Flint’s Leaded Water is Flint’s Problem


Flint, Michigan, do you have lead in your water?  Maybe even a little Legionnaires disease?  Are you looking for a Federal bailout to solve your problem? Well, tough.  It’s not my job to pay for your stupidity.

You people of Flint have continuously voted Democrat and watched as those Democrats destroyed everything about your city.  Your property values have plummeted and your crime rate has risen.  Now you get to make lead flavored Kool-Aid for your kids and you have no one to blame but yourselves.  Lead-Aid!  Oh-Yeaahh!

You don’t get to keep voting democrat and then shaking me down to bail you out of the disaster that inevitably comes of it.  When you vote Democrat, you get what you deserve when it backfires on you.  I understand that Democrats always promise you freebies.  Well, when you are too lazy to earn your own way through life and are content to live off of the scraps that others throw you, then you don’t get to be choosy.  You get the scraps whatever they may be, even if they include poison and disease.

The most effective way to learn a lesson is to learn it the hard way.  You won’t learn your lesson if smarter people who don’t put themselves in your situation come to your rescue every time.  To actually learn your lesson and have it really sink in, you need to actually suffer the consequences of your own decisions.  That’s what learning it the hard way is all about.  If it takes lead poisoning for you to finally get it, then drink up.  Pour yourselves another glass of delicious Lead-Aid.  The only way for you to really fix your problems is to clean your own house.  Vote out the Democrats who keep making promises and do nothing but keep you in a state of dependency, so they can continue making the same promises every election year.

It is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to spend my money to come bail you out, Flint.  Maybe you can appeal your case to your State government.  At least you have a Republican Governor, Rick Snyder.  It looks like you’re being just as stupid as ever though, because the people of Flint are calling for Rick Snyder to resign, yet not calling for your Democrat, Flint politicians to resign even though they caused your problem.  It is amazing how blindly stupid people can be.  Rick Snyder had nothing to do with your water.  

It was the Flint City Council in March of 2013 who voted to stop buying water from Detroit and get it from Lake Huron instead.  Rather than wait for the Lake Huron pipeline to be completed, sometime in 2016, they switched off the Detroit spigot in April, 2014, and took water from the Flint River.  Your city council did this to save money.  Well guess what?  You saved money.  It only cost you a little lead poisoning to do it.  The people of Flint complained that the water smelled bad.  Your mayor at the time, Mayor Dayne Walling, Democrat, said on June 12th, 2014, ” “It’s a quality, safe product.  I think people are wasting their precious money buying bottled water.”

Now if you don’t like lead and Legionnaires in your water, fire your City Council, stop voting for Democrats, and go buy your own bottled water.  I’m not buying it for you.  I’m buying stock in bottled water companies and profiting from your stupidity.  Thank you Flint!

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. I live in the country about 60 miles from Flint, I have well water, farm chemicals were used 4 100 yes b4 I built on this land. Sometimes my water taste funny, sometimes it’s not clear, so I guess I should get a handout 2. Flint created their own problems. Gov Sydney is a Great Gov, he will not resign not those idiots w a recall will not get enough signatures. Just more handouts 2 the welfare state. All news channels only show balks but there is whites there 2, never hear from them.

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  2. The gullible residents of Flint are being bamboozled into blaming the GOP governor for problems created exclusively by the local Democrat cabal. Reminds me of the chaos after Hurricane Katrina. The gullible mob was bamboozled into excusing the corrupt mayor of NO and the clueless governor of LA and were convinced that the culprit was, in fact, President Geo W Bush. Seems to be a pattern. Bypass the Democrat corruptocrats and shuffle the problem off to the nearest Republican.

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  3. Too many people either cannot or will not understand two basic realities of life:

    1) Nothing is free. Every government “freebie” you get must be paid for, either by unfairly burdening someone else, or by direct or indirect cost to yourself.

    2) Actions have consequences. If you make a bad decision, you need to own that decision and undo whatever unfortunate results came from it, without trying to pass the blame onto someone else.

    Those facts seem to escape most liberals, as they keep voting for more of the same, causing most of the mess we are currently in. The only problem is that the rational minority are often stuck living under conditions created by the stupid majority in their communities.

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