Parts is Parts!


The left wing has jumped the shark now. There is no longer any excuse they can come up with to justify their evil. They have been pushing immorality for as long as there has been a left wing. Evil is their core. They have always gone through great lengths to disguise their evil intentions as good ones and using sinister tactics to ridicule those with high moral values if they speak out against them.

Everything liberals support or advocate is evil. They get away with it by trying to erase history or by appealing to the moral high ground of the right wing with false premises that their goals are liberty and freedom oriented. They accuse the right of atrocities that belong solely to the left. We’re taught in public schools that the left/right paradigm is a circle and that if you go far enough right or left, you come out the other side, basically that the left and right meet in the middle at an extreme position. This is patently false. The scale of left to right is a straight line where totalitarian tyranny can be found on the far left and complete freedom and anarchy are the furthest to the right. The Constitution is very far to the right, but not so far as to lead to anarchy, which could never be sustained. There is always some leftist who will seek power. Anarchy would erupt into gangs run by warlords.

Hitler was as far left as a leader can get. He was a socialist, fascist and dictator who ruled with an iron fist. Freedom was not a NAZI virtue. Leftist history professors and public school teachers all want us to believe that fascism is right wing. Total government control is somehow a result of too much desire for freedom. No, it doesn’t matter how free a people are, even if they are a complete anarchy, the move from freedom to totalitarian control doesn’t move from right to left by going around a circle. It moves from right to left by being conquered by a leftist tyrant. The left wing owns NAZI Germany and Hitler, lock, stock and barrel. There was nothing right wing about them at all. If you point this out to liberals their next step is to argue that NAZIs were Nationalists and that Nationalism is right wing. That is a false premise that can be negated with any dictionary. Nationalism has no left/right paradigm, it is simply a strong patriotism, regardless of the type of government the people are loyal to. Hitler was a Nationalist. He was also a socialist, fascist, leftist tyrant. Obama is an Anti-Nationalist, socialist, fascist, leftist tyrant. The only differences between Hitler and Obama in their ideology is that Hitler actually loved his country.

Liberals, who have completely taken over the Democrat party now, have always found it difficult to get what they want through legitimate means. They have pushed unconstitutional legislation through Congress such as welfare entitlements, the 1968 Gun Control Act, and the Civil Rights Act. The Constitution enumerates no authority under Article 1, Section 8 for Congress to legislate in these areas. If any of these things truly had merit, getting the states to ratify constitutional amendments should not have been difficult.

Far more often than not, liberals are unable to convince legislators to pass their evil bills into law, so they rely on courts and activist judges to thwart the will of the people, as they recently did with gay marriage. Marriage is not a constitutional purview of the Federal Government at all. Time and time again, the will of the people by popular vote, state government legislation, or state constitutional amendments have outlawed gay marriage. Liberals claim to have 60% support for gay marriage, yet the issue never wins when voted on. In every case, judges abuse power they are not authorized to wield in order to unlegislate by throwing out laws. Article 3 of the Constitution grants no authority for courts to legislate or unlegislate. Interpreting the Constitution and other laws are usurped powers. The role of the judiciary is meant to determine if a law is broken, not if the law should exist.

Since the Supreme Court decision on Roe v Wade, which legalized abortion by unconstitutional legislation from the bench, the left has been claiming that abortion is virtuous, because it’s all about the health of the woman. We’re supposed to believe that almost 60 million women would have died if they didn’t have that dangerous and pesky tumor called a fetus removed! God designed women to get pregnant and have children. With the help of modern medicine, actual risk to a woman’s life due to pregnancy is so rare as to be almost nonexistent.

Liberals have done themselves in this time and exposed their evil for what it is. There is no recovering from the latest transgression on the right to life after it has been revealed that Planned Parenthood has been selling baby parts. Their decades old claim that a fetus isn’t a baby can no longer hold water if the fetus is made up of baby parts that can be sold on the black market.

The Center for Medical Progress obliterated any hope that Planned Parenthood could ever have of keeping up the appearance of being good, by releasing videos that show that Planned Parenthood is in the baby parts selling business. The videos just keep coming and the White House and other leftists keep jumping to their defense, but only serving to make themselves look stupid in the process. This is indefensible and the more they try to defend it, the more their evil is exposed for what it truly is.

The left wing media is always ready to cover up the truth, but they can’t spin this one, so the only trick they have left is to make you watch the left hand, so you can’t see what the right hand is doing. By diverting our attention with other stories, especially if they tug on our heart strings, they can hopefully calm down the story on baby parts, before any major damage is done to their beloved tax payer funded, baby killing organization, Planned Parenthood.

Dixie flags and lions are the latest media distractions. Dixie flags distracted us from talking about the hazards we face when gun control statists disarm us. The story about a dentist killing a lion is just what the media needed in their left hand to get our attention off the baby parts in their right hand. Don’t fall for these media tactics. Keep your eyes on the ball. I’m not suggesting that we can’t be engaged with multiple stories at the same time, only pointing out the technique being used to try to pry our attention away from the ones that truly matter.

