Twitter – Unintentional Unfollowing is Rampant!



If someone unfollows you, don’t immediately unfollow back.  It is more likely that Twitter caused the problem than the person intentionally unfollowed you.  Waiting will normally fix the issue.

Twitter keeps locking accounts and forcing people to validate by phone in order to unlock the account.  This is not the same as suspension.  You merely have to enter a code that is sent by text or voice call.  You have no choice in the method they decide to use.  While your account is locked, your account shows up to others as following zero people.  You have effectively unfollowed everyone, but only temporarily.

Once you validate your account and log back on, you refollow everyone, but if you have a lot of followers this can take quite a long time: hours or days for your account to resynchronize.  You will end up following everyone back.

The problem is that others only see that you unfollowed them.  They retaliate and unfollow you back.  Some even block you.  Some people have this automated, so that as soon as Twitter locks an account, other accounts see you unfollow them and automatically unfollow back.  In this way, I have lost close to 3000 followers in the last two weeks.  These were mostly people I have mutually followed for the longest and who are steadfast conservatives.  Twitter has locked my account 3 times with no explanation during the last two weeks.

If someone unfollows you, don’t assume the worst.  Don’t use automation to unfollow back, because this is happening more and more.  Check their account.  Does it look normal?  People don’t normally start unfollowing everyone.  Ask them if they meant to unfollow you.  Chances are they didn’t.  I never unfollow people who are following me, unless there is a very good reason, which is incredibly rare.

Networking makes us stronger.  Don’t let Twitter split us up.  Use website applications like Statusbrew to keep track of who you have unfollowed or who unfollowed you.  Remain unified!


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  1. They locked my account a couple days ago and I got a message that they suspected me of being a bot. So I got reacivated by a text message to my phone but I still can’t follow anybody. All of my follows have been deleted for days.

    I am a conservative. I wonder if that is a coincidence?


  2. I’ve noticed this has been happening with me quite a lot over the past months, Anna. I was a bit confused when I saw so many of my unfollowers had unfollowed EVERYONE. I didn’t know the reasons behind this, but soon learned to just let it ride and pretty soon they would come back. But yeah, sometimes my follower count fluctuates wildly. I may be wrong, but I don’t think it’s really a glitch at Twitter. They’re too well established and and been around so long that glitches like these would have been quickly sorted. Given their behavior over the past while, it seems more likely it’s an intentional thing. Thanks for writing about this; I’ve been wondering if it was just me this was happening to.

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    • Experiencing both sides of it, it became obvious. Because I have a relatively large amount of followers, if my account gets locked, when it gets unlocked, my following takes hours to synch back up. Basically, when the account is locked you follow zero people. So everyone who monitors manually or with automated apps, sees you unfollow them. They never see you follow back. That’s sinister. Because you really haven’t unfollowed, so when my account finally synchs those I follow, it just resumes following. It doesn’t refollow from scratch in the same way they see you unfollow from scratch. I know. Confusing. Anyway, when they see you unfollow, many people unfollow back. Some even block. They see it as an insult. Getting my account locked twice in 2 weeks, I lost 3000 followers in this way and many who blocked me, so I can’t even let them know. Now, here’s the really evil part. Not everyone who unfollows back does it on purpose either manually or through automated means. One of my oldest followers who I talk to a lot unfollowed me. When I let him know he had no idea. He said he had no apps or automation and doesn’t unfollow anyone, but had noticed the number of those he follows dropping dramatically lately. This can’t possibly help Twitter. I don’t think they care about success. They only care about ideology.

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  3. It’s as if they singled you out. Most of us have been shadow banned to some extent, but they seem to be taking a particular delight in pulling your string. You might want to consider it a compliment though. The more influential and effective you become, the more they feel the need to push back. You are an important voice with a valuable message. Don’t let them bully you.

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    • Thank you. While we are on the subject, could you please unblock me lol. We got into a fight during primaries and you blocked me. If you are sincere about the strength of network, you can check my account and I assure you that you will gladly unblock and follow me. We are both conservative constitutional activists. It would help the cause to reunite. I am @SmythRadio. See you soon!

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  4. I’ve been thinking about unfollowing a LOT of people that I followed by reciprocation last year, because I no longer even look at my Twitter feed because it’s near impossible to keep up. I want to only see those who I followed because I wanted to follow them, not because I followed them just to keep from hurting their feelings. I don’t care at all about having followers, frankly. I’m not in it for that, and don’t have original news or opinions that anyone would be interested in. I’m thinking about doing it just to get my Twitter back the way it was before the election, when I could check my feed twice a day and easily get through all the accumulated tweets. Flatoutunconstitutional, of course, is one that I WILL continue to follow… (I haven’t checked Twitter in months, btw)


    • LOL! Thanks! Yeah, this issue I bring up is causing unfollows that people don’t want to happen. I have been tweeting people a few at a time who ended up unfollowing me over this, but I can’t do it too fast. There are 3000 of them and too many similar tweets gets seen by Twitter as spam and you get shadowbanned or suspended. Every person who has replied back was very grateful. They thought I unfollowed them on purpose or they didn’t know it happened at all, because some of these unfollows aren’t them unfollowing back. I think it’s an actual glitch or devious feature Twitter employed. I can’t prove that, so didn’t insinuate that in my article.

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