What Should We Do With Illegals? VOTE Here!


I have long been a proponent of deporting all Illegal Aliens!  I want every single one sent home.  I have a zero tolerance for them.  Even the Anchor Babies should go.  The Constitution does not protect Anchor Babies.  I wrote a previous blog post entitled, “Yes We Can… Deport All Illegal Aliens,” to explain how it can be done.

It’s up to conservatives now what we do.  We won.  We elected President Donald Trump to take care of the illegal alien problem.  We elected President Trump to build a wall!  My opinion isn’t the only one.  Some conservatives are more compassionate for law breaking foreigners than I am.  I began to wonder if there are any reasons that I would allow any illegal aliens to stay, if it were entirely up to me.

What occurred to me is that I would want no illegal aliens staying unless they absolutely earned the privilege to stay.  Even then, I would not condone citizenship be earned, only permanent residency.  They must never be allowed to vote.

Two ways of earning residency came to mind.  Working for minimum wage for one year, on the southern U.S. Border, building the wall, could be one option.  Enlisting in the U.S. Armed Forces for four years could be another option.  Of course extreme vetting would be required in either case.  I wouldn’t want this offer to be made to muslim refugees or all illegal aliens.  I think it would have to be limited to those known as Dreamers who have been in the United States for many years, and for most of their lives.  An example would be someone who was brought to The United States at age 5 and is now 18 or older.  No one under 18.  All parents of Dreamers should be deported either way.

I want to hear what everyone else thinks!


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  1. I have had it. The abuse and disrespect most illegals have completely has allowed legal Americans to be in complete danger. We have our own city officials against us legal Americans to continue to allow the public to be in danger every single day because they dislike the President of our own Country. All judges, lawyers and any officials every one anyone needs to be checked for legality. The government should get every business owners, companies, any and all corporations to not only supply their own legal status but also every employee they pay. Report to deport illegals and borders security lastly English only Anyone against our President is against our country.


  2. Good thoughts, Anna, but I have to disagree with you on the Dreamers. They’re here illegally, and my thought is they should be deported. If they want to gain reentry to the US, let them apply for a visa and enter legally, then apply for citizenship if they wish.

    I think it’s important to start enforcing the law on immigration. Yes, I know it will be a hardship on some, especially some you mentioned – anchor babies who may now be in their late teens or twenties, but we’ve been far too lenient for far too long. If we start making exceptions for some, then others will wonder and complain loudly why we couldn’t make an exception for them.


      • shot the bastards. they thing they can tell out country that they have rights. bullshit what part of illegal do these ignorant inbred scum not inderstand.
        round the ones up that are here illegally and strip all ssn #s anything that gives them money, housing,food,health care,property, bank accounts etc. no trial, No jail No support from America. line them all up next to the border and kill every last one one then regardless of age – NO consessions. Then throw their their dead bodies back over the fence. Same goes for refugees===
        AKA&goathumpers. No more freaking handouts. either they ALL LEAVE ON THEIR OWN OR NITE THE BULLET


  3. I would like another option to your poll: Deport them all, except those who were brought here by their parents as young children and are now productive, law-abiding adults. I think their fate should be decided on a case-by-case basis, because they did not choose to come here illegally. Any with a criminal record or who are accepting government handouts are automatically out. The others should never be given citizenship. They should have the choice to either leave or earn the right to remain legally by either serving in the military or working on the wall. The military time should be in a combat zone, not some cushy office job, with an honorable discharge after their term has been completed. If they work on the wall, it should be for a lot longer than a year. In my younger days, I worked for many years at the minimum wage, and I am a natural born citizen. There is no way they should have an easier life than the rest of us.


  4. The time has long past for this country to allow immigration or at least be very, very restrictive of it. Refugees are to me, people who are afraid to defend themselves in their own countries. What makes people think if they come here as refugees they will defend our Country? I have heard some stories around that some refugees want to go home. Why not oblige them? Illegal immigration is just that, illegal. They need to be sent back. Changing the word illegal to undocumented doesn’t change the fact they are ILLEGAL. Just like the Global Warming change to Climate Change. lol I just think it’s time to think about America and Americans first and not worry about being inundated with any foreigners as such. It’s time to take care of us, the US.

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