Personally, I am no huge fan of trophy hunting, but I am a huge supporter of hunting in general for sustenance whether you need it or not. Let’s face it, you can’t buy a venison tenderloin at Kroger and I love venison tenderloin. My opinion on trophy hunting though, isn’t the point. I have neither condemned nor defended the dentist or anyone involved with killing the lion. I am condemning the notion that he be extradited to Zimbabwe over the incident and firmly against any presidential or federal involvement in the matter. It is not only a smoke screen over more important issues, but an unconstitutional one if the federal government gets involved.

Our focus right now with regard to these issues should be firmly on the complete and utter destruction of Planned Parenthood. All federal funding should be cut off to them immediately and not only because it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to provide subsidies to any companies or people, but because as a Christian, my money should not be stolen from me by government to pay for atrocities. Planned Parenthood is evil. Evil must be shut down. Don’t you think? How much do you enjoy having the money you earn spent on murder, which then turns even more profit when they auction off the aftermath to the highest bidder?


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  1. I also agree with many of the other points you bring up in this entry. Let me tell you, I had been a Democrat for over 30 years. My dad’s side of the family was Democrat and Catholic, while my mom’s side was Republican and Baptist. For years I was what I considered a flower power child as I grew up, but in high school was when the Iran hostage crisis hit. Even though I watched the news, I really didn’t becom politically active until 1988, when I was 26. Starting then, I went through all this time as a Democrat, even voting for Obama…twice. Worst mistakes of my life! If I could take those votes back, I would. Very glad now that Kerry and Gore never made into the White House, but I cringe when I see how myself and all Obama voters have been lied to and played.very angry at what he has done to the country and my ire toward him started about 2 years ago. What he is planning on pulling over the country’s eyes with illegal immigrants, the sanctuary cities, this new HUD program and race database, his dismissal of Islam behind terrorist attacks, his refusal to call the Planned Parenthood tapes anything but “right-wing extremism”, his refusal to call the parents of those killed by sanctuary city victims and those of the Marines and Navalman killed in Chattanooga, plus his behaviour at putting thugs on a pedestal have me so irate! I will be so glad when he is out of office and he better be when 2017 Inauguration Day is here! Both he and the FLOTUS have been nothing but a nightmare. Will never vote Democratic again after this treasonous bastard has ruined many things that made this country great! This thing of trying to hide history is pathetic too! Need to keep it out in the open so things like Obama’s reign are not repeated!


    • Holy cow! It seems like you have seen the light and seen it HARD! You are the kind of person who can convince others! That’s something I could never do. I’ve never converted a single liberal that I know of! You could be the Pied Piper!

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  2. Hi! Thank you for letting me know about your blog! I’ve been following the stories that are most highlighted in the news and agree there is much more coverage of the Planned Parenthood story that should be done. I remember when Bill Baldini did his award-winning expose of the horrible draconian conditions of Pennhurst State Hospital, just up the highway from me in Spring City, PA. Once his story hit the airwaves, all stations ran to present their own coverage of the story and you heard about the hell of Pennhurst for years, even after it closed. That is how investigative reporting–actually all reporting should still be done. Sadly now the networks of regular and cable TV are held to their bosses and the bosses’ ideology. I have noticed that this has become so blatant as to resemble the coverage Pravda used to give, when their U.S.-based reported, whose name escapes me, used to get on American TV during the Cold War and blast the U.S. Notice this with the leftist media all the time. I am not surprised that they are filling their broadcasts with stories on Cecil, but also on the favourite go-to, Caitlyn Jenner. On our cable system I have many international channels and find them more open to run stories than the more left-leaning media here. Still, I agree there is not enough coverage of the Planned Oarenthood story there too. It seems like the left is just as incapable of feeling any part of compassion toward babies in the womb being torn apart and their organs sold. Dr. Mengele was who I thought of immediately when the story broke. When I’ve argued this point to some liberals, I got the talking point responses of: “Well, the organs would only be incinerated”, “the only cost was for transportation”, “they are not a viable baby, only tissue”. I could not believe what I am hearing! Those feet, hands and eyes look like a baby’s to me! I am very disgusted by this story, but am also disgusted by the story of Cecil. I think all lives are important, but the actions of Planned Parenthood definitely need to lead to prosecution and punishment, including the revoking of taxpayer funding. I just hope the investigation continues with Republicans using a backbone and not caving in to the Democrats and heartless left!


    • No, thank you! I hope to keep the blog going. I hoped I could think of one story per week. So far I have only had the blog for a week and I’ve written five! When I start to wonder if I am going to run out of ideas, something else pops out of nowhere, because of all the lunacy out there. You’re right, I thought of Mengele too! I think a lot of us did!

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  3. Astute juxtaposition of Hitler and Obama. Nice framework on Hitler’s actual Left Leaning Policies. Personally, I believe we should shut the money spigot off from DC, at least until we can sort through this mess. Did you know?
    Or? This is interesting because the Exim is thrown in and these beneficiaries will be funneling highway dollars to Iran. It’s out of control!

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