Justice Defeats Witch Hunt with Mistrial for Officer Porter


The Black Lives Matter savages of Baltimore don’t want justice, they want blood. For the six police officers being tried for murder in the Freddie Gray case, there is only one jury decision that will make them happy: guilty. If justice is truly what they sought, they wouldn’t be upset by a hung jury. At least a hung jury shows that a trial is fair and not a witch trial. Isn’t fairness a good thing?  We know we have witch trial prosecutors, but at least a hung jury earns credibility for being impartial. Baltimore residents should be thrilled that they can claim impartiality, and not blood lust is the driving force in the court room.

William Porter was charged with lesser crimes than the other police officers charged in the case. His charges were only for involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. Prosecutors and the Baltimore Looting and Rioting Society, AKA Black Lives Matter, Baltimore, had their fingers crossed that he would be the easiest one to convict.  This would set the stage for the dominoes to fall, taking the other five police officers down for more serious charges.

It should be noted that all William Porter was really accused was not putting Freddie Gray in a seat belt, a brand new requirement for police officers in Baltimore on the day Freddie Gray was arrested.  Gray was pursued for running away from a cop who had done nothing more than make eye contact with him.  If you and a police officer look at each other at the same time and then you bolt off in a panicked flight from the officer, it’s going to result in a chase. That’s common sense, something Freddy Gray did not possess, which is made clear by his arrest record.

Gray was a repeat criminal. Arguments can be made whether or not the laws he broke should be laws in the first place, but he still broke them. His final arrest after fleeing from police was only for carrying an illegal switch blade knife.  The 2nd Amendment clearly protected Gray’s right to carry any knife he wants.  Many laws, drafted and passed by liberal democrats, are designed to create a criminal class of repeat offenders.  There are a lot of motivating factors for creating more criminals.

Creating criminals provides an income source for the city and state. Fines add up fast!  Private prisons with powerful lobbyists make a lot of money housing millions of criminals who never hurt a soul.  Attorneys rely on the criminal element for their bread and butter.  Fewer criminals would mean less money for lawyers.  The unconstitutional Gun Control Act of 1968 made it illegal for a felon to own a gun, so the more ways the government can turn you into a felon, the better chance they have of disarming you!  We all know how badly the left wants citizens to be disarmed.

Police officers do not write the laws and are trained and paid to enforce them. Most police officers are honorable men and women who do their jobs well. Even if a law preventing a citizen from carrying a knife is unconstitutional, it’s not the job of the police to determine that.  Freddie Gray would have benefited from learning more about his constitutional rights and fighting for them legitimately.  The very people that Freddie Gray and his fellow Black Lives Matter deadbeats voted for, are the ones who made it illegal for Gray to be carrying the knife.  If these deadbeats voted smarter, they would have fewer laws to break.  They would be freer Americans and spend more time with family and less time in prison.

Probably the funniest outcome of a hung jury is that the prosecution’s plan to arm twist William Porter into testifying against his fellow officers in their trials has been thwarted. The next trial for Officer Caesar Goodson for second degree murder is scheduled for January 2016. They won’t be able to take advantage of William Porter as a witness now!  There is even talk of being unable to proceed with Officer Goodson’s trial without having Officer Porter to exploit, so they need to delay Goodson’s trial until they get a do-over of Officer Porter’s trial.

I have always found it unsettling that a hung jury is treated as a mistrial.  It is not as if the trial had anything wrong with it.  They simply could not prove Officer Porter guilty.  If you are innocent until proven guilty, why should it take a unanimous jury decision to prove one’s innocence?  Porter has so far, not been proven guilty, so remains innocent in the eyes of the law.  A mistrial should be an irregularity with the trial itself, such as jury tampering, bribing a judge, introducing illegally obtained evidence, or something of that nature.  A mistrial shouldn’t be, “oops, we couldn’t find the defendant guilty the first time!”

Black Lives Matter are raving lunatics.  Officer Porter and two of the other five police officers involved are black.  Seven of the jurors were black.  Most of Baltimore is black.  Everything about the way Baltimore is run was created by blacks and run by blacks, so they can rule over the blacks who keep voting for more of the same.   Large groups of blacks blame police and whites for the trouble they bring on themselves by voting for it.  Their anger is stoked and their and misinformation is provided by the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, who profit from race baiting.  Keeping blacks uneducated and angry is a very profitable business.

If blacks learned more about conservatism, the Constitution, and their rights, maybe they would stop voting for their own subjugation.  Blacks vote themselves into slavery.  They do so after being convinced that they are voting for free stuff.  They vote for welfare, food stamps, WIC checks, and HUD homes, which are a very small price for government to pay to house the mothers and children of all the black men they throw in prison.  Taxpayers pay for the freebies and the prisons.  Government grows and prison owners buy yachts.  Wake up, black people!  If Black Lives Matter, act like it!

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. “The very people that Freddie Gray and his fellow Black Lives Matter deadbeats voted for, are the ones who made it illegal for Gray to be carrying the knife. If these deadbeats voted smarter, they would have fewer laws to break. They would be freer Americans and spend more time with family and less time in prison.”

    Seems simple doesn’t it?
    I heard that the first time the jury came back to the judge, they wanted some transcript read to them. He denied it and said’ :”they needed to be paying attention the first time they heard it.” Don’t know if this is true, but if it is, it would set up for a heck of an appeal defense.

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  2. This entire exercise is a judicial fiasco. It started w/ paying the family off w/ 6.4 million before any charges were even filed. BLM was outside the courthouse chanting while the jury was being picked. There is an incestuous legal relationship between the family attorney, the prosecutor, and her husband. This prosecution was a payoff to mob thuggery, and should never have happened.

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  3. I would agree that any and all laws that were passed to restrict gun rights are unenforceable laws the Constitution is quite clear.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

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