. He did NOT choose a VP schooled by Jesuits to stand beside him. He IS prepared to appoint Supreme Court Justices who stand for righteousness. He WILL seek to protect our borders to prevent illegal invaders from terrorizing our nation.

    The press is working feverishly to sell propaganda. Our responsibility is to set aside the gossip and seek the truth. We aren’t just electing our next President, we are deciding our future – whether we will be a free and sovereign nation, or be forced to submit as slaves under abject tyranny.

    Hillary is a globalist and puppet of the New World Order. The elite have already written their plans for her Presidency. They will use and manipulate her to achieve their purposes for this Nation. She will imprison our country under the NWO. Germany’s Hitler is America’s Clinton. This is the reality we all fear and will be dealing with soon enough if this Nation does not wake up NOW!

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  2. I’m not really interested in the debate or anything else about the campaign. I’m going to vote for the moron to cancel out a Hillary vote, but other than that, I’m just trying to decide what to do about the 2020 election. Fuck em both.

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