The Anti-Bully Campaign is the Bully


Bullies are the real victim class among our youth today.  It’s time for the war on bullies to be exposed for what it is and for it to come to an end.  It must sound shocking to side with bullies, but that depends on who is defined as a bully.  The Anti-Bully Agenda is about a lot more than stopping playground fights during recess.

First of all, when has bullying ever been allowed in schools?  Never.  We aren’t really talking about bullying as we knew it as children.  Most of us knew bullying as weaker kids getting punched, knuckled in in the arm, tripped on the playground, an indian burn here and there and an occasional beating at the bus stop.  Now bullying includes any behavior or words that can be considered intolerant of leftist principles, especially homosexuality.

The Anti-Bully Agenda isn’t about teaching the school yard bully to behave.  The primary focus behind this campaign is for children to be taught to accept and embrace homosexuality.  Just take a look at all of the groups who are behind the Anti-Bullying Agenda.  Groups like The Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) are pushing homosexuality to children as young as kindergarten.  Notice how straight comes last in the name of their cartel.  Their website is a sickening list of perversions they want your children to learn about, tolerate, and embrace. You don’t have to get any further than their home page to see how they tie Anti-Bullying to Pro-Gayness.


While you are at work, your children are their captive audience.  They convince you that they are looking out for your kids with an Anti-Bully Agenda on their web page, but they are trying to force homosexual obedience down the throats of your children.  You’re only supposed to be concerned about the bully part of the message.  You aren’t supposed to notice that right under the topic,  “No Name-Calling Week is Jan. 18-22, 2016,” is the announcement that GLSEN calls for LGBTQ-Inclusive Sex Ed.

LGBT has a Q now.  Will it get an F or a D next?  Does the Q in LGBTQ stand for Queer?  Can we call them queers now?  So even during “No Name-Calling Week,” it’s not name calling to call them queers, since they call themselves queers, right?  Now let’s see…  what does queer mean?  Let’s see what Webster has to say.

Popularity: Top 20% of words

1. a :  worthless, counterfeit <queer money> b :  questionable, suspicious

2. a :  differing in some odd way from what is usual or normal b (1) :  eccentric, unconventional (2) :  mildly insane :  touched c :  absorbed or interested to an extreme or unreasonable degree :  obsessed d (1) often disparaging :  homosexual (2) sometimes offensive :  gay 4b

3. :  not quite well

queer·ish play \-ish\ adjective
queer·ly adverb
queer·ness noun

Hmmm, that’s queer.  Queerness, queerly appears queerish in the queerest sense of the word.

Anti-Bullying isn’t about teaching little brats a lesson in manners.  It’s about feminizing boys and fostering more and more homosexuality by brow beating boyhood into submission.  Most boys and girls recognize queer at an early age.  To them it is unacceptable for someone to be odd or eccentric.  They tend to pick on the children who show traits that aren’t socially acceptable.  It’s not exactly meant to be nice and no one is advocating that children physically beat each other.  But “No Name-Calling Week?”  Much of the taunting that we have endured at one time or another in our lives, has strengthened us.  We are better off as adults having suffered some pain as children.  We understand that life isn’t fair and that some people are more cruel than others and we gain the skills to deal with unfriendly situations both emotionally and intellectually.  Look what happens when we shelter children from reality.  Sheltered kids grow older, go to college, and then start demanding safe spaces from free speech if people say things they don’t want to hear.  It’s infantile and repugnant.  Sheltered kids grow no spines.

These days children are being suspended from schools for wearing shirts that support the constitutional right to keep and bear arms, but they are being taught that boys who self identify themselves as girls have the right to make real girls uncomfortable, by using the girls’ bathroom and locker room showers.  How have we come to this?  If you as a parent, let your 17 year old Brony boy go to high school wearing a pink, My Little Pony t-shirt, then he deserves to be made fun of and it’s your fault as his parent that he has to learn his lessons the hard way.  You can act queer all you like, but you have no right to force the rest of us to embrace it, so prepare yourself for mockery if you do.  It’s the normal kids who are acting natural.

If one child actually bullies another, especially in a physical manner, then punish him or her.  It’s already a crime to assault someone.  There is no need for any new laws.  Liberals want to manufacture a new crime which effectively outlaws Christian family values.  They are attempting to equate the intolerance of immoral filth with bullying.  No one is really Pro-Bullying, but know what it is you’re really signing your kids up for if you fall for this Anti-Bully Campaign.  Liberals always hide a twisted, corrupt agenda beneath the guise of a compelling misnomer.  We must stop capitulating to the intolerance of Christian family values and normality from queers.

AMP (Anna Maria Perez)

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  1. Anna. I do agree with you until the end. Conservatives hide the same agenda. I believe it’s their puppet masters calling the shot and the stupid people not being able to discern. I recall back when the clintons took over, everyone was pushed out to let in their gay friends.
    Same thing associated with animals. How is it we can watch people be brutally murdered and say nothing much. Then scream about a dog or cat left alone?

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  2. I believe the Q stands for “questioning”, since the Libs have confused the children into thinking their parents have lied to them all these years. Soon, we straights will be the “queers”.

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  3. Bully problem now is; the kids can’t ID the “Bully,” as evidenced by this President’s Reign of Terror. The Nobel Peace Messiah is that kid that starts a fracas, and then runs to the recess lady for support. Right now the “Recess Lady” is the UN.

    What does a self absorbed narcissist do when there’s no recess lady? Think; Jim Jones, Adolf Hitler, Charles Manson…..


  4. Kids are ALWAYS testing each other. It’s an essential part of the learning process. Setting limits and learning to respond appropriately is all part of growing up. Skipping that primary phase in our social evolution leads to trembling college students begging for “safe spaces”. Feeling bullied? Learn how to fight back!

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