Yes We Can…Deport All Illegal Aliens!


The left has done a wonderful job of making it taboo to talk about deporting illegal aliens.  How many years now have people been screaming, “Build the fence first?”  We have been subconsciously convinced that the only way to make progress on stopping illegal immigration is to make a stand for securing the border first to stop the influx invaders before we address the ones who are already here.  I don’t want a fence built.  I want a great wall built with a No-Mans Land filled with land mines, gun turrets every 400 yards, and in ground motion detectors.  I want it built right now, but it doesn’t have to be first.  We can tackle the rest of the immigration problem at the same time.

We spend billions and billions (Carl Sagan voice) on illegal immigrants every year.  In 2013 alone, the city of Los Angeles spent 1.6 billion on various entitlement programs for illegal aliens as well as, schooling, medical care and increased law enforcement.  What does America get out of it?  Crime, poverty, low unemployment due to cheap labor, and a loss of our American identity.

If we diverted all of the money that we spend on illegal immigrants into stopping illegal immigrants the problem would be quickly and easily solved.  Masons would be laying bricks for the great wall tomorrow.  Every illegal child should immediately be kicked out of every American school.  Hospitals should refuse any treatment that any illegal doesn’t pay for up front, out of pocket.  Every illegal that is arrested for any minor crimes should be deported immediately. If they are arrested for high crimes or violent crimes, they should be imprisoned, serve out their entire sentence and then be deported.  Once we deport an illegal alien they should be disqualified for having an entry visa into the United States for life.

Much of the tax payer money that is currently being spent to give illegal invaders a comfortable American lifestyle, should be diverted to bounties.  Bounty hunters have to operate under strict guidelines, so the excuses that bounty hunters would go rogue and start shooting everyone are without merit.  Bounty hunters have been a major contributor to law enforcement for our entire history and they currently serve a valuable purpose and do so with honor.

We should take a page from Obama’s handbook.  Obama targeted children.  He bused in 10’s of thousands of illegal, measle ridden children and spread them all over the country.  Of course this laid the groundwork for bringing the parents into the country next.  We blamed the measles on Disney Land.  Now Obama could look humanitarian by bringing the parents to America and reuniting the families. We’re supposed to forget that he’s the one who split them up in the first place.  I think it would only be consistent with this new found tradition of transporting children first if we doubled the price of bounties on children.  Create an incentive to deport them first.  If we kicked them out of our schools it would be important for them to return home quickly anyway, so they could get back into a class room!  Many of the parents would immediately self deport to go after their children.

I’m sure it will be said that sending so many kids to their home countries all at once will cause massive logistical and financial problems for the governments of those countries.  So what?  Who cares?  No one seemed to care when the problems were dumped on us.  It isn’t our problem.  Get rid of it.  The parents will follow.  If they don’t, the bounty hunters will eventually get them.  It will all work itself out.  They would be going right back where they came from.

Hiring an illegal alien should carry with it the penalty of jail time.  No fines, just jail time.  Renting a home to illegal aliens should also result in jail time.  Admitting illegal aliens into any college or private school should result in jail time. Once a few CEOs and college deans end up behind bars, the message will be clear that we mean business.

As if illegal aliens coming crossing the Rio Grand weren’t bad enough, now the Obama administration is importing muslim refugees by the 100s of thousands and placing them all over the country.  The U.S. Department of State is paying dozens of volunteer organizations billion and billions of dollars to manage the refugee relocation programs.  The cities and towns they end up in aren’t getting paid anything, but are bearing the sudden burden on their resources.  Most of the places these jihadis are being sent to are small towns that don’t have massive public housing projects to put them into.  They don’t have the utility infrastructures to accommodate the sudden increase in population and they don’t have schools equipped to take in thousands of non-English speaking, 3rd world kids.  Their hospitals and clinics certainly aren’t equipped or trained to handle the exotic diseases they carry.

It goes without saying that these muslim refugees have started demanding sharia law all over the country, but that is another topic altogether.

