Muslim Murders 50 in Gun Free, Gay Club.


How was muslim, Omar Saddiqui Mateen able to slaughter 50+ people in a mass shooting?  Easy, choose a gun free zone that is packed full of unarmed people.  Pulse Night Club was a gun free zone by unconstitutional Florida State Law.  How could he be sure there would be no one disobeying this law to shoot back?  Choose a club full of liberals.  How could he possibly know the club would be full of unarmed, gun hating liberals?  Choose a gay club.  It wasn’t rocket science that lead Mateen away from choosing a biker bar to shoot up.

It seems logical that liberals and especially the homosexuals among them face a conundrum.  They have openly supported islam while simultaneously waging war against Christianity for years now.  The more violent muslims get, the more people they murder, the more vehemently liberals and gays support them, even so far as pushing to import more and more of them into the United States at tax payer expense.  So who do liberals side with after Mateen shot up the Pulse Night Club in Orlando, Florida?  Gays or muslims?

This isn’t a complicated issue for liberals.  They will continue to support both.  They will most certainly claim that islam had nothing to do with Mateen’s attack, even though he pledged allegiance to ISIS.  We’ll be reading media stories about him being mentally ill or some other excuses will be made, but islam won’t be blamed.  Without any doubt, guns will be blamed and we’ll see more calls from liberals and the LGBT community for gun control.

Omar Saddiqui Mateen was a security agent for G4S Secure Solutions.  You see them all of the time in airports, allegedly protecting us from all of the Omar Saddiqui Mateens.   He was even background checked several times and interviewed by the FBI on undisclosed suspicions.  We didn’t need security in airports before our rights weren’t illegally stripped from us.

50 people are dead now and there are two major lessons to be learned from this.  First, islam is evil.  There is no excuse for it.  The koran demands muslims act just as Mateen did and kill infidels, those of us who aren’t muslim.  There are no crowds of muslims condemning Mateen’s actions.  It’s time to crack down on islam.  It’s not a legitimate religion.  If the muslim cult were started today with its same teachings and actions, it would be put down, as other religious startups have been, whether it was legitimate to put them down or not, such as The Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.  Even if islam is considered a religion, it is not protected by the 1st Amendment from States.  States could ban it, even if Congress cannot.  Don’t take my word for it, read the 1st Amendment.  See if it says “States shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion.”  It does not.

The 2nd lesson to be taken from this massacre is to arm yourself.  Don’t be another statistic who can’t shoot back if a muslim starts shooting up a place you happen to be.  If you don’t already own a gun, now is the time to buy one.  Practice with it.  Get to know your gun well and carry it with you.  Take some basic self defense classes and make it a family affair!  Finally, get your unconstitutional gun control laws repealed!  No state has the authority to infringe on your Right to Bear Arms.  A lot of people who were at the Pulse Night Club probably wish they had broken the law and carried a gun when Mateen showed up.

Update 6/14/16: After the FBI interviewed the wife of Mateen, Noor ZahiSalmon, from Uzbekistan, it appears she was aware of Mateen’s plans and even participated by taking him to scout out locations for his attack.  Under conspiracy laws this could make her legally just as guilty as Mateen and face the death penalty.  Mateen had regularly visited the Pulse Night Club and other gay clubs and was reportedly gay himself.  It is very common in the muslim culture to sexually abuse boys, so that they grow up confused sexually.  Homosexuality is accepted among young men among muslims, but then condemned later in life after marriage, adding to the psychological confusion.  Add muslim preaching of hatred and calls for the murder of homosexuals, and muslims like Mateen are ticking time bombs.  If this sounds confusing, that’s the point.  There is nothing consistent in islam other than hate for infidels.

Don’t fall for the false premise being bandied about that Mateen, his dad, or his wife should have been banned from buying guns because of being on terrorist watch lists.  This is the slippery slope liberals want us to fall for and slide down.  We can’t punish people for being suspicious.  We can’t create a 2nd class citizen that doesn’t have rights.  Liberals want to turn this into an anti-gun crusade.  No law will prevent someone from getting a gun who wishes to use it in a criminal act.  Laws only affect the law abiding. All gun control laws are unconstitutional.  No new laws are needed.  Americans are tired of more and more laws infringing on our rights.  We need to address the source of the problem, allowing the enemy into our country.  The Obama Administration and Congress are spending billions in taxpayer dollars to import more and put them in publicly funded housing in your neighborhood!

A crime has to be committed before you can be charged.  No fly lists are unconstitutional, because they violate 5th Amendment due process.  A terrorist watch list is fine.  Watch them.  Better yet, don’t let muslims in the country in the first place.  There is no benefit to the United States for allowing them in.

Correction: Mateen murdered 49. The number 50 that was reported by the media includes his own death.

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. I agree 100% with all your observations and will be purchasing a gun this week. Wake up America if this can happen in Orlando ir can happen anywhere. Since the Federal Government won’t protect us we must protect ourselves!

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  2. Liberals… day all the supposed good violence hating Muslims in your community will do what their local Imam tells them to do, what their book tells them to do and what their sick laws tell them to do and that’s kill anyone who isn’t one of them. Good luck with the “let’s just love them and give peace a chance” garbage.

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    • In Virginia I don’t know of any bars that are gun free. First we don’t outlaw it, 2nd we don’t differentiate bars from restaurants. Toby Keith found out the hard way that we don’t tolerate gun free zones when he banned guns from his Virginia restaurant and it then went out of business.

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      • Smh I highly doubt that’s why it went out of business. Plus you said, they don’t make distinction between bar and restaurant. Which it was both but prob closer to a bar if it did live music like the rest.

        And Toby is probably the last person they would keep anyone from having a gun on them if the law allows.


        • That is precisely why it went out of business. Google it. Toby did the same in Arizona with his other restaurant, banning guns. I don’t make things up. If I say it, I have already thoroughly confirmed it.


  3. Libs constantly get themselves into a pickle by dividing us into individual interest groups. Eventually, those groups find themselves on opposite sides of an issue, and the libs go nuts trying to accommodate them both. It happened with the Keystone Pipeline. The unions went head to head with the tree huggers and Obama postponed the decision until after he was re-elected. Then they blamed big oil. This is another one. They want to pacify the LGBT community, but they don’t want to blame Muslims. They’ll try to muddy the waters for a while, then blame the guns – again. Public be damned.

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