Poll for Top Republican Presidential Nominees!


Choose your top three picks for the Republican Presidential Nominee!  The two who end up at the top will be our Republican ticket! Guar-OHN-teed!


  1. Ted Cruz is the only one who memorized the constitution of the usa. and he respects. and he is highly intelligent and knows the law. His RESUME TELLS THE STORY OF WHO TED CRUZ IS AND HE IS MY FIRST CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT OF THE USA.


    • I too like Ted Cruz. He is my # 2 and I give him some support but my # 1 is Dr.
      Ben Carson. They both are defenders of the constitution. Both are honorable
      and brilliant. Ben can do more to repair the discord among poor and well off, between people of color and those not so much. He could name Ted Cruz as
      a Supreme Court Judge. Since Ted is a scholar of the constitution, he could
      advise the justices on this matter.


      • I disagree, Carson has said the him and Al Sharpton have the same vision for America. Carson has no idea what it will take to be President. He is on the ballot because he shut Obama up at a breakfast, and ever since then people have been following him. He has no plan, he is not a conservative. He believes in exceptions to abortion like the use of the abortion drug RU486 and the morning after pill. He had no problem with doing research on aborted fetal tissue, all though he claims not to know how it was procured. This man is sly like a fox. He says something, if he gets enough tough feed back, he will go back and try to change his mind or say that he misspoke. Well then if he is as intelligent as every one says he is, I beg to differ, he has flipped and flopped to much on the important issues. There is only one man in the running that hasn’t had to change his point of view or go back and say he misspoke and that man is Rick Santorum, He is the only solid conservative candidate!!


        • Al Sharpton and Carson do not agree on anything except the color black. There are videos on line that prove this. When Al Sharpton introduced Carson to his group he said that. He also said
          he asked him to come because so many had requested him. After the into Carson was booed loudly for some time. At the end of his talk he did receive applause but not from Sharpton.


  2. My pick is Ted Cruz. He does not vote with the establishment just to get along. He has a proven record of voting for what the We The People elected him to do. If you notice the news kind of passes over him as quickly as possible. Washington is scared to death of Ted Cruz. He has all the degrees to show he is educated, but more than that he is known to tell the “truth” even if it goes against the RINOS. If he gets the nomination he will beat any democrat in any debate and he will win the election. He is no freekin RINO. All that is why I vote for Cruz.

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  3. Rick Santorum for integrity, transparency & honesty! Rick will bring back manufacturing by cutting taxes & energy costs. This will bring back jobs for the 74% of Americans without a college degree!

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    • Sometimes a poll will get attacked all at once by a huge Facebook group or something and skew it, but there is one thing that is very noticeable with every poll I have posted. NONE of them show any support for Jeb, while the media constantly claim he is in 2nd place. That tells me a lot.

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