The left isn’t simply allowing our beautiful country to be destroyed by an invasion of illegal aliens and muslim refugees, they are causing it.  Congress could put a stop to all of this if they cared.  They don’t.  Democrats want more voters and crony capitalist RINO Republicans want cheap labor.  Obama wants more muslim jihadis.  Congress has been allowing Obama to get away with illegally granting amnesty by executive order.  The words executive order do not appear in the Constitution and is not an executive power.  An executive order is legally nothing more than an order a president can give within his own chain of command.  Executive orders can not legally order anyone who is not in the executive branch of federal government to do anything.  The president is not a king.

By all means, let’s build a massive wall, especially on our southern border.  Let’s start building it as soon as possible.  Don’t allow liberals to continue fooling us with the false premise that we can’t multitask.  We can deport, deport, deport.  States can take it upon themselves to do it too.  They don’t need the federal government.  In fact, Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution allows states to go to war against invasion when the federal government does nothing about it.  There are a lot of easy solutions to this problem.  All we need are backbones.


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  1. Excellent article, as always! If you stop all the freebies, many will self deport at their own expense and those who remain are easy to track they’re already in voter registration, drivers license, welfare and other databases. Many thousands of kids living in Tijuana, Mexico cross the border daily to attend school illegally in the USA. The Border Patrol has a database of everyone who crosses, simply filter for school age kids who cross every school day but the school districts can’t be bothered to check for such fraud.

    School day mornings with kids going to school and people going to work (some legally, some not) are amongst the longest border wait times. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Black Friday, New Years the border can also be tough, but this one would surprise you: ELECTION DAY on days when the polls are open in the USA is one of THE worst days of the year to try and cross the border into the USA.

    P.S. – I disagree with one point, hospitals should not insist on cash up front for life threatening emergencies. Stabilize the patient first, THEN call border patrol. Non-life threatening emergencies should be refused even if patient offers cash up front – or maybe tell the patient they will be placed in queue and call border patrol. This will eventually resolve ER overcrowding issues all over creation.

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  2. Obama and the progressive left seem to have a dual objective in pushing this avalanche of immigration. The first is to create an overwhelming welfare state in line w/ the Cloward/Piven model. The second, more long range goal, is to create a massive Democratic majority that will lock up elections for the left that will eventually transition the country into a socialist state.

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  3. […] On immigration, Trump referred to the time he was attacked when he first brought up the topic about building a wall and deporting everyone and then the attackers, mostly media, found out he was right and his idea was very much supported.  Christie just buckled and said that we can’t possibly deport 15,000 people per day for 2 years.  Trump said that illegals were costing us 200 billion dollars per year.  Obviously this 200 billion could make quite a bit of headway in deportations, especially if we employed bounty hunters as I bring up in this article: Yes We Can…Deport All Illegal Aliens. […]


  4. Napolitano argued Trump s deportation position is not possible because of length of time required and costs involved. Napolitano said it s not a wise strategy because we currently only process approximately 250,000 hearings per year, meaning it could take 40 years at our current capacity to deport all here illegally.


    • I don’t care what Napolitano argues. He’s generally wrong. He’s more often wrong on the Constitution than right. He’s been bought and paid for. We spend far more on illegals by giving them benefits than we would spend deporting them. 40 years is laughable. Read my article again. Bounties. We’re supposed to believe that it’s short and sweet to process all the illegals in and give them amnesty, but the exact opposite, deportation, is just too hard, expensive, and lengthy. Nope, it would be easier and it would grow even easier as time went on.


    • Another sad an infuriating aspect is the fact that the illegals – like in this picture and others – flaunt their disrespect for us, who want to keep this country ruled by laws. Our President is on their side and they feel invulnerable. That is a very crooked picture ! We have to revive the American spirit, the pride in our country unless we want to let it slip out of our hands. Revive, Inspire, Heal – says Dr. Carson. I stand with him !

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  5. We have been run over by Illegals from every country. We MUST go back to the way people become legal by adhering to the Laws already made but need to be enforced. Our once Great Country was one admired and respected by all and we need to get back to the STANDARDS of what this great nation was made. American’s cannot keep baby sitting people that don’t want to work. Come here the right way or they shouldn’t be allowed to come. Work Visa’s need to be enforced. When it runs out they go back to their country and apply for another one in 6 months.

