Flat Out Unconstitutional – Paperback!


People keep asking me to create a printed version of my eBook, Flat Out Unconstitutional!  Done!  I wanted to provide more than just my short eBook in a printed version, so the first year of Blog Posts are included!

Learn what the Federal Government doesn’t want you to know about the U.S. Constitution and hot topic issues that relate! The government actively keeps the populace ignorant of the Constitution, so they can get away with wielding unchecked power. Their power is real. Their authority is not. The Constitution is not taught well in public schools. The Federal Government sees to that. The Constitution drastically limits the power of the Federal Government, but you wouldn’t know it by their actions. You can now! From gun rights to gay rights, you’d be surprised to know what rights you really have and which ones you don’t. We the People need to educate ourselves, because we can’t count on those in power to teach us about the limitations of their power.

Available Here:  Flat Out Unconstitutional on Amazon!

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