More Censorship on Twitter!


Twitter is now marking out entire accounts as sensitive.  If they feel like some liberal, crybaby snowflake might get triggered, they grey out your entire profile to others, including to your followers. I have been mutually following this person, @bbhack,  for years.  We tweet each other on a regular basis.


The previous ways Twitter censors are still employed.  I constantly receive tweets from followers who are telling me that my tweets don’t show up in their time lines. This tweet came in a few minutes ago, as I write this.


Twitter has my Tweet influence throttled down so low that I have practically no exposure.  This means that they only allow my tweets to be seen by a small percentage of my followers.  I have approximated it to be about 1% exposure.  When I make a tweet, it goes out to roughly 1000-2000 random followers and then stops. That’s it. It quits appearing on timelines or hashtags to other people once about 1000-2000 impressions are reached.  If I retweet my own tweet again, it will go out to roughly another 1000 or so followers.  Considering how many people don’t look at everything that appears on their time lines, 1000 impressions is like virtual silencing me, considering I have over 100k followers.  Here is an example of a tweet I made and the impressions it got after 8 hours.


As you can see by this tweet, I have asked Jack Dorsey to explain what is so sensitive about my account.  I talk about the U.S. Constitution, current events, and occasionally atheism vs science.  I never cuss.  My language is PG or tamer.  Jack also talks about current events.  The difference is that I am a Conservative and he is a Liberal.  Liberals are allowed to say anything they want.  Threats to the President of the United States get a free pass on Twitter.  Nasty pornography is just fine on Twitter.  Groups that incite hatred and violence like Black Lives Matter, get an Emoji added to their hashtag. But if you have a view that is in line with the founding of our country, you are somehow “sensitive.”


I don’t expect Jack to answer me, because quite honestly, he can’t.  There is no honest answer.  It’s also quite possible that he can’t even see my tweet, because of the censorship on my account.  As you can see, Jack, who is Pro Syrian “Refugee,” has covered his AVI image in Communist Red to celebrate A Day Without Women, the lost cause of feminists who think they will somehow make a difference and show that they matter, if they don’t show up to work or go shopping for one day.  It is no coincidence that this falls on International Women’s Day, the day that many claim begun the Communist revolution in St. Petersburg, Russia.


Click on any of the tweets above. They are real. Unless they get censored too.

If this makes you furious, please share this to everyone you know.  You can share it via Twitter, Facebook and others with the links below.  As long as you aren’t Censored.



  1. I really hated the things you said Anna, you spread what I saw as fake news and bs blogs legitimizing hoaxes and lies to further a conservative agenda. I couldn’t be further from you politically, or religiously, but I followed you. Mostly I just trolled you or your admirers for their crazy conspiracy theories and tried to spread the liberal light, but I read all your tweets. Your hate filled sarcastic Pepe inspired tweets. They made me angry sometimes, and I wished you and your brood would just up and vanish from the world and a John Lennon’s ‘imagine’ style progressive Paradise would reign. And then you got blocked, and blocked hard by the Twitter gods, and you know what? I was sad. I didn’t even understand why at first but I do now. Before i battled you and the deplorables, I was living in a bubble, I didn’t understand the red team or what they believed in or why. You and others helped me to understand the constitutional originalists and the big government skeptics out there. And while I don’t believe I’ll ever, EVER come around to the conservative way of thinking, freedom of speech, even your brand conservative hate speech, is something I hold dear. We’re a melting pot after all. You worked hard to earn your followers and you didn’t deserve to be silenced like that. I hope you can get justice from Twitter and get back to posting soon. I’ll be waiting @A_M_Perez, dont give up.

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    • Thank you very much! Under no circumstance would I or any conservative I know of, want to silence those with opposing views. People should be able to voice their views regardless of what they are. The merit of those views can stand or fall on their own without censorship.


  2. Today is April 27, 2017. Went to twitter to see your latest words of wisdom and lo an behold! I see you’ve been suspended.
    The bahstids.


  3. Twitter has been selecting what tweets I can retweet for over a week now. I try to RT a post & they stop me saying”Sorry there was a problem” & won’t let me retweet the post.

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    • That’s part of the way they are ghosting tweets. So they are there, but they aren’t. They seem to randomly allow retweeting, but at a throttled rate. Just enough, so that they can deny there is anything wrong, because they will show some retweets. Like my tweets for instance. If I tweeted something really profound and used hashtags, I could get upwards of 1000 retweets back when I had 20K followers. Now with 120k followers, I am lucky to get 20 retweets.

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  4. The problem has gotten much worse after the Arabs bought a significant portion of Twitter stock. Supposedly in the range of 22%, their stock ownership appears to be controlling to what Twitter does and its editorial positions. Jack, a a progressive liberal has chosen to censor speech (of accounts above a threshold following which appears to be about 2000 followers) that doesn’t fit the left’s template.

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  5. When I first joined Twitter, I became part of a community from the ground up. I NEVER bought followers, was selective in who I followed, and rejected the horde of wingnuts who attempt to attach themselves to accounts for no rational reason. Till recently, that plan worked pretty well. I eventually became part of a like minded group I looked on as friends. Some of them have now been suspended, others shadow banned or penalized in other ways, and some have just given up. Most are missing from my TL and I have to chase them down to see what they have been saying. Nobody in a public forum should have this kind of power. Joseph Goebbels had nothing on Jack Dorsey.

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  6. I was telling Anna a couple of weeks ago my account slowed to nothing. Seems nobody is getting my tweets or retweets. Partial shadowban or something. I may have ticked off someone and they reported me, but it wasn’t enough to outright ban me but they might as well have. lol I started an account at GAB. I still attempt replying to tweets on Twitter but never get a response or a like or anything. Anna is right, Twitter only lets people who are the worst of the worst get a free pass, no penalties for saying anything. Heck I’ve known Anna for a while and she is re-teaching me the fine art of knowing the Constitution! I learned a lot in grade school about 50 years ago, then in 2011 lost all my memory due to sickness (maybe hospital caused it? LOL). So it’s a pleasure learning it back from Anna. Thank You Anna!!!!!

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    • I forgot to add. I learned about and a lot about the Constitution from grades 1-3. It was a Church school. After my sister’s dad passed (he was high up in Chrysler in the 60’s) my mom couldn’t afford the school. Public schools in that era pretty much stopped talking about the Constitution. If you know the Bible then you know you have a Civic responsibility. Today I see people Tweet or post on Facebook how much they Love God and Worship and all that….Then in the next Tweet or Post they say or repost hurtful, bad, nastiness about President Trump, his family and Conservatives/Republicans to no end. Not very God-Loving is it? They are fakers to God if they do it. In my humble opinion.

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  7. So then it’s here an all out war on social media. Is that what they’re doing . I’ve heard and seen so many suspended for one thing or another. Then they lose their followers when they have to start again.

    I never see the left getting banned tho. Funny how this game works. Many of us started on twitter because it was already underway on FB. Now that we all know what to look forward to, thanks. File it under fascist media.

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