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    • And nobody considers this : if our country becomes like theirs – where is there left to go ? Are they so stupid that they don’t realize that ? I don’t want my country to become like Mexico or Syria. My children deserve better than that !

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  6. The late, great Milton Friedman explained it best, IMO. You can have open borders or you can have a welfare state. The two can’t coexist. The leftwingers conveniently forget that over much of American History people were immigrating to the United States for work, not better handouts than they were currently getting in their own turd world hole. There was no guarantee you were going to make it in the New World and many people came here knowing full well they may starve to death or much worse. Nowadays we have a flood of unskilled, uneducated economic migrants just looking for free education, free healthcare and a free US citizenship for their anchor baby. Obviously if we de-incentivize illegal immigration by denying our social services to illegal aliens and lock up people that hire or harbor them the problem will mostly solve itself. That will just leave hardcore criminal illegal aliens for the bounty hunters to deal with.

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  7. We just published this in the last few days. It should have been entitled
    “Deportation alone does not work.”

    Recidivism is defined as “the act of a person repeating an undesirable behavior after he/she has either experienced negative consequences of that behavior, or has been treated or trained to extinguish that behavior.”
    We all have seen reports of illegal aliens committing heinous crimes after having been deported 4, 5 and even 6 times. Since we all know that illegals keep coming back again and again after having been deported, we must have a better way. We must look at why the come.
    There are several reasons why illegals come here.
    1. They are sent here by the cartels to conduct criminal activity.
    Criminals like preying on Americans. The Cartels are chiefly responsible for much of this crime.Kidnapping, extortion, bribery of public officials, drugs, conspiracies and the like. And here is part of the problem: There is no Mexico. The former nation of Mexico has been balkanized by the cartels who want to replicate their strategy here in the USA!
    The only way to deal with them is to wipe them out. Kill every last one we can find. Sorry. But that’s the case. And it may mean invasion of Mexico.
    2. The rest of the illegal aliens come for the money….YOUR money, YOUR job, YOUR healthcare, YOUR country. [Some are here to take back the land the gringos stole from them(their contorted version of their history)]
    Now that will be easier to fix. But we have to be strong enough to get the job done.
    Here is the best solution:
    a. Build a good fence. And have enough manpower to support it.
    b. Build a secure border in areas that have no fence possible.
    c. Enact Mandatory E VERIFY for
    (1) ALL Employees
    (2) All recipients of government benefits
    (3) All licensing at every level of government
    (4) All landlords and real estate transactions.
    and with Criminal penalties for both Employers, Landlords, government workers who fail to use the system.

    3. Take away the President’s power to bypass the Constitution, the law and Congress.
    What to do with those companies that “need” foreign workers??

    Make employers pay for the privilege of hiring foreign workers with work permits. We have less than 10% of the Border Patrol that we need. Same goes for ICE. Up to 40% of illegals are here because of visa overstays. IF we had sufficient personnel, then we could monitor them . So, Visas should cost enough to provide for that oversight.
    Thus, if a farmer needs help. We’re okay with that. What we’re not happy about is that the illegal alien that gets a H2A visa or some such skips or “jumps” the farm employment with impunity. He just takes Joe’s job at the local construction site.
    We have similar problems with ED Visas. The Chamber of Crony Capitalists wants to automatically convert these to H1B visas!
    We have a very huge problem with H1B visas. They are routinely abused, fraudulently given out and often have visa “jumpers” here as well.
    The visa is given to the employer who has to demonstrate that he cannot find real Americans to do the job. So when Kumar comes here and takes Fred’s job because the employer falsified the “need demonstration” and then subsequently leaves that employer to work for someone else, Kumar becomes an illegal alien. And there is simply not enough agents to track Kumar.
    So, again, all visas should cost enough to provide sufficient personnel to monitor them at all times.

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  8. Exactly. Pull up the welcome mat (all taxpayer funded bennies), enforce the law, e-verify, punish employers who use them. Make international transfer of monies (the politicians here and in Mexico call them remittances) only for people here legally. Legal citizens and tourists with current visas. Mexico’s second largest foreign revenue source, behind oil, is nearly $2 Billion in remittances.

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