Happy Thanksgiving!


I want to wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us remember why we celebrate it and give thanks to God for all of the wonderful things we have in life as Americans!  Life is full of ups and downs, but when we take the time to be thankful for our blessings, we realize that there are more of them than we thought.

America was founded as a land of opportunity, not a land of freebies.  It is not handouts from others that we are thankful for.  Our blessings are rooted in our ability to turn our own hard work into success!   We are more thankful for what we’re able to give than for what we receive.  Many have struggled, fought, and even died to leave us with the freedom to reach for our goals and improve our own conditions.  Even in the face of an opposition that seeks to destroy the liberty and opportunity we have grown to enjoy, we persevere.  We must not become complacent and take our freedom for granted, for that is when we will lose it.  Through divine inspiration, God made America possible, but free will can either preserve her or destroy her.

Our enemies are no longer outside of our gates.  We have a corruption within.  Our faith and our resolve must be stronger than ever if we are to continue to prosper and have the most wonderful country on Earth.  Thank God, not only for your place in America, but also for your ability to be part of what makes America great!  Do your part to ensure that our children’s children can be just as thankful to be Americans.  Stand strong and don’t let those who despise freedom gain ground.  Together we can make America even better by returning her to those values which made her great and for which we are so thankful for!

God bless everyone and have a safe, happy, and healthy Thanksgiving Day!

Now get stuffed!

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)


    • If you think you’re being smart by blaming Europeans of stealing land, you’re failing. You are free to go back to whatever land you think you came from. Be sure it wasn’t conquered and once owned by someone else though or you’ll be a raving hypocrite. If you suggest that we give the land back to the Indians (who we bought much of it from) then you had better be able to name the tribe and then go after that tribe to make sure they give it back to those they stole it from. And so on. Let’s at least attempt to think rationally instead of hyper emotionally. Stay out of college indoctrination centers.


      • I never mentioned any of that. Interesting point, though, that if you stole it off someone else who stole it, then that is OK? So if someone else stole your land, today, you’d have no right to get it back, ‘then you had better be able to name the tribe and then go after that tribe to make sure they give it back to those they stole it from. And so on’? So, which is it? Are you a racist?


  1. I think your comments were a necessary reminder that the blessings we enjoy have not been handed to us. We are NOT entitled, and we are in danger of losing the very essence of what made us great. Thanks for reminding us.

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